28 June 2008

My nickname Ladylike

Some people have been asking why do I address myself LADYLIKE in my blog and MSN. Okay the thing is, I adopted this nick many many years ago.

A brand of an apparel

Rewind back. During the Mirc World, where everyone is crazy about chatting online. You need to give yourself a nick. I've forgotten how many nicks I did change throughout the years, when people keep using my nick, I changed and changed.

Not until one day, I was thought by someone to register my nick Ladylike. From then on, I've been using it until today.

But the truth is I am not as LADYLIKE as you thought when you hear this sweet nick.


And so there's a lot of things that you see on the surface isn't me. :S

Like my nickname, but at least I'm still the girl next door that you wanna bring home. :P Although I am not that ladylike, ya know.

Si kucing even said this to me your look is like-a-bitch-but-not-a-bitch.

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOK LIKE BITCH???!!!!! Do you know how serious it is?

MANNNN!!! and there's why this english phrase exist : DON'T JUDGE ITS' BOOK BY ITS' COVER!!

it is very very true babeyyyy...!!

.stop judging me now. :)) I "lap" u!!!

27 June 2008

Four things to talk about

1. My current obsession is eating Soto during the wee hours. It is just for the time being I'm sure and that is why I'm eating supper almost EVERY night. When you felt cold and then you take something hot, it felt so soothing! It is becoming a habit now. Maybe I'll try to do a compilation of Soto in KK and counting down to the most delicious Soto I've ever tried.

2. Despite eating supper every night, I lost 2kgs!!

I'm freaking sad when I weight myself. Is it something wrong with the scaler? 2kgs mann...it's damn hard for me to gain them back!!! Do you guys have any suggestion? I tried vitamins and milk powder before but there wasn't any effect. *sigh*

3. Good news!!! Very Good one. I think I'm finally cured from the self sickness. Ok, this sickness can only be cured by myself which mean none can help me but only to give their support. Home is the best place to cure it. Hehehe! Because there's where my heart is!

4. Since I'm cured by now, I guess it's time to take up the challenge ahead. ;)
Taylor's last intake for this year is just around the corner, in like, a week time. Many of my friends are persuading me to go back, any how, don't think I wanna go back there yet. Wasn't sure is it the best choice.

but....I really REALLY wanna fly off....fly to somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!! for a new air, new environment, new people, everything new!!

.my little voice here.

25 June 2008

Happy Birthday to the Queen

For every lawful command is ordered, you need to obey. With that, she is the Queen.

Mango cake


No big makan yet because the King is not around. The Queen is waiting for the King's homecoming for a petite family feast.


24 June 2008

The 9th Hour

8 hours of silence. 8 hours of shaky trees. 8 hours of million rushing thoughts. 8 hours of butterflies in the stomach. 8 hours of body upset.

Nothing related paint the picture.

The 9th hour came, the shadows were seen, voices were heard, music were played.

As in nothing had happened.

I am one of the finalist for the Confusion Award.


Are you confused? Even the master doesn't know what is she talking about!

.people say it's great.

A normal evening

could bring changes for good if only one opens its' door for the goodness to take the victory. The goodness is too good to be true, too good to be real.

The motion is like a tornado, I couldn't stop it for it comes overwhelming everyday without any symptoms. The tornado of good and bad is in the package, you can't just choose one, because simply you just can't.

I felt it at that very moment. But not after that. And I think too far, too rational, too reasonable, too civilize. It is just ME, why couldn't I take another slightly different path however leading to the dream ending which you and I anticipate? Why couldn't I leave behind the rational thoughts, reasonable reasons and civilize acts for once?

Modeling for the unique chair


I won the Most Pain Award last year but today, it has been taken by someone else, someone that I have no knowledge off. Finally the award is taken away which I have been praying all this while. Thank you! :) But to that someone who had taken it, you'll need to give it away some time, some day, for other people to grow and learn.

