30 April 2009

Red book


Can you guess the title? If not, then please proceed reading. If yes, you may close this window and wait for my next post!

Tips :

1) Very important to Malaysians, as long as we are still alive.

The answer is obvious ok.


Second tips ok?

2) You may have or may not have it. Depends on individual but if you requested/need one, you are surely entitled, provided you are a Malaysian.

Any idea? Still can't get????


Last tip for the Quiz.

3) When you have it, many other illegals would be very much interested.

Now you get the answer! Don't you? If you don't, smack your forehead.


Why do you think I show you this?

Will let you when I confirm =p


29 April 2009

Mode Cafe @ Star City

Mode Cafe has opens it door long ago in serving average food to the locals. Started its business in Palm Square, Centre Point was then took over by Starbucks. Moved to Wawasan Plaza, just as you step out from Tang Dynasty Hotel, you could see the Cafe. I reckon the business wasn't doing well, it was then closed down.

And now, it is opened in Star City Shopping Mall, Asia City.

I've been craving for French Fries Supreme!!!!

Superb. I don't know any else where that offer the above dish.

Content : French fries with Nacho cheese and mince beef
Taste : Very the western feel. wth! Haha! *Duh*
Price : RM 6.50
Rating : 9/10
Remarks : WARNING! You will die of the delicousness of CHEESE. If you like KFC, cheesy wedges, then this will be also your top priority in your list food-to-try-&-taste.

That was for appetizer.

Moving on to my main dish, Lamb chop.

A good deal.

Content : 1 bowl of mushroom soup / 1 glass of blackcurrent or orange juice / lamb chop with fries & coleslaw.
Taste : Again...duh! Western feel
Price : RM 14.90 (if not mistaken)
Rating : 9/10
Remarks : Possibly many will like. Not till the extend of "WOW".

Another highlight, Portugese Chicken Rice

Content : Rice with cheese on top and ala kari chicken
Taste : Local taste mixture of chinese(rice), malay(chicken) & ang moh (cheese)
Price : RM 8.90 / RM 9.90 (couldn't recall)
Rating : 5/10
Remarks : Not my taste. However, some would favor it.

To read more of some of the locals review. Click here.

Affordable pick to dine out and for quiet hangout with buddies that seldom meet up whom you've lots of things to spill/gossip/discuss & talk about.

There is a return in future. I'll see whether I am going to try something new and I will update again.

Enjoy dining here! =) The must eat food is FRENCH FRIES SUPREME. Don't say I didn't warn ya.


28 April 2009

A Quickie

Oh no! Its' coming back again my lack of blogging. *sigh*

Just a short post before I go to bed. 12:11am I am here typing away!! It has been a rough week last week that was why I did not have any post about anything.

Work wise, I no longer worked under the two managers that I used to work closely with. I am not sure whether it is a good or bad thing :/ the reason is just that I am still doing the same thing but more specific than before and working under a superior that has the type of being Ms-Correct-All-the-time that kind. Work is never been easy bissy. What is bissy anyway? Haha! I just typed it to the end the sentence.

For 2 days, I have been working out with my new work place. All of things to pack and shift. Now the new place doesn't have much much privacy before because it's like I side beside the walkway and few colleagues behind me. Not like before, with 3 corners - concrete walls. *sigh* And part of it why I dislike being moved from my quiet corner.

This week, I'll try to update more! Gotta catch up with my posts.

Next update:
Air liur ... and that of course means the F word.

20 April 2009

Hotel Giant

I just bought a PC Game : Hotel Giant.

I thought it would be good if I play this as I am now in hotel industry =) *blinks away.

Maybe am going to get promoted if I apply this game to my work. *half smile

Just being wishful. It is just a useless thought anyway!

Roughly, this game would be an overview like how & what do I need to start/run a hotel. And will see do I have the time to play it.

Have a Good week ahead!

16 April 2009

Mumm mumm Italian

To all Kaki-Kaki Makan, here is another post specially for you =)

I blogged about this restaurant before to read the previous post click here.

WARNING : PRICES ARE OVERCHARGE! Maybe because hardly to find an awesome western restaurant in town.

For this time I had ...

Seafood Creamy Soup @ RM 8.90. Seafood lovers you may love it to the max!

Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta with Slice Bacon @ RM 18.90

The sauce is good however not really recommended as the slice bacons are too too tiny as you can see from the picture and you hardly could taste the taste of Bacon. Really serious...LOL!

There will still be another visit but no more of the Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta with Slice Bacon.

I really hope I can cut down my weight (@>@). Always re-watch the video that I last post. Funny & reminds me to diet.

14 April 2009

Commercial Break

*Scheduled Post. :D In case I don't have time to update in between :)

No doubt the Thailand commercial videos are always hilarious. You might find yourself dropping off the chair after you are done with laughing!

Watch the video below. Brighten up my day just before I started working.

To keep your body slim, you gotta control. So run away from meat...LOL!

Hope you had a good laugh like I did.

