27 June 2009

La Femme Désespéré

means The Woman's Desperation.

I tried to be secretive! But I think my clue from previous post gives enough hint for you to guess what this post would be all about.

Also, the french title :p

If you get it RIGHT, give you 1 buck! :p

Little did I know, I finally reached the destination (don't scroll down first! Guess ok? Wild guess!) after interchange buses, trains and much walking. The feminine's Heaven. Agree?

Reached around 11am, was not that much of creatures yet... but in a split second, I felt I could hardly walked & grab something that I saw in the first place.

Mother & baby in the stroller too, did not want to miss the chance to at least grab O.n.e label!

This should be the best purchase of the trip (You will say)

To me, it doesn't really matter much as I didn't plan to buy any.

I don't know. I am not a big fan of Coach or Gucci or Prada or even LV. I must be the weird one! You know, La Femme Désespéré! That does not match much to my personality.

Although I am not a fan, didn't want to buy BUT I thought I will regret in future. As chances don't come easily every now and then.

With that, I bought a purse too >.<

I always thought, if I didn't want it, I can sell it off anytime online. Many buyers would fall for it though (@.@) More over, genuine... real Coach, no fakey, no copy, no imitation.

Tell me nice or not?

I haven't launched my handbag yet. Hhmm, you think I should keep until CNY 2010? It is made of leather, just afraid by the time I want to use it, the leather cracked.

Some more, Malaysia is so hot. Leather takut panas!

Economy went up a little tiny bit when I bagged all of them back!

If I used it at any time, I will take a picture & make a launching. *imagine cutting red ribbon. wtf!*

To view the purchases, please check online. Happy matching & finding!

The above purchases are very much reasonable & affordable in USA. Even after I convert to MYR. Frankly speaking, if these were to buy in Malaysia, I am sure you would not pay with cash as you need to bring money that comes to as thick as our textbooks back in school.

You feel like going to Chicago. Plan now & realized your dream in the next 2-3 years.

.Saturday at home blogging, just because of you, my lovely readers.

21 June 2009

Dim Sum in Chinatown, Chicago

Have you ever had a real dim sum?! The origin from Hong Kong, restaurant owed by a Hongkie? I am not sure in KL do we get to enjoy such dim sum which you will see later. But in KK definitely don't have such GREAT DIM SUM!

Chinatown is a stone throw away from city. Take red line subway to Cermak-Chinatown. This place is where all the Chinese feed their longing desires for gourmet and feel the sense of belonging in an English country. I heard almost everyone spoke Chinese & they took my ordered in Chinese too. The small voice whispered "You are not the lonely Chinese alone in Chicago. We are from the same ancestor". *teehee

I traveled all the way here just for a Great Dim Sum. How do I define Great?

Making me craving for more!

Tastiness : best mixture of ingredients
Deliciousness : Juicy in the inside
Hotness degree : best temperature in serving them. Really important!
Portion : much influenced to be listed as Great by me.

The above fulfilled as much as I anticipated and from my imaginary the day before I ate them! One F Word : What were you thinking? :p FABULOUSSS!! * fingers licking good (sounds like KFC)

We actually encountered difficulties in choosing which restaurant to dine. The most common indicator was which restaurant accommodates more customer that is the place we are going into. This would not get us wrong.

Finally chosen Shui Wah Restaurant. Trust able through the posters & food advertisement on the glass window.

Steve Dolinsky (read him here), a food reviewer commented some particular dishes that won his heart. You wanna know which one?

Fried Calamari. Sort of like French fries. Tasted just nice, not salty. MUST EAT!

Shrimp so huge!!! Size of your open mouth!

Every dish (except congee,soup & vege) must be dipped into this Chilli Sauce, highly recommended. Even “Lo Mai Kai” (Rice dumpling) & “Chee Cheong Fun” shrimp went superb with the chilli.

I hardly find chilli sauce at any where, they only served ketchup (not known as tomato sauce) and I ended eating so so much of Chilli here until my lips kept burning as I ate more & more. But it was too addictive; even it gets spicier I still can’t say NO to it. How alluring!! *twinkle eyes*

The following food were consumed by us non-stop in 30 minutes, my mouth never gets to stop chewing/close. It is the truth, nothing but the truth! But we didn’t get to finish all...had to take away.

