31 March 2008

Kid at 21st Century

Back to last time, playing with kids is stress free and fun!!

They are cute and adorable.

Today, it is so much different. Kids speak very well and likes to ask any sorts of questions. Being someone wiser than a kid, we have to answer them with appropriate answers. We can't cheat them or else next time, they will use the same words to shoot us back and the adults will go "errrr..." *mind blank*. In fact, it is stressful if we are not smart to tackle their questions well.

If you come to know any child like that, you get what I mean. Sometimes, I even go -___-''' (huh?? how to answer? If I answer, you don't understand) then eventually everyone will say, "When you are older you will understand"

Now let me show you this handsome boy

A 7-year-old boy named Jasper whom is energetic and full with young spirit.

Quote you part of our conversation :-


Jasper : Jiejie, where's you boyfriend?

Me : Jiejie, no boyfriend...

Jasper : Jiejie, liar!! So big already no boyfriend.

Me : What about you? You have girlfriend in school...? *tickles him*

Jasper : *laugh*... no girlfriend. Daddy say big already then only can have one. So jiejie so big already also have one.

Me : Jiejie, don't have one yet. Why don't you become my boyfriend?

Jasper : aaaahhhh!! I don't wantttt!!!

Me : Why don't want? Jiejie bring you go eat KFC worrrrr... and bring you go walk walk...

Jasper : *keep laughing* don't want!! don't want!!

(An uncle beside us keep laughing and smiling)

Jasper : Uncle, jiejie said become my girlfriend...cannot right???!!!

Uncle : Can...jiejie bring you go KK...eat KFC, so delicious, you don't want??!

Jasper : eeeeeeee......don't want!!!

(The convo continued for the night as he was trying to ask everyone disapproval of me being his girlfriend. Funny boy! Running here and there...laugh non-stop)


The next day was Easter Sunday. We went to church for celebration and coincidently, again Jasper sat beside me. Wahhh, Jasper so happy to see me...Suddenly, he came to sit on my leg.
(Like known me for long time already)

However, his little brother whom doesn't speak much, jealous of his brother sitting on my leg. What he did is, he pushed his brother away and sat on my legs quickly. Subsequently, both brothers started to fight. Luckily their father was just a length arm beside me, trying to stop them.


Dad : Jasper, you sit here, beside jiejie okay?

Jasper : No, I don't want! I sit on jiejie's leg first but he pushed (pointing at the brother) me away.

Dad : You are big already, if you sit on jiejie's leg people will laugh at you.

Jasper : Yeeerrr...daddddyyyyy...I sit first worrr....how can?! *grumpy face*

(Standing with hands cross)

Jasper : .....Jiejie...

Me : Yes?

Jasper : You still remember what did you say last night?

Me : ...ermm...what did I say?

Jasper : You said you ask me to become your boyfriend right?

Me : oowwhh...ya, but you said you don't want.

Jasper : Now I want. Okay?

Me : Why?

Jasper : So that I can sit on your legs. *small laugh*

Me : No, I don't want already.

Jasper : I WANT!! I WANT!!! I WANT TO BECOME YOUR BOYFRIEND! jiejie please?


You see....hilarious right? He remembered what I said last night. Now in return, he bargained with me, opting for a WIN WIN situation... *sweattttttt*

.shake my head and smiles.

29 March 2008

Seafood & Homecoming - Day 4

Continued post after Day 1 and Day 3.

There are quite a number of Seafood restaurants scattered around the island. I was brought to New Sung Hwa restaurant in Labuan town area, above the Fisherman's Lounge. This restaurant is best known among the tourists and again ... Labuan-ian rated as the best seafood restaurant in town.

You tried snails before?


You need a toothpick to dig out the snail meat

Only came to remember when the snails were served, I forgot to take pictures of the previous dishes. Nothing special on the dishes like usual fried fish, deer meat, fried crab, to fu and vegetable...so 6 dishes in all costs RM 135. Would you say it is cheap? I have no idea. But Labuan-ian says it is cheaper compare to KK city. It could be true, where by KK has 5% government charges out of the total bill... or if you compare with Portview, Ocean Seafood Restaurants, then yes it is expensive.

Labuan island by night (Raining)

The town itself is beautiful. Their street lights not just a long standing poll, with a bulb on the top part. The body of the standing poll has its' craved shape and design. The grey pathway are well taken care with the alley built of red bricks.

It was raining cats and dogs on Monday night. Due to the geographical area, there's no sign of downpour in the next hour such as clouds turn dark nor big wind blow, it just came all in a sudden "SPLASH"....!!! As if someone from the above level pouring water down to the ground. All the way it went non-stop for several hours.

