28 January 2009

Chinese New Year Greeting

to you from

the Soo's Family

It's not too late for me to wish right?! :D

The Symbols of CNY

Family dinner ~ Ang Pow ~ Lion Dance ~ Red ~ Gamble ~

I have/did all the above...nono..except I have not watch a proper Lion Dance yet!

Lion, please wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~



24 January 2009

2009 resolutions

Have to do this before CNY..really so late of me.. but I'm still gonna do it for the sake of doing it like everyone does. LOL!

I didn't have time to have a thought about my resolutions this year. I'll just scribble what comes into my mind when I'm typing this.

1) To stay in shape, although I put on weight I still want to maintain my figure. Hopefully every part of my body will be balanced.

2) My desire of pursuing this dream since I was 17. This is a story for another post, only when it happens.

3) Does a very productive and smart in time management.

4) erm..can't thing of any. Will add on indirectly when I have something in mind. :S

Those are the 3 things I wanna do this year. Nothing interesting but if no.2 does comes through then it will be a changed in everything I do right now.

Bringing you to curiosity? If you really want to know, then start praying for me so that it comes through then I blog proudly about it. Hehehe!! Win - win situation huh?


The girls I met again after 1 year of keeping contact through emails.

Ish..I look so weird here with spec. Can't wear lens because my eyes were too dry.

Us that only meet once a year.

21 January 2009

My 21st Birthday!

For anyone that enters 21 years old, I believe they would want to have huge birthday party ever in their lives like when they had had during sweet 16.

Carrot cake from colleagues

I am this different kind of species because I did not have big dinner at home..just a simple one, 2 days before my real birthday. We had take away sushi and my mum cooked some dish. No pressies from parents and i did not ask for it also. LOL! until mum ask me "eh, how come this year so good, no request for any presents?" maybe money is so much more meaningful to me like that.

Another thing, I did not party or hangout with my friends. Everyone is so busy like that. Eventually, after my birthday then we went for hangout. Really so lame of us.

Received Pink Roses in morning

Sort of like when age is accumulating to bigger sum, I intend not to like things I used to love before. Well, presents are something to be happy but I did not hope so much in receiving. Not like before "What would my friend give me ah?" / "What should I ask from my parents?" And also, does not even hunger for new clothes since it is going to be CNY in 1 week time. It is like wearing new or old ones, does not matter much anyway. Hehehe!!

Is just the changes I see in me. Good or not ah?
*Stratch head*

Another yellow roses in the late afternoon.

It does shows I had grown up already when people give flowers to someone for their birthday. Am I right?

Aiks! Why my post is emo?? Actually I am HAPPY, feel BLISS okay..don't get me wrong! =) It is just so sweet when I received birthday messages from friends & relatives until as far in the Land of Kangaroo. Thank you very much remembering my day. Just so I knew they did thought of me.

Happy Birthday to myself, even it's already past. Hehe!

18 January 2009

Give away

EXACTLY TWO WEEKS I DID NOT BLOG!! (feel so guilty) *sigh* :S

But anyway, Yay!!!!!!!!

It's time to give away~ Sorry for delaying so so much in this post.

The contest in sooclara.blogspot.com has come to an end. The winner will win a series of Postcards from my hometown, Kota Kinabalu...a really beautiful place.

5 postcards of Sabah..your favourite state

And also a Lady Speed Stick - Morning Breeze.

Soon your ketiak gonna smell good. LOL!

The winner is.....

Loh...MEI WAH!!!! Can you see your name, girl? Happy boh?

I stole your photo from your blog! ehehe.. =p

yeah..you won the stuffs above. Please email me your address so that I'm able to post the things over to you ok.

Well, for those of you that didn't get this time, don't be sad because I'm planning to have another give away very soon. Hehehe!!

Stay tune!

04 January 2009

Recap 2008

Last year was not a productive year but a HEALING year to me. Yes, I finally healed and 2009 indeed another year for a big project, another step of life but that will be another story to tell.

I didn't want to say Goodbye 2008 because I realize I did not fully utilize the whole year until the half year. Whatever means, it's gone now and forever. *sigh* I really love 2008 although its a year of healing yet with many personal stories/testimonies to share. :)

I know it is quite late for me to do this...but I'll just do it.

Recap on 2008...

Back to Hometown Kota Kinabalu, with my certificate. Cannot find any jobs...so started blogging with my very first entry.

Went on Air in Radio Sabah as Guest DJ in January.

The healing was still undergoing. Still jobless. And then met Nicolekiss went she visited KK.

Process of healing. Appointed in Youth Malaysia as a freelance blogger.