Now, I'm one of the nominees for the Confusion Award. Will I win it? Please, I don't think I need that title. I'm supporting the other nominees, I had enough for the time being.


A round of applause,
Take your bow and take your hat put it on your left chest.
Your show, excellent. You won!
Very entertaining, very real, very convincing.
But not anymore.
The curtain falls.

It's the time to say Goodbye. It's the time to change. We will see how it turn to be later...lets say about 8 hours from now?

.shouldn't be hurry.

21 June 2008

3 years down the road

We graduated high school at the aged of seventeen, and there's where everyone started to go separate ways. At times of holiday, everyone tried to make an hour or so to catch up with each other.

Let me introduce them to you. Those I rarely contact which come to once or twice in a year. Still when we come face to face, we still fill up the cup with lots of saliva than tea.

The only girl that was in the same class with me in Upper Secondary was the one wearing brown blouse standing behind me. She is working in her dad's factory after high school until today.

The pink is in Inti Sabah, switched subjects studying QS. The middle in Nottingham doing medicine,same goes with the white blouse girl beside me, the next one in Spore - accounting, the end wearing white blouse standing, I really don't know! (Didn't get to talk to her though)

The sited one, from corner right, Unitar KK and the one beside with curly hair in Spore also.

We are still enjoying our youth days...and we've this common and popular question "So are you attached now?"

Ahem ahem! I always gave them the same answer every year.

But before they BOOM me this time...I answered them.

"Fate is not coming my way yet. We just need to wait for the right time. You'll never know, one day maybe this red invitation card arrived at your doorstep. That time, you might have heart attack then."

Everyone broke into laughter.

"Yeah, you'll never know. Don't be so anxious about it."

I feel good..ne ne ne ne ne...Like sugar is spice! Wakakakak :DD

.will see another 5years from now.

19 June 2008

A great Morning!

Lately, the things I've said happened in reality!! WTH!! So "leng"!! I should keep my mouth shuts! Even my friend said, why I'm so accurate with the future happenings??!! Owwhh...if only that happen for real in MY LIFE. I'm gonna non-stop bragging about how awesome my future gonna be!!!

It's been a while I didn't get up at 7am in the morning because there isn't any reason I need to do so. But today, this morning, it's different.

I never felt the jolly for so long that I could see the sunrise, the warmth, the sunshine through my car window. Ahhh, it felt so good! I thought for a second, I should practice waking up early every morning now and then, another minute I murmured, why do I need to wake up early? What do I do?

...so OBVIOUS...~~ I need a permanent full time work, and there comes the commitment ladylike, you need that alarm to wake up. No further thought after that, dropped it, don't screw my great morning! :D


Remember I wrote a little part of the Songs that had been playing for some time? The music seem to fade, but it does still play again and again which leads to the term I applied - Forget and Forgive - . New songs are aborning slowly and I hope the pace is maintain until I finally identify the solid ground for reasoning to the new songs painting a more wonderful and picturesque events. I'm for sure to share the great joy with you.

I am not vulnerable, I'm just delighted for the end result. Nothing but the end result. eerrr...wait~ The smooth and allowance of process lead to the end result, so it is an essential part of the growing mushroom. :)) Give me more, give me more!

So SWEETTT!!! Tell me I DO!! or else I'll shoot you! *Bang*

Manusia sekalian, I slept at 2am + and woke up at 7am naturally. It's 2.12pm now and I'm not sleepy yet!! Wow..this is miracle~~


15 June 2008

Papa's Day! & Rasa Nyonya

Wishing all the Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, going-to-be-father,


nothing is more valuable than investing your time to have dinner together. Yeah, I'll be doing that since I can't afford to buy him Polo Perfume which I love to smell when he had it on. (that will be some day!! i just need some time~~)

Getting ready for dinner. Hope you enjoy yours too.


This is my dad~~

Just showing you his side look, he isn't a tycoon or a rich man with many properties neither earning a lot lot lot that several generations doesn't need to work.

With that you still think why I'm just showing you side look then, when he is none of the above?