Good luck in your dieting! :D

13 April 2009

Balinese Massage

As promised, here is the long awaited Balinese Massage experience post! =D

I jumped to the right bed

Need a Balinese Massage which only can be found in Bali? Nope! Balinese Massage is available almost everywhere now even in small town like Kota Kinabalu, many massages service offered targeting mostly the tourists.

is it known as Balinese? Obviously, I think the massage skills came from Bali, an island in Indonesia. (Read more about it
here) Gradually it became well-known as tourist tried the massage in Bali then spreading the word around and a business that could make money and so we get them everywhere today.

And the question now is, which massage is the real Balinese Massage?
I can't answer it because I, myself would have not know which is which. I only understand massage is to loosen our muscle from being tense. Maybe the difference is the Oil they applied on our body and also the style of massaging.

Let me share the Balinese Massage that I had last 2 weeks ago.

It started with a small cup of Ginger tea while the massager explained what she will do for the whole process. Solely, I just enjoy the ginger tea which I wouldn't favor because I don't like ginger at all.

Then after the short explanation, she then gave us a sample of 4 types of oil (Mandara-home made, tranquility, harmony & i can't remember) explaining the function of them. My friend & I chose Tranquility as it is for stress-free, relaxation & refreshing.

She then lead us to the washroom and told us to get change into Sarong, place our belongings and jewelry. And of course get us wore a disposable black underwear. While we got ourselves changed, she went to prepare the oil and necessary tools for the 50 minutes full body massage.

Sarong, disposable underwear and hotel slippers. That drawer was where I kept my jewelries.

No pictures taken during the massage because we were naked only with the black disposable underwear. The room was locked during the massage going-on. The 50 minutes massage concentrate more on the back and also the leg.

My Black Underwear

After the massage, the lady did a facial massage for my face. All ingredients applied on my face were edible. There were yogurt, cucumber, carrot, milk & vegetable. So today you will learn something new. Anything that is edible - vegetable, fruits or healthy food are good for face.

Rejuvenating after the process and it made me slept well. =) Do have your try in anywhere if you can get.

For more information of the massage services, please contact 088 - 318 888 to be directed to Body Senses or Mandara Spa.

1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard

Kota Kinabalu
88100 Sabah, Malaysia

Next update :
Diet commercial video. LMAO! =D

09 April 2009

Meat Pie

I am so sleepy now. I was planning to blog about my Balinese Massage experience for this post but unable to do so because too tired. Sorryyyy!! :(

Just a short post before I got to bed.

Super sinful pie .... really evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too good to be true....

Brought all the way from Australia to Kota Kinabalu.

One of the must eat food in Australia. Trust me, you will not be wrong. Whatever pies you can get in Aussie, it is definitely greater than any you can get in Kota Kinabalu. 100% flush down your throat and you don't realize you would want a second piece.

Famous pie : Michelle's Pie. Quite costly, around AUD 3.50 compare few years back it was only AUD 2.50. If Michelle's Pie is hurting your pocket then go for the frozen pie you can get in supermarket. Recommended brand : Big Ben Pie. Packed in 4 pieces. Reheat it with conventional oven for 30mins and it taste about the same with the fresh pies from Michelle's...

Beef pie!!!! Irresistible! *saliva drop*

Anyone from Aussie would wanna courier me some? :)

Next update : Balinese Massage. Try once and you want more!

08 April 2009

Bintulu Korean Restaurant

edit : Guess what?! I visited this restaurant again today for dinner. I am so late in my post! *sigh* Will blog about my second visit few days later...

Many favor Japanese cuisine more than opting for Korean. In my own prespective, I view Japanese & Korean has their own speciality in serving their local food however, in some they do have the same similiarity.

Japanese well-known food is sushi where as Korean do have sort of like sushi but better known as Kimbab. Not very sure of the spelling but when you pronounce it sounds the same. ;)

This is my first visit to a Korean Restaurant in KK. Once I visited in KL during I was studying, couldn't recall much on the taste already because it was like in 2007. Neither I favor any between Japanese or Korean but I do love both.

So Bintulu Korean Restaurant in Lintas is one of the many that mushroom in city, I would recommend. Price is quite reasonable.


Lot 1-1, 1st Floor, Block E, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3, Lintas Plaza, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Contact No: 088-270370

Me & the pot.

Appetizer. Kimchi and two other mixed vege. Not quite spicy but for fear of spicy-ness, they still could take them; not very much. Automatically served in the two korean restaurant I visited in my life so far.

Korean Special Tofu. Not very special though, but it is a light serving with seaweed topping and light soya sauce as the gravy. I tasted Japanese one is nicer than Korean.


Spicy beef soup.... ahhhh!!! this is good man...Not recommended for phobia of spicy & hot.

It doesn't get really spicy down my throat for the first few sips. But as I go along enjoying more & more, it literally becomes spicy. And I went "ehh...quite spicy..wth.." hahahaha!! But still it is undeniable soup which won the must-have-soup-in-korean-restaurant-visit in my list. Heck!

The bowl of rice is pretty special than what we had at home all the time or the Chicken rice. This restaurant serves Rice with barley, steamed in the most suitable temperature.