I have the strong feeling of going home when I was there. Wished I could arrive KK as soon as possible after ticket was bought.

Fare = RM 36, Port fee RM = 3 Total : RM 39 for first class

The port is nicely build because it's also an international port. Brunei-ians also enter Labuan by express ferry. Just as you stepped out the ferry, the duty free shop is luring you. In order to purchase cheap products, I think it would be Monegain shop. I reckon the duty free shops along the port area might costs a little than those farther ones because humans tend to do last minute shopping yet also due to convenient sake.

Departure Hall

Arrival hall

During my trip back to KK, there were a few tourists in the same fleet with me. I can't distinguish their appearance of where are they from, but caught slightly of their language (too much of watching Mexican drama) , they seemed to be from South America and some British. Walking down town, I heard many people speaking an uncommon language, might be Tagalog, according to their skin colour and dressing, people from the Philippines searching for bread and butter in Labuan.

The one and only entertainment for the long haul journey is TV. You have no choice to watch what you desire...but watch what is on screen. Pity, they showed OUTDATED movies... like dead silence...

Boxing on-screen

You are advised to bring a warm clothing because the air condition is centralized and it's cold. Slowly, I started to keep on fidgeting as I could not drowse to sleep. Just when I was at the edge to turn hysterical, I looked out the window...

Fishermen's ship

Suria KK in construction. Taken during on-going. The picture is in blue because the ferry glass are tinted.


YAYYYY!! I'm back!!

.It's going to rain soon.

28 March 2008

Hairy moisturizer


It feel so nice to touch your own skin when it is soft and smooth. I started to apply moisturizer when I found my leg skin to be dried, look like the fish scale. I tried to apply regularly but sometimes I do fail because of my laziness and forgetful mind.

To make your life easier, moisturizers now come in a handy packaging where you can bring with you wherever you go, just nice to fit into your handbag. So, I started to bring it with me when I was in college. When my lecturers were doing their job, I simply applied on my leg. My skin type is dry especially my leg, what more when you spend most of the hours a day in an air-condition room.

Left : Nivea - Intensive Milk for Dry Skin
Right : Johnson's baby Lotion

I got this Nivea moisturizer from somewhere...freebies. Oohh, I remembered during the Nivea Roadshow in Taylor's College, they were giving out this moisturizers to the students. My friend told me, this moisturizer really moisturize your skin. Just apply once and it will last for 24 hours. WOW!! Previously, those moisturizers that I used before can't last long, at least have to apply twice a day. And so, with this moisturizer, it makes my life easier much much more!

Little did I know, it is so super duper moisturize that it gives another result...Don't Laugh okay?! It actually makes your hairs grow longer and more on your legs and hands! GGAHHH!!! I'm not kidding. After a few weeks of usage, when I really take notice ( I usually applied without looking) at my leg,


AAHHH!! SO MANY HAIRS AND THEY ARE LONGGGG!!! In my whole life, my legs and hands doesn't have so many hairs and the hairs are just invisible yet short. But now.....uugghhh...to me, it looks really really bad!!!...but my friend said just normal.(Maybe I get use to seeing my legs and hands before)

I saw one of my course mate that used to pluck hairs off her hands and arms during lectures.
( You would know how boring it is until our hands are so reckless during lectures!! If you are student, you understand...lectures are boring. Hehehe!!! ) She told me her hairs started to grow when she applied a very moisturized moisturizer, don't know which brand already. (I was thinking, "Huh?? Got such thing mehh??" It actually happens to certain people only not all but unfortunately, it happened to me)

We didn't go deeply into the topic and she continued her plucking process. ( She told me not pain at all, get used to it. I went OOUucchhh!!! when I saw her plucking ) She also saw my Nivea moisturizer that I was using and if I remembered, she did warn me of the moisturize level, I might get hairs growing longer and more =( Thought it wouldn't bring such effect on me because my legs are really dryyy...

So be more aware to choose any moisturizers or lotions in the market, if you don't want the same case happen on you!

**Embarrassed to show my hairy leg, no pictures taken**

.Nivea moisturizer anyone??.

27 March 2008

Duty Free Heaven!!! - Day 3

There isn't any post for Day 2. It was Easter Sunday and I just hang around with my cousins.

Everything sells in Pearl of the South China Sea are tax free ranging from food to vehicles.

Smoke until you get lung cancer ..... some selling at Rm 1 ONLY!! cheapppp!!

There are too many brands for you to choose. Even cigars got flavours one...

Maybe when you inhale, you can taste the chocolate flavour. I don't know what's that special flavour is.

