28 April 2009

A Quickie

Oh no! Its' coming back again my lack of blogging. *sigh*

Just a short post before I go to bed. 12:11am I am here typing away!! It has been a rough week last week that was why I did not have any post about anything.

Work wise, I no longer worked under the two managers that I used to work closely with. I am not sure whether it is a good or bad thing :/ the reason is just that I am still doing the same thing but more specific than before and working under a superior that has the type of being Ms-Correct-All-the-time that kind. Work is never been easy bissy. What is bissy anyway? Haha! I just typed it to the end the sentence.

For 2 days, I have been working out with my new work place. All of things to pack and shift. Now the new place doesn't have much much privacy before because it's like I side beside the walkway and few colleagues behind me. Not like before, with 3 corners - concrete walls. *sigh* And part of it why I dislike being moved from my quiet corner.

This week, I'll try to update more! Gotta catch up with my posts.

Next update:
Air liur ... and that of course means the F word.

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