25 July 2008

I am going to Manila, Philippines.

Wuhoo!! I'm flying off on this coming Sunday! I couldn't believe it. It was a very last minute decision, about 3 weeks ago. THAT IS THE GOOD NEWS I'VE BEEN KEEPING QUIET! But most of my friends knew it not my readers.

Air tickets and accommodation is only RM 600 +. I guess this trip wouldn't exit RM 1200! So it's quite a good bargain. (n_n) and I haven't start packing yet. owww... It's going to be a shopping spree.

Don't stop dropping by when I'm away besides please do pray for me, for I shall come back in ONE PIECE. I shall payback by posting my trip. STAY TUNE!

.i'm not sad to go to the airport for I know I'm coming back after 5days!.

22 July 2008

Dating venue

I wanted to blog about this particular place since last week but I didn't find myself to sit still in front of the computer when I was at home. *sigh* You know, when you stare at the computer enough during the daytime, you just didn't want to spend much time on it during the night.

anywayZZZ, this is yet another place been build in Kota Kinabalu City, just beside Hyatt Hotel, for you to take a scroll overlooking the South China Sea with beautiful lights and cooling wind added to your order.

How sweet it is to take your love of your life , hand in hand? [OMG, the government is designing more place for the rakyat to go dating...desperate for population kot? LOL!!!!!!!!!!]

People like me wouldn't make a reason to come here and walk. In fact, you don't get to see people like me here. More often than not, places like this usually dominates by the pilak (illegal immigrants...if only i'm right about it) Next, who wants to come here when there's many of them?

It was still early at that time, so there wasn't many people yet.

Since it is newly open, they are quite many people Paktoh-ing. I had my dinner somewhere near, so I thought of dropping by and take a few shots and catch up with Hancock in Cathay.

It is quite safe though, because when I was passing by yesterday, I saw two policemen were on the watch. :) [that's the way i like it , aha , aha,]

Okay, I'm breaking the news in my next post! wait up yaa... ;)

.hee haa!!!.

19 July 2008

Why I was in .....?

This question has been lingering in your mind right?

ladylike is siao!!! drive all the way to

..... Nexus Karambunai! You guys are right!

And my readers are curious why I drove all the way up there? Just to snap pictures? *big eyes*

Maybe my camwhore session will give you some ideas lah....

the nature colours matching with my mood ;D

The sky is clean and clear, looking at the boys... no lahh...saja camwhore niii..

This photo way too far...I lazy wanna keep adjusting because the place I put the camera is short...if i focus you can't see the beautiful scenery

SOooooo..............do you know why I was up there after the photos were shown???

I was there for an Interview. Yup, they called me up and I went for a try. Now waiting for the outcome.

Nexus Karambunai is off - city. So if I were to work here, people, I'm gonna live in the hostel which more or less indicates I will rarely update by then. But don't be sad, I'm always connected here. Do continue to drop by. Whoever wanted to visit Kota Kinabalu, can drop a stay here and maybe I could arrange it for you easily? How does that sounds to you? :)

Coming up : Still another Good News pending!!! hehehe...!!!

.keeping our fingers cross.successful interview in a prestige organization does sounds great.right? right?

16 July 2008

After Hair Cut

You guys have been waiting for this!!! curiosity does kill people.....gugugu gagagaga!! But I'm sure you're still alive to see me.

After my post, you guys are very much looking forward to my new look.

SHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long! Sexy! and Silky! look is gone.....

So how do I look now??!! scroll down *DUH*

JENG!!!! JENG!!!! JENG!!!!!!



How ahhh?? Nice or not? Nice or not?? heheheheheheh

I'll just describe this look to be Lively! Adorable! Out-going!

I'm loving my hair...easy to manage! Get dry in a short time. Does not need to be neat, some wavy and not in place could be another style...

More photos in my next post. I tak berabis camwhore punnn....Malu bahh!!!

.seriously, i still look good or not :/

15 July 2008

Personal Questions - Tagged!!

This post was meant to be my new outlook


the good news outbreak


why I was in Karambunai...

BUT many thanks to Mei Wah for tagging me. In that case, I postponed the above posts.

NOT MY FAULT!!! hehehehe!! *suspense can kill youuuuuuuu*


maybe not....you might not want to know those personal questions which doesn't benefit you.


Question 1 :
If your lover betrayed you, what would your reactions be?

Why such questions exist leh when all our emotions more or less the same? Who likes to be betrayed by their loved ones, you tell me? All of our reactions will fall under the negative category, that is for sure!!! HEARTBREAK... SAD , MOODY, ALMOST EVERYTHING LAH...ALL THE MIX FEELING OF BLUES!!

Question 2 :
If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?

OMG!!! Will this dream come true...?

Have lots of money to study and travel. I REALLY WANT BOTH! then I become traveler cum blogger. How does that sounds? My sis told me, if she is going to be rich one day, she will sponsor all my traveling expenses and all I need to do is just blog about it!!! * being dreamy doesn't cost any money whatttt...* LOL

Question 3 : Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?