Well well...because he has a GORGEOUS DAUGHTER!!!! *winkz* You might recognized him and then kidnapped me!! Laugh Out Loud!! (let me perasan sikit ok...since I cannot perasan in front of beautiful girls..but at least in MY BLOG!! hehehe..)

And so, Papa's Day itself, my family and some relatives celebrated in Rasa Nyonya.

And everyone out there, don't come during on Sundays, many of the chef recommended dishes or the main dishes of Nyonya is not available. The restaurant opens at 6pm on Sunday which is doing dinner only that's why not much dishes will be prepared.

Of course the main dish of all is Curry Fish Head. The menu wrote curry but it tastes more like tomyam, nevertheless still THUMBS UP~ good one, no lie!

Claypot tofu. Nothing special, like any other restaurants offered. But here is bloody expensive. Normal cost is around RM 26 and people complaint it's costly yet here, RM 35.

Black Pepper Beef. This is good man...it opens your appetite directly!! Though you're not hungry, it makes you go for second round again. The big onions taste so springy and crunchy.

Other dishes not at any special, like butter prawn with cheese and organic sawi...no need to show lah..very common. hehe!!

9.45pm we called it a night!

.am hungry now because of the beef!!.

13 June 2008

New workers in Milimewa

Milimewa Supermarket recently hired two new staffs to attract more customers. They were dressed up in striking red and yellow in order to be spotted from far. Only these particular two staffs are hardworking, they don't just attract by wearing striking colours, they even dance to welcome you ... really good staffs right? Under the hot sun, they don't simply complaint but still motivated to put on smileys to you!!....

neck stretching before start performing dance

Bow to greet you

Milimewa welcome you with big arms

.dance with the wind.

11 June 2008

1Borneo soft opening

1Borneo has finally opened its door to Sabahan after delaying again and again. And now that we don't need to fly all the way to KL to get the food or stuffs we fond, it's all here. Yet today, we have at least ONE shopping mall which can be seen and proud of.

I'm somewhat happy that there is...

Manhattan Fish Market. I like the dishes here - the way of cooking and presenting the fish are unique! Fish & Co. is as good too. Yum yumm...anyone wanna date me?

They had these celebrities from Hong Kong and local to bring some entertainment. Didn't exactly get to see them, just from the above angle.

Though Bobby Au Yong is one of my fav actor in TVB!! He is damn good, even he doesn't look handsome, tapi sanggup he become my husband!!! muahahhaha!!!

Bobby Au Yong is the one wearing cap

Cannot see lahh...many people blocking my view. So, I better go looked at Hush Puppies!!

yay!!! Cute mannn~~ I want this. But for what? Don't care lah...I just want to smuggle this back home! BYEBYE!!!

*evil laughs*

07 June 2008

Cutie Pies

Oppss...been ranting too much lately!...Owh..~~

This post is going to be simply random and simple. :D

camera poserrr!!!

We are cute!!!

At this kind of age, I wouldn't have the change to hold a camera!! Worst still, I don't know what it is for and how does it function!

OMG!! see...pandai berposing...GILA ehh!!!

Today is definitely different, children are smarter and better still, super intelligent in responding to adults leaving us a thought, children are not easy to handle in the 21st century.

I'm cool, handsome tak i??

How will my children will be in future? *Dare not imagine* Missing them manyak-manyak!!

06 June 2008

Songs and Months

This post is not to amuse your attention. Skip this! It has nothing to do with you and you wouldn't wanna know.

I just blogged a few hours ago. At 4.22am now, I'm here in front of my look-light notebook indeed a heavy one. I must be crazy! Yes, I AM! This hour, this time, I should be snoring and dreaming away in my humongous single bed which can fit two person, with my smelling good blanket and my bolster, a must. Today, isn't a good one, for no reason, I've taken my supper yet I'm still an owl! What the Heck!

