31 March 2009

Things to talk about

Hello readers! My friend's funeral service was conducted smoothly and everything was fine. It was indeed heartbreaking but all of us believe, it is God's will. This is also a reminder to all of our friends now that we should keep the friendship bond to be strong.

Ice Breaker:

When I say "Friend"

You say "Ship"

Me : Friend

You : Ship

Me : Friend

You : Ship

It is not easy to make/meet really good friends that understand every single thing about each other. Making new friends is easy but it takes time for the build up for a higher level of friendship. I really hope I will get 1 or 2 more in future. Who will be the one? Hhhmm, maybe next time I could write a post of my friends that I really share my thoughts & through all the choppy waves of how we met and how we get along.

Anyway, I've got a lot of things to talk about for my upcoming posts!!

1) Food - Korean & Western ...Stay Tune Food loverss!!~~
2) Balinese Massage

Maybe Sauna experience too if I am trying this coming Monday..ahhh~~

Before I sign out. Just did something random. Go to your "My Pictures" folder. Choose the 8th Folder & the 8th picture. What does it shows?

Taken in March, 2008. Siti & I hanging out in STAR. Us in the washroom playing with the phone camera. *Miss my long hair >.< *

She is a Malay friend of mine whom I met during my 1st practical attachment. We still keep in touch on & off until today. Rewind back. That was during my recovering period from inner sickness with very low self-esteem & also jobless. *sigh* It was gone, now is actually a year later. I am grown up, a year wiser than before. oowwhhh...sounds chessy.

Alright signing off, as Mrs Bed is ringing the bell really loud at my ear. It's the sign of B.E.D.T.I.M.E!!! :)

Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow is 1st April and it is going to be APRIL FOOL!!! so watch out...don't be fooled! ;)

27 March 2009

In our midst before but now not anymore

I am suppose to talk about my massage experience but I am so not in the mood and felt emo suddenly.

I just received a call 20 minutes ago, from C's mother. She told me that one of our very good friend, by the named of S had passed away this morning. I was stunt and shocked. A lot of thoughts races through my mind.

During school days, we were in a group of 4. Three of us no longer be friendly with her because she did not want to hang out with us anymore. Well, that is a long story...Suddenly, all the hurtings she did no longer hurts but I am sad why did I not force to continue the friendship. It is not a person to make the friendship goes on but another person to also give in.

I felt so uncertain, so shaky and sad. Our friendship has been ended after high school graduation. She is no longer with us but still in our midst. And now, she no longer physically around in city!! Will you still be sad after how she left us 4 years ago? Will you still feel something now and of how she did not want to join us anymore?

I admit I do feel down right now at 16:29pm. I do want to attend her funeral, to see her for the last time and give some money what we called "Pak Kim" as this is the Chinese customs. Do cherish the friendship we have now and appreciate each other. Give and take.

No pictures in this post as I have only one emotion :(

Sorry for being :(

25 March 2009

Can't wait

because I am going for a Body Massage later at 7.30pm for the very first time!!


19 March 2009

Lunch @ Pacific Cafe

Today, I had a special lunch at work "We Care Our Associates". It is like an appreciation to the associates by the department head. This only take place once a year.

Our usual buffet lunch would only be 1 soup, rice, 2 dishes of meat and 1 vege with 1 dessert. As for today, everyone would have more than usual. They decorated the Pacific Cafe with the major blue & white colour. Looks like a wedding!

And what is even more UNUSUAL is the Head of Departments (HOD) would serve us food and clear our dishes on the table. During working days, I never get to see another face of the HODs. What I always see... is their angry faces. LOL! It is true, don't you think so? ;)

This is what I had. Beef long sausages, wedges and roast chicken. Doesn't really tasted Fabulous but better than the usual boring lunch. (its free, what do you expect) Free Food for every associates.
Today's dessert were lots and lots of choices...but I chose to have watermelon and 1 mini tart. Hehe!!