The point is ... I don't think humans get satisfied with their own lives. Well maybe, for some time but bored again after that. As for me, nahhh...not really! Because I'm not getting what I wanted, things doesn't go the way I planned and I still have a long journey to walk. Everyday it is like working and then tired, rest... Any interesting suggestion to add on in a 24/7 of ladylike?

Question 4 : What's your ideal lover like?

Wahhh...IDEAL. Good looking. [ if you're saying your boy/girl doesn't need to look good, stop bullshitting. don't tell me you wanna see someone that you yourself can't even accept his look. and you think you gonna show it to anyone ... pleaseeeeee!!!]

The list goes like this :

a) Good looking [at least pleasant for my eyes]
b) Taller than me...with body would be better, added plus points HOHOHO!
c) Smarter and richer [suddenly so materialistic...is just ideal ok...being dreamy...]
d) Loves me *DUH*
e) Faithful Christian, fear God
f) g) h) the list goes on....

Question 5 : Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

Loving someone and at the same time being loved by that someone. Being loved by many isn't bad as well. HEHHEHEHE! *tamak(greedy)*

Question 6 : What is the one thing that pisses you off about the opposite sex?

When I'm serious, he is fooling around.
When I can't sleep, he is snoring like nobody's business.

Fine, I got two things pula!!!

(Should change the question to two things that pisses you off - Mei Wah, maybe this question added to two things)

Question 7 : How far will you go for the one you love the most?

I don't know how far...as long as I can do it.

Question 8 : If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

Not sure whether it will happens because I can't kill two birds with one stone. I'm not a bitch but I look like a bitch. Bloody sad! No, it will never happen because my focus and time only able to fit ONE.

FUHHHH!!!!!!! @_@ DONE DONE!! How was it to you????

Mei Wah, I didn't change any of your questions, unless you counted I added another thing that one. Good enough to answer so transparent for you liao...!!! and also to all my readers out there [if there's any of my fans reading this, I think they are now packing up their things to leave me...true? true? I'm just being honest! :/ as if there's it]

15 mins to 12am ... I'm damn famish now!!! But my eyes are sleepyyy!!

.sounds like pig don't I. one hand famish, another hand, sleepy. oink oink!!.

14 July 2008

Away from City

I mentioned yesterday, I would drive off city ... This morning I went, all alone, in the road for about 40 minutes plus minus. It was fun even I don't really 100% sure of the way to my destination.

provide you some nice photos...very picturesque~~

For no reason, I don't feel hot walking here...

ladylike, you drive out of city because of this view? SIAO ARRR!!??!!

*ahem*ahem* it's one of the good news~~

I want a massage!!!!

:( No money!!!

Look at some konon hot guys chasing over a ball.

Then this caddy driving around to sell cold drinks.

There isn't anyone though, sell to who???!!! Curi tulang, enjoying sea view??


there are people behind the caddy.

A little outbreak, this isn't the great news of all....but at least it is to me.

You don't know where is this??? Some hints.

Do you know this road with landscaped flowers? mmm.....

Still don't know? Yes? No?

Last pic :

I'm sure you know by now.

Coming up next : HUHUHU!!! I've been secretive lately, hehehe!! My new outlook is still pending, and my greatest good news. owwwhhh!! Okay, maybe my next post will be my new look...people just can't wait because my hair was really long and what I've changed into now? mmm....

.be patient.good things always have to wait.

13 July 2008

Before Hair Cut

Oopss..I should have update earlier however due to unforeseen circumstances there's delay.

sorry sorry!! I know I've been slagging off much recently. Too many activities, too much stories, too much errr...OK, that should be a good news. I'm still keeping it QUIET! *kill you...suspense* hehehe

Anyway, I really badly need a hair cut. My hair is very long now...mmm...almost reaching my waist. Have not been cutting for 6 months, little did I know, my hair grew so long already...

Long! Sexy! Silky! *minta puji berabis*

Wait till I show you my new look...very soon! And also the news outbreak! AHEM! the good news...!! Give a little bit more time.

I'm driving off city tomorrow. ALL ALONE! Got to sleep now~~

.curiosity can kill.die of suspense.

09 July 2008

Anything with cheese!

I *heart* cheese! Italian food is always the excellent cuisine to open up my appetite.

Introducing Toscani's Wine and Dine Cafe, Waterfront. This cafe had been here for quite some time but never did I ever wanted to try because mostly Waterfront cafes or restaurants doesn't taste any good when it first opened except Grand Portview Seafood Restaurant. So there isn't any attempt of wanted to try out. :S

Since I love Italian cuisine for goddess sake, my friend accused me of how could I not dine here once before. Sick! SICK! I'm sort of kena blame "You don't know where to eat good food". Just because of this cafe I never step my foot, I've been charged under the unreasonable law of not liking Italian food. APA LAHHH!!! Seems like a very very serious offense.


Ok , so here am I to try out one of the fabulous Italian cuisine in city.