Windows Media Player is at work, to bring me to cloud9, giving me the pleasures of comfort and recharging my batteries! To no avail, I'm still stuck in between. Songs and Months. Two different issues bringing one ambiguous of rewind plays and one hand a complete smear step to board the flight. I hate the feeling before the break of dawn, especially right now, in this caliginous room alone, when the television is looking at me, sofas are nicely made and I, focusing my fingers on the keyboard while my eyes a few inches apart from the monitor screen.

A few songs; English, Chinese and Malay had been played. Each with a start but without an ending. I didn't know why but they were this way once upon a time until today it remains. You wouldn't know too because only one know why, the truth lies behind the songs of once bringing joy, bliss and wonderfulness, now is gone bringing unwanted reminiscence. I don't care that matter but I care one and only matter. One only, is that too much I'm asking for?

Now the months. Urgh! 2008 for better for worst - I am still not going to give a death sentence when the year is not ended yet. A month closer to make a decision, between two answers of Yes and No. If I skipped this chance, I'm gonna wait until next year....I'm saying next year 2009! Why there's myriad of decisions to make?

I wouldn't know whether this post will remain, because previously I posted many, on a whim, I deleted them. Only if you were lucky, you did catch a glimpse. Not once, came to uncountable times, I reconcile with the fact, I'm not here to rant and babble! That's was why my heading wasn't welcoming.

Could you please do me a favor? A post is a post? Let the voices remain here, no sights of whispering, you can, but not physically. Thank you!

Electricity are rising too, I guess its time to save energy as well.

I'm done ranting!

Skills yet to Learn

Surprise? No. I've realize there are skills I needed to pick up long ago which I find it to be way beyond my reach. Probably, the gen, I was born to be like this. Not fair. However if there's a will, there's a way. Why couldn't I make my way through it? Why is it so freaking difficult to be one when others can do it with a snap of their fingers?! I AM LOUSY! I SUCKED! I don't usually say this, but this hour, cannot deny the rough waves of emotions. wwwwuuuuu....

5. Thick Face (depends on situation)
Useful for making business or perhaps getting what I desire. I am super damn shy to newly meet people, although people that already knew me strongly convinced I'm friendly but to strangers, don't hope! Example : First day of work, I wouldn't ask other staffs to lunch with me. Worst come to worst, don't eat lunch!!! *see how shy I could be*

4. Rejection.
It can be done both ways; cruel or polite. Unable to do for the first attempt because I'll screwed everything in the end. When I tried being polite, people couldn't get me, perhaps I send the wrong messages. Which line do I fall now?

3. Dare to start, dare to end.
What kind of phrase is this? Argh, even I, myself couldn't understand. How I wished I could be like any other girls down the block, turn their backs and walk away as if nothing recorded in the history. Seeing it as a perfect tool towards happiness. And they sing loudly to you with a heavy shrug, "Babey, life goes on."

2. Instant reply.
I've problem with this especially towards older people eg. uncle and aunties. I can't find myself to answer appropriately yet saying something else that isn't very relevant. WTFish! Yes, I'm that bimbo! All I need is the courage to just answer what I think I should, simple!

1. Love myself.
Of all, dreaming in the cloud9, I need to learn to love myself, no matter what, in any cases, Me. The object. The subject. A way to paint more colours. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. White. and the list goes on. Perhaps, I don't even recognized my special me, fathom my own life. Ridiculous. Nonetheless, I'm still Clara! :D

This picture, in my camera, don't know from where and whom took charged.
1.00 am and my stomach is crying...yeah FooDDD!!!

.supper time.

05 June 2008

Hidden riverside restaurant

Me : Eh, boss had your lunch already?

Boss : Yup, I ate two breads only. No money to eat!

Me : Wahh, boss why you talk like that? You eat bread; no money, I meh eat grass!!!!


Friend : Ui, I'm reading your blog ohh..so banyak tempat makan-makan o.

Me : Yupp, my family go out and eat once a week. But now 2.70 sudah how to eat? Really eat grass lah this time!!!