See How BIG IS THE SIEW MAI!! Larger than sushi!!

One dish is like $2.60. Charges(don't convert) are pretty much like dim sum here in coffee shops. If I were to stay there, I won't wanna eat Dim Sum in Tanah Air when I'm back for holiday! That is how much I LOVE REAL HONG KONG DIM SUM~

Just when I'm about to settle down & stopped gulping them down, I looked out and saw a queue at the entrance, waiting to be seated. Proven : This restaurant is selections to many. (Or maybe they are just like me)

Yippie! Stop by for dessert, milky tea? Nope. Fruits & Pearl, English & Chinese Combination. Best Drink Ever! Don't drink something you can drink in Tanah Air.

STRAWBERRY with PEARL. DAMN! if it is a hot day, this is going to be HUMAN SAVIOR! Ok lah, sure you say I exaggerate.

So you must go & try it yourself! Because I can still taste it at the tip of my tongue now.

Love from Tanah Air! I am already back, stop dreaming!

Next update : Feminine Lovers! Everyone wants to own it with no regrets! Stay tune :D

17 June 2009

Little Details in Chicago

I am sure some of you might tired reading long post (like I did in Intro Chicago). Come up with some enlightenment and unusual things I came across during in Chicago.

- What is this??

Answer : Burger

You are wrong! It is a cake but decorated as burger.

Try again.

- You want some cake?

Answer : Not a cake but a huge cookie. Gotchaa! :p

Americans are damn creative!!

I was here looking for some supplements for my parents. This is how they categories their stuff.

Memory Mental Clarity. Does it mean making our memory more clear? Such medication should be controlled medicines. Well, it is common here. Surprisingly! So if you are in overseas, can buy this for lebih kejelasan memori. LOLLL!! Such a good one especially for students to have more clear(as in stronger) memory in what they studied.

- What is the weight of your soap you use for shower? We don't even care to know don't we?

Nah, Americans sell soap like these...

Buy lah buy! not How Many you One versus/is How Big you Want. $1.36 per ounce.

- Environmental friendly bag for shopping. You want mehhh?

See. Many people want it!! So many contest forms in the small box. They are much aware in protecting the trees. They used either the friendly bag above or paper bag. Not like us plastic.

- Avocado Saver.
Cannot finish? Tight the avacado & store in the fridge. So cute lah! Avacado saver pun ada...

- Blockbuster/Hollywood. Fast & easy dvd rental kiosk.

To return just slot into the machine too. People are civilized, that's why they have self-service like that. Not like us. Put it somewhere kena vandalism or either no one gonna return it ever! Geezz...

- Cta buses. Equipped for disables also, very convenient taking buses one. Tell me how do you let the bus driver know you are getting down on the station?

Think. Think!

By pulling the yellow string beside the window shield. I didn't know why because I thought pressing is more convenient. According to my dad, he said easier for everyone to access whereever you stand. If you are standing apart from the button (like rapid buses) then couldn't stop the driver. So with string, everyone just pull.

- Love riding. There you go! Bicycle also become passenger.


Next update : Milky Tea? Dim sum? Show you the real food!

13 June 2009

Intro Chicago

*This is a long post. Don't read if you do not have time*

I am feeling much better by now :) Thank you to antibiotic (that should be the last alternative! Die lah me..sure many antibiotic contents in my body) Mei Wah, don't be jealous anymore ok, I balik ke Tanah Air sudah..hehe!

Anyway, back to topic. If I say "I am going to Illinois", many would not know where. But if I say "I am going to Chicago". There you go! You will certainly know for sure it's in America. Handful of us know the city names better than the States in America. Correct me if I am wrong! I am pretty sure.

New York City > Don't tell me you don't know!
Austin/Dallas > You know about the cowboys & the grills

Las Vegas > Money $$$ !!! Casino

See all of us know much of the cities. What if I say like Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa? You may get it right but some wouldn't have an idea where on Earth is that place.

To cut it short. Chicago is city & Illinois is State. I am very sure you got it by now?
Throughout my stayed the weather is around 10 to 15 degrees!

According to the four season calendar, it should be the end of spring, approaching summer in early June. It is totally NOT TRUE! I was still wearing warm clothes everyday! It was never summer, my fingers froze, my nose & ear were numb when the wind blew. Despite the cold weather but its worth it to the max.

