21 June 2009

Dim Sum in Chinatown, Chicago

Have you ever had a real dim sum?! The origin from Hong Kong, restaurant owed by a Hongkie? I am not sure in KL do we get to enjoy such dim sum which you will see later. But in KK definitely don't have such GREAT DIM SUM!

Chinatown is a stone throw away from city. Take red line subway to Cermak-Chinatown. This place is where all the Chinese feed their longing desires for gourmet and feel the sense of belonging in an English country. I heard almost everyone spoke Chinese & they took my ordered in Chinese too. The small voice whispered "You are not the lonely Chinese alone in Chicago. We are from the same ancestor". *teehee

I traveled all the way here just for a Great Dim Sum. How do I define Great?

Making me craving for more!

Tastiness : best mixture of ingredients
Deliciousness : Juicy in the inside
Hotness degree : best temperature in serving them. Really important!
Portion : much influenced to be listed as Great by me.

The above fulfilled as much as I anticipated and from my imaginary the day before I ate them! One F Word : What were you thinking? :p FABULOUSSS!! * fingers licking good (sounds like KFC)

We actually encountered difficulties in choosing which restaurant to dine. The most common indicator was which restaurant accommodates more customer that is the place we are going into. This would not get us wrong.

Finally chosen Shui Wah Restaurant. Trust able through the posters & food advertisement on the glass window.

Steve Dolinsky (read him here), a food reviewer commented some particular dishes that won his heart. You wanna know which one?

Fried Calamari. Sort of like French fries. Tasted just nice, not salty. MUST EAT!

Shrimp so huge!!! Size of your open mouth!

Every dish (except congee,soup & vege) must be dipped into this Chilli Sauce, highly recommended. Even “Lo Mai Kai” (Rice dumpling) & “Chee Cheong Fun” shrimp went superb with the chilli.

I hardly find chilli sauce at any where, they only served ketchup (not known as tomato sauce) and I ended eating so so much of Chilli here until my lips kept burning as I ate more & more. But it was too addictive; even it gets spicier I still can’t say NO to it. How alluring!! *twinkle eyes*

The following food were consumed by us non-stop in 30 minutes, my mouth never gets to stop chewing/close. It is the truth, nothing but the truth! But we didn’t get to finish all...had to take away.

See How BIG IS THE SIEW MAI!! Larger than sushi!!

One dish is like $2.60. Charges(don't convert) are pretty much like dim sum here in coffee shops. If I were to stay there, I won't wanna eat Dim Sum in Tanah Air when I'm back for holiday! That is how much I LOVE REAL HONG KONG DIM SUM~

Just when I'm about to settle down & stopped gulping them down, I looked out and saw a queue at the entrance, waiting to be seated. Proven : This restaurant is selections to many. (Or maybe they are just like me)

Yippie! Stop by for dessert, milky tea? Nope. Fruits & Pearl, English & Chinese Combination. Best Drink Ever! Don't drink something you can drink in Tanah Air.

STRAWBERRY with PEARL. DAMN! if it is a hot day, this is going to be HUMAN SAVIOR! Ok lah, sure you say I exaggerate.

So you must go & try it yourself! Because I can still taste it at the tip of my tongue now.

Love from Tanah Air! I am already back, stop dreaming!

Next update : Feminine Lovers! Everyone wants to own it with no regrets! Stay tune :D


Alvin Lim said...

somehow i feel the dim sum looks nicer than the one we have in PJ =_=

but eating dim sum in Chicago sure expensive man.

sooclara said...

wei..its reasonable lor. dont convert mah.. small is $2.60 big is $3.20 not same meh??

sooclara said...
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Mei-Wah said...

SLURRPPP~ :P yummy!!! you are definitely a baddie! made me thinking of having dimsum on this Sunday morning. There's a great dimsum restaurant at Jalan Kuchai Lama, which you should go and try someday when you dropped by KL. It was PACKED, till the street!!! Seriously... It's that popular and delicious.