This is an outdated post, but I don't care because it's about food anyway, how outdated could it be, when you need it everyday to fill your stomach, your satisfaction, your largest hierarchy desire....owhh owhh, I'm going too far!!!

A restaurant located in a hidden place, I find difficulties in describing, SERIOUSLY!! I'm going to try my best, so when you get lost in between, don't freak out!!

At the Lintas and KKIA link road, you will come to a very dark junction, notice on the Monsopiad Cultural Village signboard. When you see it, turn into that junction (the road direction to KKIA) , it's about 500 meters behind the KKIA traffic light. There wasn't any street light, but don't be afraid, as you drive a little more further you'll see a very bright restaurant, Garderia Restaurant; if only I've not mistaken but it is more known as restaurant by the river side to me because of it's nature location. :)

Let me show you some alive animals before they were turn into edible one for common humans like me and you, or maybe not! Because you love "exotic" food. yee haa..

Well well...nothing to shout about because it is just normal bahh...frog only lorr...

But we didn't order it as there were kids eating together and they won't know how to eat though, even me; I DON'T KNOW!

Here you go the dishes of the day...

Deep fried to-fu sweet and sour sauce; I forget the name laahh...but the kids love this. Good one! I can't deny the softness once you bite it~~ and the sauce to mix well with your rice. Gahh..I'm hunrgy! 1.57 am now ....(forget about it)

Kangkung Belacan. You just don't know how fresh it was. DIVINE!!! The cook for sure got supernatural skills in frying it to the right timing. Really create the i-want-more feel.

ahh...this one my favvvvv!!!!!!!! Now you tell me how can it be no good? This type of butter prawn is different because as you can see the yellowish; butter covered the sight of the prawns. Fingers licking good!!

Chicken with light soya sauce. Not bad after all ... I still preferred the butter prawn.

The good one always have to be the last.

Butter crab. Geng lah this one...First time, crab cooked butter~~ I always eat the different type of crab cooking but not this one.

This place is hot but if you're boring of the fine dining in Ocean Seafood or Portview, this could be an alternative for home-feel dining come in reasonable prices. This place is hot, put on your short pants and singlet will do.

And I saw someone celebrated birthday on the other table; the food couldn't be bad right??

.Butter PRAWN!!!.

02 June 2008

English Awkward

GSC is giving out free movie tickets in conjunction of the newly open GSC in 1Borneo. You can get the coupon from newspaper or go to www.gsc.com.my. It is only valid until June 4.

I've been procrastinating to post recently, yeah because it was Sabah's Holiday - Pesta Kaamatan. And I discovered my blog serves more in providing information, laughter the best medicine, reviews and food for thought more than my own babbling which I know you wouldn't want to know though. In that way, perhaps it is either I blog the points or I just leave it without updating...

Anyway Anyway, I'm gonna exercise your brain a bit today albeit is Monday Blues.

The term forgive and forget. Does it applicable? Or forget and forgive sounds much easier to put into practice? You might find it no difference. But let me explain a bit.

Forgive and Forget

You forgive first then you forget. Can you forgive when there's someone that really hurt and you can just easily forgo your emotions? And that you still remember what really happened?

that's for forgive and forget, what about forget and forgive?

You forget how the matter started, so barely you can't remember well, why did the issue was brought up at the first place and then you find there's no point about it. Finally you forgive? Either there's this someone that hurt you, but sooner or later you forget the little little part of the hurt and leads you to bit by bit in forgiving?

Which one do you find it more relevant to really forgive? You cannot don't forgive a person because I'm sure one day you will forget about it when there are other more concerning issue to be taken care off.

I stand on forget and forgive, but... in English context forgive and forget only exist. See, something for you to ponder right?

Okay another one. I'm not gonna damaged you brain~~ Got this in my inbox.

How funny that could be?

Nahh...photo lahh, since some of you come here for photos only. =) yee haa!!!!

I like the cradle...Beca, wish I could sit on it, not the spices!!

.whistling away~~.