It is really a weird lunch I had. Because the HODs doesn't act like what they used to be in the other 364 days in working days. This is the only day they put on full smile and talk to us which other day, they might not even look at your face.le sigh. That is them!

That was an hour Lunch. And now, they are back to normal being what they are.

16 March 2009

Stepping Stone

I am so H.A.P.P.Y last night! Because Lee Chong Wei won Lin Dang in the Swiss badminton match. Wow!

As you know, Lin Dang was the champion of the year for last year and then he won the All England Badminton Cup last week. But this time, Malaysia won! Can you believe it? Yes, everyone is saying Lin Dang plays better than Chong Wei. But not this time, Chong Wei learned his mistakes and plays better than him.

And of course the stepping stone for Chong Wei to pick up some new skills to challenge him in future. Full of glory and smile in Chong Wei face when he won.


Very the Random...

now I can have McDonald for lunch because it's reasonable :) RM5++ for a meal compare to the normal pricing of RM 7++ per meal. You see economy crisis, rakyat also can't afford to eat more than average meal. Now we felt how the economy impact striked us.

Maybe the rich one with stable cash flows doesn't feel it lahh.. because this is their opportunity to buy property and assets at lower price as many would want cash at this moment of economy crisis. If I got money, I would have buy a condo / a house as an investment. Then when economy back to normal, I can sell the house/condo. Aiyah, is just dream lah!!

Earn my few hundred ringgit working first...don't think too much yet.


13 March 2009

KK Treasures

Out of the 120 groups, we were not even listed in the TOP 20 groups.

Told you it was not EASY!
It costed us RM250.00 per group. Divided by 4 person. It is costly when I calculated like that. But when we got our Goodie Bag, it worth more that I pay.

So things from the Goodie bag...

KK United, Group name given by my cousin. Very the last minute to give the group name. It sounds like Manchester United instead KK United. (",)

The Adidas shirt we were wearing were given to us. Selling price RM59.90.

A Celcom simpack for each person with RM 5 preloaded.

Hi-Tea after the challenge... TOO much food until we were about to drop off during the performances, speeches and prize giving.

And also the Adidas gift voucher RM50.00.

The voucher so match with my lappy's colour. Which I wanted to give away~~

Bought two hampers back home. Well, once in a lifetime experience, who knows I wouldn't have the chance to join next year?

11 March 2009


I am still in the office, doing paper work! ouchh!!

Yeah it hurts...and my time gone here, more than 10 hours. :(

I am now waiting for my pizza order for pick up and go home.

Do you think my life is interesting?! :) By the way, got to go now..pizza ready in 14 minutes and will be ready by the time I reach!

Continue this post again later.


Back! Oh, finally had my dinner, was really hungry! Pizza was good but 2 slice and mum's cooking. The left over pizza can be tomorrow breakfast. emm...think of it makes me goes yum yum! LOL. Maybe I was too hungry just now and it just makes me feel good with it.

And so, My Adidas voucher give away! Previous post didn't reach 10 comments, how to give away ahhh...? Sorry lo...maybe not this time, wait for the next chance lah. Maybe...

a month later...

two months later...

either 1 year later...

or 2 years later...

Well, neither the above will happen! Because I will just honour my Give Away to HIN CHING!!!!!!!!!!! hello? hin ching, can you hear me???!! Ya, I.AM.GIVING.AWAY.ALTHOUGH.THE.POST.DIDN'T.REACH.10.COMMENTS!!! you happy?

Having another person to be happy would be great. Me happy giving away and Hin Ching happy receiving.

So, Hin Ching, please drop me your telephone number(most convenient to get you) & your address. I will either courier service to you or meet up with you ok. But email to me asap once you see this post, or else you wouldn't get it because the expiry date is this Sunday~~~



08 March 2009


I had these for dinner yesterday...SUPERB!

Soup of the day : Mushi-maro soup MUSHROOM Soup. whatever~

Garlic Bread. I made this myself.