Whatsoever this alcohol is...something like Merlot 5 litres only RM 75

Chivas (12 years) per bottle only cost RM 65. 1 person is limited to bring 1 litre out from Labuan.



1 Bucket of Heineken (6 bottles) only RM 24!!

See...so cheap!! Drink until you pass out!! Hehehe!! Those are health hazards... what about something else?

Here you go choc...choco...chocolates! Bring happiness to your moody-ness~

Stacks of Tableron

Imported nougats

Cadbury "Choose Happiness"

Chocolate Liquors collection

Did any of the above tempts you?? *shiny eyes*

.Enjoying the sweetness.

26 March 2008

Labuan - Day 1

Yeahhh!! I am finally back to HOME SWEET HOME!! I was only away for 4 days 3 nights, I've already missed KK so badly. huhuhu... (",)

I took the first class seat of Labuan Express Ferry from Jesselton Point, KK.

Above: Labuan Express Ferry
Left: First class on-going seats
Right: First Class homecoming seats

I don't know why the seats are so much different as both are rated as the first class seats. I felt more comfortable with homecoming seats as there are new. Maybe because one is an older ferry another one is new. It was to believe that the non-stop journey takes about 3 hours but heck, it took me
3 hours and 20 minutes to arrive Labuan!!! I was so not in the mood~~ But the journey back to KK took only 2 hours and 55 minutes...arrgghh!! Ferry speed problem for sure.

Where is Labuan?

Look so near but yet so far

Labuan is a very small island which you could travel in one day. Famous of the shipwreck diving, known as the Pearl of South China Sea and heaven to alcoholics, chocolate lovers and hardcore smokers because it is one of the duty free island in Malaysia.

If none of the above is you (unless you love a little history), then you would find Labuan to be an unwanted place to go. Frankly speaking, there is no delicious food in Labuan, all are the same, I assure you.

I had drumstick chicken rice with ice lemon tea. KONON...best chicken rice in town, I tasted like normal or should I say, KK chicken rice is much better. hehehe!! Order the breast part better, less bone because my drumstick a lot of bones, can't enjoy the meat much.

Labuan is under the Federal Territory Government. You can expect the town to be beautifully landscape, clean and properly structure. I was made to understand that the landscaping project costs around RM 5 million *breathe in, breathe out*

Any of the traffic lights corner

Outside the Financial Park Complex walkway

Outside the Public Library

The roadsides

The biggest roundabout in Labuan

Nice flowers in attractive colours...mmm...I'm tired for now, more in my next post.

.Heading to bed.

21 March 2008

Do you understand?

While waiting for the lift to *ting* at B1 floor in Wawasan Plaza, this notice board doesn't tells the right thing...

read " NO ICE BOARD "

No notices..mm..

Anyway, I need to do my packing, I'm going to Labuan tomorrow. You might not hear from me a few days if I don't get an internet connection there..mm..but don't worry I'll be back.

Have a nice weekend! =D oh ya...BLESSED EASTER!

.Easter eggs please?!.

20 March 2008

I found me

Searching for something to see ... we Google...

Searching for any kind of information ... we GOOGLE...

Almost everything we Google...but do we Google our own names? Hehehe!! Staying in the boredom container, I looked out for myself in the net..*giggles*

Thus, I Google search my name and some images of me appeared.

Look at my hair, not in proper place...Let's just say it was naturally flow in that way

Wahh..this photo was back then in 2006 year end!! But it was uploaded on October 2007 by Maps. I looked like little girl, I was just 18 years during that time okay... I remembered this photo was taken in the early morning at 7am, woke up early for the photoshoot. I didn't see the pictures uploaded in her flickr's, not till I went to Google my name!!

When I saw my face I went
"eehhh...me!!!" Then their comments by her friends. Just when I felt lack of self-esteem, suddenly strangers compliment me, it actually makes me feel better. ( A way to comfort myself..laugh out loud! XD ) No photoshop was done to the photo, that's the real me.

I came to know Maps when I was undergoing my internship in Sabah Tourism. Like she said, we crammed in the studio room like sardine, so I get to know her. (I hope you didn't mind my presences of getting some warmth in there..hehehe *winkz*winkz*) Misses all the jokes and laughing :D

She is an official photographer for Sabah Tourism Board. Captions by her are marvelous and awe-inspiring, see more of her works here. As many photographers I knew, by and large, they have this attitude which I categorized as unique character that stands out than any other normal people like me, yet I cannot understand. That is why there are recognized as PHOTOGRAPHERS!! More often than not, they are the quiet ones...