Atmosphere and setting. Check.

Varieties. Check.

Esprit Raspberry is nice...mmmm....

Service and cleanliness. Check.

The owner of this cafe is the one wearing the highest chef hat. He is from a Chinese blood I supposed.

Deliciousness rating. Later.

Price. Later.

After I'm done with the Tiramisu, I realize I didn't take picture of it! DAMN!! (I find myself, always left out a dish picture!!!) But, the tiramisu freaking sweet that send sweetness to your whole body and you totally feel yourself to be SWEET too. It is really nice. 1 piece could feed two mouths. DESSERTS ARE ALWAYS IRRESISTIBLE NO MATTER HOW FULL ARE YOU!!

So fast jump to dessert liao...~~


Ciahatta Mushroom RM 10.90

It's the truffle baked with cheese and tiny bread supports the toppings. Yes, it is cheesy, but it won't go very strong until you feel disgusted. Just nice!

Main course

Penne Alla Fiesokana de Mariana RM 18.90
Short tube pasta indulge with creamy seafood sauce with prawns, mussels and squids added in. The sauce is more mild, not thick. All time favourite.

Beef Lasagna RM 19.90
Mince beef coated with cheese. Yum yum!! Sensation. Heaven. The more you take in, the more you would wanna crave for. The amount of cheese warping the whole beef are beautifully measured. You totally won't get disgust even until your final spoon.

I mentioned DESSERTS earlier on...I've been using the word CHEESE and CHEESE everywhere, because they didn't mention what kind of cheese and my tongue isn't powerful enough to differentiate them.

The food is fabulous.undeniable.!!

Ratings 9/10

It do sounds pricey. Hit in once in a while or maybe once in a blue moon. :D worth eating, worth spending. It is only nice when you have the money.

07 July 2008

Time to change

A few days ago, my personal message in MSN was - time to change.

You may have heard of it very frequently because it is the Digi tagline. I always salute Digi for making hilarious advertisement through posters and commercials. Damn FUNNY!!

The very next day, Hotlink was breakdown for the entire day, unable to make and receive phone calls. All you get on the screen : SOS calls only. Many people had been complaining then.

My brother used to brag how awesome Hotlink compared to Digi and that I was using Digi. That day itself, I full blast bragged about how great is Digi and my brother had to keep his mouth shut and small smile. Time to change.

When I was online, my friends asked me am I going to change to Digi because of my personal message. Hehehe!! Actually that personal message has nothing to do with telecommunication providers mind you.

We always feel comfortable in our comfort zone and didn't wanna change. Yeah, like me now, I'm feeling really good although some "things" may attacked me once in a while, however I still coped well.

Interference brings changes, changes brings adaption. *sigh* I need to adapt to a new identity. Identity that I really don't need, don't mind of not having it, don't care if there isn't.


So adaption doesn't have to be very bad right?


05 July 2008

Coffee Friends

Procrastinate to blog is one thing, nothing to blog is another thing. I'm actually squeeze between both. :(

This going to be about Fettuccines - a kind of pasta. Frankly speaking, I couldn't see there's many choice of really good pastas in KK. I came to know about this Coffee Friends in Tanjung Aru Plaza, is through a friend which mentioned the pastas is rich and at reasonable price.

When you heard that, how would you won't wanna try? My mum had been idam-idam to go and try...until today we finally made our move here.

If a friend introduce it to you, it wouldn't be bad right? So you at least have an expectation.

Fettuccine in Carbonara Sauce - RM 10.90

Fettuccine in Basil Cheese Cream Sauce - Rm10.90

The cream sauce is very cheesyyy!! But but but....it is not all in cheese. Cheese is not cheap here. Do you know what they do? They put Santan. What do you call that in English? eerr...coconut milk i guess.


You might not instantly tasted it, first few spoon gives you a slight pleasure, not as in opening your appetite. However as you go on taking in, you'd know it is the coconut milk making it cheesy. Yet, there were still many people finding it to be delicious. ahhh...!!!

GULP GULP!!! drinkss.....

RM 2.80

In House Brewed Coffee serves with brown sugar. Normal coffee, you could make it yourself.

RM 4.00

And my choice... Ice Honey Lemon Tea H20...I don't know what it means, but it stated like this in the menu. This was the best I got for the entire lunch! :S

Opinion = Won't be second visit on Pastas...maybe the rice or noodles.

.yum and yuck, double Ys'.

01 July 2008

:: Moody days ::

I've been silence for few days...something is very wrong going on!

In fact, for 2 days consecutively I woke up in the morning feeling moody for no reason. I don't feel hungry, I don't feel like talking much either and all I wanted was to be in bed all the time, closing my eyes and trying to ZZZZZZ... which I can't!

I slept late...logically, I should be waking up late, but NO! I still woke up as usual or even earlier! I HATE IT SO SO SO MUCH!!!! My eyes were heavy but I just can't sleep. WTFish! There isn't anything that is bordering me for the matter of fact.

i just need a real sleep.... :(((((