27 March 2009

In our midst before but now not anymore

I am suppose to talk about my massage experience but I am so not in the mood and felt emo suddenly.

I just received a call 20 minutes ago, from C's mother. She told me that one of our very good friend, by the named of S had passed away this morning. I was stunt and shocked. A lot of thoughts races through my mind.

During school days, we were in a group of 4. Three of us no longer be friendly with her because she did not want to hang out with us anymore. Well, that is a long story...Suddenly, all the hurtings she did no longer hurts but I am sad why did I not force to continue the friendship. It is not a person to make the friendship goes on but another person to also give in.

I felt so uncertain, so shaky and sad. Our friendship has been ended after high school graduation. She is no longer with us but still in our midst. And now, she no longer physically around in city!! Will you still be sad after how she left us 4 years ago? Will you still feel something now and of how she did not want to join us anymore?

I admit I do feel down right now at 16:29pm. I do want to attend her funeral, to see her for the last time and give some money what we called "Pak Kim" as this is the Chinese customs. Do cherish the friendship we have now and appreciate each other. Give and take.

No pictures in this post as I have only one emotion :(

Sorry for being :(

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