Thumbs up! When the rice mixed with the soup and beef sliced. AHHH!! Feel like eating them now. My mum went 2 consecutive days, first with me and the next day she brought my dad. So irresistable.


Besides that, the restaurant has a section that served you in typical korean culture by sitting on the floor with the short leg table. I wanted to try but my mum can't or else she would have bad pain after the meal.

Shoe rack on the side and inside the tinted glass is where people had their meals by the floor & short leg table.

The two men in the picture really enjoy to the max until they bought Chivas and wine to go together with the food. Is that a good combination?

If you tried before do add on my list in the comment box.

07 April 2009

Shit I sucked!

It takes a lot of courage for me to write this post for being fear to be read by someone who knows this particular person. I didn't intend/want to write the things she did to me but today I am really freaking angry with her!


I never come to understand with people saying it's so tough at times when you work with someone that gives you headache & trying to make your life worst. All this time I thought it's easy by telling straight to the person's face that you are doing so irresponsible work. I was so innocent like that -___-

Or either I can just ignore the person anyway.

Now I comprehend that IT IS NEVER EASY TO DEAL WITH IT!

I emailed her weeks ago that it is not easy for us to continue working like that. I am really upset with how you deal with me and your work. I am very sorry to say I am not the suitable one to work under you in getting papers prepared before hand for you. Too much of complicates in between before I am able to ready the final piece. WHAT THE HECK! I am so brave to email her and tell her : If so, do complaint and find someone suitable for you since I can't do it for you!

To no avail, she didn't reply my email. But requested me to speak with her in the next afternoon. So fine! Afternoon came, she was unable to attend. Says, dinner. Again, she didn't care and just thought it's another same old email, what is new?!

And so, I didn't meet up with her. I thought she would have changed after I've told her. I am working directly under her, this makes me difficult to ignore most of the times.

This morning, she was asking for my tracking log. Ok, I think you don't know what it is. It is a document I have to update everyday with the New & Old leads, status, contact person & details. Indeed, managers themselves have to do it on their own for their report to submit. She everytime has to ask for my tracking log, to get her report done easily.

Her : Please email me your tracking log?

Me : You didn't update your own?

Her : I just want to check and see your tracking log? CAN OR NOT!

How do I answer it? Everyone knows her attitude but no one wants to tell her to her face. I mean why do organization needs to keep an asset that is not worth keeping for? Been caught once in watching movie in the cinema during office hours, mostly leads not materialized & with the popular of 101 reasons to defent!

She really get on my nerves! Others know she has been wrong but why am I so unlucky to have her as my head?
-_________- See my long papaya face!!! I don't think they felt it anyway because the person that sucked the shit from her is ME!

I don't care if she read this. it is F.R.E.E.D.O.M of speech!!

I wish I could get colleagues whom can work & party together. Not many could have been so lucky.

And now I know why bosses love to be bosses.

I believe she would get a huge shit too one day. Bigger shit which she gave me all the time. Just watch and see! Maybe not any time soon...but one day...one day. I am sure.

03 April 2009

Laugh & Smile with me

I received this email in my Inbox. It made me smile. Pictures with few words/without words tells the joke! wakakakaka! So I thought of sharing them with you here if you did not get the forwarded email before...

You know Baby - Sitting? Sit on the baby lahh!! (>.<)

Where is the baby? Maybe he is blind, so he feed the turkey!! Wakakakak~~

He stole the watch. Evillll...~But still its funny!

Got himself hang after he got shocked from the treasure box! pufff!!

Once, I saw a video before, a man stole a sack of money from the bank but as he reached home, head was shreded into pieces because people say "Orang jahat akan mendapat balasan". I'll show you the video if I still keep it, somewhere.

Normal coke will make you fat..so Diet coke please??

Yeah..and that's why we heard news from Western countries, school boys kill schoolmates.

Cat kena bully by mouse! *dumbo*

So the snake wants to kill himself like human does? Laugh laugh!!

6 alive chickens : Will I be one soon?!!

Need I say more? (@.@)

Coke & Pepsi war!!

Is this clone?!

*shock* & confused

Cats dalmation? WTFishhhh!!!


That's all I have. You body is 50% healthy than your usual day because you activated best part of your body cells!

The end.

01 April 2009

I cannot believe

that I will be getting married by August this year!!! Not many of you would have know yet because I only break this news now in my blog. I mean it is really fast and all arrangement starts to take place. We are currently now trying to narrow down our choices of venues we would like to hold the once in a lifetime wedding.

I don't know whether it is right or wrong, but it just happen so sudden that my boyfriend wanted to before someone else win my heart and he lose me.

My parents were shocked of course, nevertheless, I insisted to go on with the wedding after I accepted his proposed last week Saturday during the Earth Hour period. I was blurred and stunned at the same time.

The very important news to announce is that









I GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahah!!! It's April Fool okay?! :p Told you to watch out a day before.

How can I be getting married so soon? I just enter 21...haven't finish studying yet, haven't finish enjoying yet, haven't have a stable job/income and most of all haven't got a stable half yet!! woooo!!!

Happy April Fool Day! hehhehehehe!! Hope you have a good one! Laugh your day away :D