15 May 2011

St Ives featuring new pinky winter sandals

To stay all beautiful and young its not all about make-up. Women tend to forget the most important tool of all is skincare (make-up also necessary). But I am the kind of women that forgets make-up most of the time and seldom forget about skincare.

First of all, say hi to my sandals pls? Will you? LOL!

This post is featuring my new bought pinky winter sandals :D from k-mart for $2 only. Nyek Nyek! Okay, I know you said I am cheap skate but hey it is nice and it really helps during winter, so why not??!! :DD

So some of you commented in my facebook and asked me "Wahh, you took the whole box of samples??!!" But hey, I don't need to do such thing because ... Contagious network is so good and generous!! Heart them. They delivered all these to my home for me to sample them and also to share with my friends. Ha??!! Beat that! =p So here is one full size bottle of St Ives Green Tea cleanser and 25 sachets of St Ives Green Tea scrubs. How can you not feel happy?! *jumps around

After a day in uni or work, come back home and pamper yourself. Opps.. no you can't pamper yourself, it is more like you MUST effing do it! Your skin needs some food to eat as well, so be good to your skin and your skin will reward you with great complexion as well.

Let me show you what I did. First, cleanse your face with water. Ikkss.. you can feel the dirt and oil in your hands right? Therefore, this cleanser is meant to do some magic to your face!

Pour an amount of St Ives Green Tea cleanser to your palms. Make sure your palms is wet so that you can mix the cleanser well before you apply it to your face.

Then apply it to your face and massage lightly. Can feel the dirt and excess oil? Cleanse face with water. *Fresh :))

Now, the scrub. Apply generous amount to face and slowly massage the scrub. Focus them more on your nose and chin, those two positions always have the most black & white heads. Eww!! But with St Ives, you don't feel eeww anymore because it performs miracle to your skin.

Tips : To make sure a scrub is good and not damaging your skin is to feel the particles as tiny as possible. St Ives one is really super tiny among any other scrubs I've ever used before. True story. Hips no lie.

Then follow up with your toner and moisturizer! It will guarantee you with better complexion~

At the moment, I am unable to share the samples I have right now because it's limited and I've given them to my circle of friends to try them out. (and i am getting heaps of positive feedbacks!! St Ives they are extending their gratitude to you!) Maybe in the future, if they send me more, I can get you guys to drop me your mailing address and I will deliver them to you. So you know what to do! Stay tune :D Hahaha!!

Don't be upset because I am sharing another ULTIMATE SECRET to stay beauty and healthy! Many thanks again to Contagious Network.


Hit on the link above, it will guide you through about St Ives natural eating plan. So make sure you do the right thing to your face and eating the right food as well. Both will make a huge differences to your skin!

If any of you have been using or tried St Ives before, do share your thoughts with others. And drop me a comment. Thank you in advance. So stay tune, perhaps, contagious network will make me distribute to all you people out there.

Oh wait, the price are pretty reasonable. You can get them easily from any drug stores or pharmacies. I just check in Priceline, the full size bottle cost $9.99 each for 200ml cleaser and 150ml scrubs. If you are still skeptical, then try the smaller bottle, I think it is $3.40 for 30ml. Trust me, you are going to love it until the end of time. What are you waiting?!

01 May 2011

Stars and Moon

In this lonely night like this, all I could feel is :((((

I wonder why most of the people around could be with their love ones overseas and why can't I?

Why the other half is willing to sacrify to go to a foreign land because of their bf/gf? And why mine could not even bring his bravery here?

I am so envy hearing and seeing couples are happily enjoying overseas but all I could have enjoy only exist in the virtual world - skype.

This is so unfair :(((((