01 July 2008

:: Moody days ::

I've been silence for few days...something is very wrong going on!

In fact, for 2 days consecutively I woke up in the morning feeling moody for no reason. I don't feel hungry, I don't feel like talking much either and all I wanted was to be in bed all the time, closing my eyes and trying to ZZZZZZ... which I can't!

I slept late...logically, I should be waking up late, but NO! I still woke up as usual or even earlier! I HATE IT SO SO SO MUCH!!!! My eyes were heavy but I just can't sleep. WTFish! There isn't anything that is bordering me for the matter of fact.

i just need a real sleep.... :(((((



Jovina said...

Hey gal..u stress issit?? Cheer up lerr!! will pray for u ya..

sooclara said...

thanks for yr prayer!! i love u.heheh :)