More about laydeylike

So why laydeylike? Remember about those MIRC days, where we used to chat with strangers online and it was a hype back in some 11 years ago? It was so difficult to stick to a username back then because people around the world had exact username as mine. When I then learned how to register a username in MIRC which no one else in the world can uses it anymore, I settled with @ladylike and had it for years even during the MSN days. Till then I started blogspot 6 years ago, someone had already owned it. Darn.

After days of twirling around with the letters and syllable, laydeylike is born.

Therefore, here's where I am gonna rant most of the time, some daily dose of eye care and maybe shared bits and pieces of my beautiful hometown. So bear with me as I don't have the best grammar and English is my second language.

I like to dress up … but the weather is too hot sometimes most of the time and thus I am just plain lazy. Basically, I just want to look more than presentable but with minimal effort. wtf!!! (still referred back to lazy lol)

My favourite colour is purple but in reality I look better in pink ootd. *roll eyes & sigh* I love eating and I kinda eat a lot for my size but I am controlling more now because metabolism is not a miracle to me anymore. And I love my bed so much that sleeping is my hobby – 8 hours is a minimum, actually no, it's 10 hours.

That's about me in general. I am just a typical girl, you will find anywhere, except they're not Clara Soo, I am. And if I go any longer, you will probably be asleep. However, if you are really curious about something in particular then you may lay me at