29 April 2009

Mode Cafe @ Star City

Mode Cafe has opens it door long ago in serving average food to the locals. Started its business in Palm Square, Centre Point was then took over by Starbucks. Moved to Wawasan Plaza, just as you step out from Tang Dynasty Hotel, you could see the Cafe. I reckon the business wasn't doing well, it was then closed down.

And now, it is opened in Star City Shopping Mall, Asia City.

I've been craving for French Fries Supreme!!!!

Superb. I don't know any else where that offer the above dish.

Content : French fries with Nacho cheese and mince beef
Taste : Very the western feel. wth! Haha! *Duh*
Price : RM 6.50
Rating : 9/10
Remarks : WARNING! You will die of the delicousness of CHEESE. If you like KFC, cheesy wedges, then this will be also your top priority in your list food-to-try-&-taste.

That was for appetizer.

Moving on to my main dish, Lamb chop.

A good deal.

Content : 1 bowl of mushroom soup / 1 glass of blackcurrent or orange juice / lamb chop with fries & coleslaw.
Taste : Again...duh! Western feel
Price : RM 14.90 (if not mistaken)
Rating : 9/10
Remarks : Possibly many will like. Not till the extend of "WOW".

Another highlight, Portugese Chicken Rice

Content : Rice with cheese on top and ala kari chicken
Taste : Local taste mixture of chinese(rice), malay(chicken) & ang moh (cheese)
Price : RM 8.90 / RM 9.90 (couldn't recall)
Rating : 5/10
Remarks : Not my taste. However, some would favor it.

To read more of some of the locals review. Click here.

Affordable pick to dine out and for quiet hangout with buddies that seldom meet up whom you've lots of things to spill/gossip/discuss & talk about.

There is a return in future. I'll see whether I am going to try something new and I will update again.

Enjoy dining here! =) The must eat food is FRENCH FRIES SUPREME. Don't say I didn't warn ya.



Isaac said...

hahaha....nice post...near church!! can enjoy olidi...:D

Mei-Wah said...

jahanam you... i thought of wanna offline and sleep, mana tau i stumble across your blog and my stomach berbunyi liao! :( how to sleep lar like this! it's your fault clara!

p/s: just kidding! ;)

sooclara said...

Isaac : good 4 u. so u can bring "someone" go makan2 before any meetings.LOL!

mei-wah : don't sleep lah..think about food only.. =)