Chicago has several landmarks around. I had gone, left my footprints, left my presences & everything I could to mark my remarkable once in a lifetime experience. I am not very sure will there be any 2nd visit in the near future however, I would explore other states *keep fingers crossing for 1o years long. wtf!* (I was granted 10 years Visa >.< /Mei Wah envy me again) And so I will try my very best to maximize the usage of the visa & also boost USA's economy. LOL! Don't ask me how much I spend for this trip because I purposely wanted to lost count. Don't remind me. >.< USA is worth a visit very very much!
Many to see, explore, learn & apply. Now that you know roughly about money spending, it is actually not very expensive, it is because of Malaysia Ringgit currency is very weak, that is why everyone finds it to be very expensive & luxurious! One point to remember : Do not convert everything to MYR when you are there especially food wise & transportation.

Briefly talking about food, if you convert every single food you eat, c'mon you wouldn't enjoy the taste of the
cultural melting pot. Remember, the portion of food mostly are very huge so 2 person can actually share. Another thing is they do not served water. Very funny! Everyone drinks carbonated drinks. Since the weather was cold, I was looking for warm water. What I did was, a glass of cold water & a glass of hot water, mixed both & drank. You hardly find WARM water, they served only cold & iced drinks.

About transportation, Chicago's government are very efficient in planning the routes of rails & busses. Don't worry you wouldn't get lost, equipped yourself with English & Maps, every single thing are very detail. Spend some time & study them before you walk out. People are helpful especially original Americans, when you are doubtful looking at the map or streets, they will approach you and helping you out to find your way. I experienced it myself before, so no big deal.

Chicago city itself is not very clean indeed as I thought at first. But the walking pavement are really wide and smooth. Wearing you high heels walking down the street is not an issue! :) Oh, I didn't do that because I walk whole day so very inconvenient but many ladies do that so I don't think it is painful because of the pavement structure are good for walking :)

Another thing, TAX! USA is concerned & very strict about taxing, you never get yourself excluded in any form even if you are a tourist. Everything you buy, I really mean everything - not only food, clothes, parking fees, train tickets, just say anything you need to forked out your money, you will be taxed. (Usually the price of parking fees & train tickets are included tax) The % of tax imposed on the things I buy are depending on which area I bought. They have this planning structured according to the earning power of their citizens & also the attractions. Things & food in city were like 12% and tourist attraction were like 18%. Over the residential areas, some were 4%, some were even 8%. So it is very variable, the tax tells much about the residential area earning power, money spending & living standards. And I find this as a wise implementation for the higher living standard & the lower living standard of citizens. The government took the effort in segregating the taxes to make it much affordable for each & everyone.

I guess I talk too much this time...by now, you would have know little tiny information, you can pack & leave for Chicago already.

Picture Time! 18 pictures ahead, landmarks I visited! :)))))

OMG, the kids are damn cute & beautiful ok! 3 of them are sisters. If I have a son, I'm gonna force him to marry one of them.

Sears Tower on the left. It was the world's tallest before but defeated by Petronas Twin Towers.

The Bean at Millennium Park. The sky is getting dark.

Flowers are beautiful! at Millennium Park foyer.

Crown Fountain at Millennium Park. Read about it.

Chicago Water Tower. Great history here. Lazy elaborate.

Ladylike was here!!!!!!!!

John Hancock Building. 180 degree to make this shot. My neck was painful ok.

Chicago Union Station. The interchange station hub.

Oak Street. High end shopping avenue.

Navy Pier. Tourist top attraction in Chicago.

Michigan Avenue. Shopping Spree for high class.

Hard Rock Cafe Chicago.

Where I feel much sense of belonging!

Chicago Famours Theatre. Read here for the amazing history.

Chicago Cultural Centre. Free tour! If you haven't see Chicago yet, this should be your first stop. But I came here after I went to most of the places I should go. Hehehe!

Outside Chicago Cultural Centre.

The weather in KK is super HOTTTTT!!! I can't stand....Goshhh! I miss Chicago weather although it was cold but it is all worth itttt!!

Next update : I am not sure what to blog next! But it will for sure still be about Chicago Trip!