Smileys!!! Just as I wondered, does the smile still carves on my lips~ (Stop! *Don't go depressed*) :-))

That was me! Owwhh, I miss myself being 18th!! :D Am I the girl next door? *shy* EeeRrr...did I say...anyway, MAPS I HAVE TO SAY MY YOUNG DAYS PHOTOS ARE COLOURED BY YOU AND I ENTIRELY LOVE THEMMM!!! xoxo

Another nice shot...

I don't look thin at all here

Seriously, I don't find myself to be photogenic but...down-to-earth, which I just laugh when I laugh, I don't even care if that handsome guy looking. I really laugh a lot until sometimes people have to say stop laughing. People say, laughs make a person grows fleshy (I mean a person with a little of meat) however, I'm the opposite one! I'm super duper thin I really have to admit, under under weight! I don't gain weight even I'm eating much...is this what people addressed me lucky?

.Give me back the smileys!!!.

18 March 2008

My first meet with Nicole

I missed the Nuffnang's 1st Birthday Bash. I wished to go but I'm in the East! When I read so many posts by the bloggers, the party was really a hilarious celebration...hopefully I could show up for next year =D

Anyway, I met Nicole yesterday. She came to Kota Kinabalu and I planned to have a meet up. Have been reading her posts for quite sometimes and since she is dropping by here, I took the opportunity to meet her in person. I'm daring (I still didn't believe I actually did ask her!!) to meet a completely stranger which I never speak nor chatted before through the internet. I just read her blog alone all this while.

Before the meeting, I was worried there would be a long silence, nothing in general to share or in all, anything that would make the meeting a little awkward. Nonetheless, it turned out to be alright... =)

So I brought her to Sabah Museum. I'm not a History lover...unless you put it in an interesting way. (I study History for the sake of compulsory subject!!) Well, there's always something to learn, which I came through the Idahan Wedding Costume and some ceramics. No pictures were taken as camera is prohibited in the museum. =( I can't show you anything, indeed you have to see it all by yourself. It is open daily from 9am to 5pm with an entrance fee charging at only
RM 2 per person for Malaysians.

Nicole, Me and my sister

Then proceeded to the Kota Kinabalu "so called" Chinatown, Foh Sang for a late afternoon tea. Introduced the Lemon Teh Ping (Ice Lemon Tea) and Wo Teh (Dumplings) to Nicole as they couldn't get them in KL. The Lemon Teh Ping is like "Teh O Ais Limau" in KL, but Lemon Teh Ping uses Lemon while Teh O Ais Limau uses Lime. Both taste sour...

It is just a short and light hang out with Nicole (let's have her to say), and I being an unlicensed tour guide.

p/s: Nicole, if you are reading this, hope you had an enjoyable trip in KK. See you again soon! =)

.Love history day,ahakz.

16 March 2008

Donggongon Market

Almost about a year, I stepped my foot again in Donggongon Market. I was here last year in the late afternoon for a look over whether Donggongon Market could be a tourist attraction. ( When I was undergoing my internship in Discovery Tours
) There were not many stalls I saw at that time maybe due to the time of visit. But at the late mornings at 10am, it is crowded with stalls selling various things.

Market, yes it is so HOT!! I dressed like going to shopping malls because I wasn't inform that we would be coming here. *red face* If you are visiting here, put on your short pants and t-shirts, don't say I didn't warn you : D

The stalls are operated by multi racial locals, Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Dusun...eerr..I didn't see any Indians. I could say it is quite big. There are divided into sections like a corner selling vegetables, dried anchovies, plants, traditional herbs and Sabah souveneirs.

Let's start with the vegetable first. (Don't ask what it is because I, myself didn't know -_-''' Don't worry, if you are buying a tour package, they will be a guide doing the explanation )

Known as "ragi" in Malay. It is use to make 'Tapai" (Rice wine)

Home made honey. Come in different colours

Local delicacies.

Looks like Doreomon's cookie.

Cheap and delicious!!!

...very yummy! trust me :D

Live cooking. Frying noodles.

Cooked dishes.

In the center, they have this souveneir for sale.

Kadazan Traditional Costume


Known as "Gong"

Traditional healing herb. It is believed to be very effective and healed many types of illness. (Don't know how true it is) The seller will teach you the preparation of the herbs.

Anchovies section.

My eyes go so blur...Too many man! Smelly and flies everywhere~~

Authorizes doing inspection. Rajin-nya...

Before you see the next captions I have...well, you guys like to eat Japanese food right especially sushi...mmm~~ So you always come through UNAGI either sushi or set meal in the menu. Do you know how it really looks like or not?








Can you see the heads??!!

Selling at RM 20 per kilogramme

Ready for sale

Feel like throwing out?! Still dare to eat UNAGI?

.Ultimate hot day.