Ingredients : Bread / Garlic / Butter / Oregano

All you need to do is slice the garlic into very small pieces. Mix with butter until even then mix the oregano. Cut the bread into 4 pieces of each bread, spread the garlic mixture on it. Put into the oven for 10 minutes. DONE.


Another ULTIMATE delightfulness...my mum's master piece

GRILLED LAMB with Barbeque sauce. *double thumbs up. Till you wanna lick the plate... How can I not put on weight huh?!!! What do you have for dinner?


oh, remember I said I will continue to give away again?! hhmm...

This time I would wanna give away my ADIDAS RM50 gift voucher. Its going to expire on 15th March 2009, just around the corner, only realize when I checked the date yesterday.

I thought I may have no time to drop by between this few days, might as well treat my readers!

So, it is easy to get a chance to win. If this post reach 10 comments from different people, I may randomly pick the lucky winner. Since the expiry date is next Sunday I will fix the dateline is 11th March 2009. This time is for my local readers from KK only, although I know mostly are from overseas (that's why I set 10 comments, LOL). Sorry yaa...because this voucher only valid in KK.

Don't worry! Stay tune for more give away!

07 March 2009

Young Virgin Blood

Kids are intelligent especially in words. They would make the adults feel stupid at times. They ask 101 Questions and never ending Whys'.

This is Ying Ying. Look at her so chubby bubby...happy go lucky. Imagine when I was like her age, no worries and all smiles, speaks of anything that come to my mind.

How great that would be if I am her right now. But she would want to be like us. VICE VERSA! Oh well humans never be contented!

Let me share her stories. She was so funny the other day in the airport sending my cousin back to Ang-moh-land-conquered-mostly-by-asians or the Land of Kangaroo. My uncle, for the first time she met, got to know him at the check-in counters.

Then we proceeded to McDonalds while waiting for boarding. Seated at the McDonalds, we were divided into 2 tables. She was seated beside me and my uncle at another table.

She looked at my uncle and said...

She He

"Hey, you don't know me ahhh?? Why you sit so far??"


"Come here lah..sit beside me" (with all the hand actions)

She spoke like she knew him for ages!

Conversation about me and her.

"Jie Jie...why don't you wear nice nice ohh?"

"Mmm..I don't want to be so pretty like you...all in red"

"ehhh" *shifted her eyes and turn away*

Aiyoh, what kind of respond is that?? When I was as young as her, I can still remember I don't speak like her. I wouldn't have ask the uncle to sit with me, I would have ran away when he came near.

I wouldn't ask why isn't that Jiejie is wearing not nice clothes. -_- I was in short pants and Roxy top ok. I thought she would want me to wear something super striking with make-up and perfume all over. Oh. silly. That. means. nice. to. her.

Innocent and young! I want to be like her! :S Not that I am old but still the young blood that makes us laugh out loud.

06 March 2009

KKIA new look

This time I wanna blog about Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Remember I this post? Yeap, that time it was under construction.

Crossing the road with a little bitsy of my foot :D

And finally, today we have an "international" airport in the sense of the feel and structure. It has been like 20 years we walked in and out of the airport with the same old yellow tiles.

The yellow tiles, cannot be seen because the colour faded

It is very saddening that it were known as International Airport but the touch or feel isn't seems to be one of it. But not anymore after the construction took place. :D My first time since after the partially renovation.

Automatic elevator. Save enegry! :)

We have the broad roadway now compared to the congested one previously. The interior design quite much looks like KLIA with silver colour as the major colour for the building.

I really feel very much "Internationally" when I pushed the glass door opened and in at once the air condition make me shivered.

Seems death/quiet

This picture below looks more or else like KLIA. Don't you think so? See with spot light some more...It's like the light gonna shine to you when you do a performance there.

At the elevator, going to McD. Yeah food.

The check-in counters.

Well, I hope it matches the city with this "classy" airport soon with what we have now, the 1Borneo shopping mall with the flyovers, the University of Malaysia, the beaches and hotels. Not forgetting the people, the community. Stand up and grow with the development. Will you act together for it?