July went to Philippines. Finally out of the bar of the crimson fear/darkness. Happy!

Then had my car crashed by an indian.

Make a freaking changes on my hair. Get it short for twice. I was crazy like that and felt good with it.

2008 resolution achieved. Yeap, I gained weight. Until I cannot fit my own bottoms. I'm now wearing size M. Hormone changes I bet.

Started a proper job with stress, long working hours, rushing, tension.

Watched LIVE world badminton series. =D =D The unsatisfying part, didn't take any photos with them. TOO BUSY until they left.

With those highlights above, it made my 2008 swapped by. I specially want to thank people that step into my life in 2008 new friends/new colleagues, you know who you are. Not forgetting my family members and of course Heavenly Father.

All tribulations & circumstances had been overcame one by one by faith & determination. Thank you for the support whether direct or indirectly, everyone played a role in my 2008 memory.

2009 another year of a new chapter of my life. Let's bring it on.


03 January 2009

Wild Wild West

I have procrastinate too much...too much until I didn't wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR! *throw eggs*

Too Much until now...I'll be posting quite back dated pictures.

It's PAYBACK time now! I'm gonna load lots lots lots of picture until you say you have enough of me and I should stop! LOL! =D

The Theme is...


outside at the foyer. I just like those settings. Nice!

That is the entrance to the table seating

There were like thousand of us ... No kidding! The Magellan grand ballroom capacity is for 1000 people. I believe this organization has the most employees in Sabah.

With the Backdrop : Wild Wild West Associates Annual Dinner 2008. 2007 was the 1970's theme. I wasn't one of the associates yet.

Performance from every properties (Pacific, Magellan, Marina, Kinabalu Park & Manukan Island) Each team were to come out with an idea in entertaining everyone. The most interesting team would win some cash.

And this Kinabalu Park team went home with money in their pockets. EVERYONE in the team! Happy! They were presenting a kind of dance...more like Jungle Dance.

More of our camwhoring photos...

I became a Cowgirl icon to my department. The tables of people wanted me to stand in the middle and have some shots of me like that.

Then the others came to paint the picture with me. I was a very cowgirl like when I saw my picture. The night before, I was so panicked, didn't know what to wear. And it was a very last minute preparation.(Thanks, Cath for helping me to choose the shirt) Yeah, I know, I was too busy and I thought everyone is not gonna dress up very to the theme. But I was so wrong.

See the two ladies beside me. The one in yellow dress, looked HOT! yeah, she is a cowgirl too but more to the girly cowboy. She bought her boots for only RM30. It's freaking cheap!!!! @.@

Still looking dry because it was just the starting.

Looking good with the best dress lady. She walked home with RM200 cash. A mother of two sons. Still looking young and partyyy...LOL!

Some of the cast for the Best Dress category. But the lady didn't get the nomination. I don't know why. I still think she should have won the cash.

Nah, he didn't win. Too bad. But still one of the-very-cowboy-look.

In the middle of no where.

Half way getting wet...can see some of my fringe turning into strand by strand already.

Time of getting wet and tipsy.

I like this photo. Very the cowboy feel. By the way, this is my Levi's Jeans model 593 with waist size 24 is no longer fit anymore. Damn it! The time of wearing was already damn freaking tight. The jeans is now resting in my cupboard after been serving the master for only 1 year.

He is Thong, our head artist. All the backdrop and setting is designed by him. And when there's any competition he joined, everyone would like ask him "Why I see you everytime, can please at least don't join one competition ah?" Well, he is too champion that he bagged every competition that he joined. In other words, no luck to be the winner because everyone knows he is going and will win. Too creative.

The purpose I showed you this photo is for you to have a look at the pouch. It is wore as part of the cowgirl prop and also another intention.


They actually bought a bottle of whisky and then filled up the pouch. As we received emails circulating by the HR saying NO ALCOHOL drinks to be brought it. But we are smart and yet WILD to match the theme.

Everyone was happy with the whisky. Didn't discover by anyone even until the end of it. Everyone though it is a PROP. The whisky really drove them crazy/wild...crazy until some forget about their dress up...which they have to breathe in, to maintain Sexy look.

Too drunk to even care about the stomach. Come on shake with me.

You want to DIE or DRINK? Choose one.

By the end of the night, the dance floor is jammed/pack/full with folks.

Dance like they never dance before / Dance like tomorrow will never come.

And I spotted this couple, in cute costume.

It is quite sad that I went home with empty handed but still conscious! hehe! One security guard was lucky, very lucky indeed, drove home a Kancil the grand prize. Why not me huh? I've been predicting they gonna drawed my name since I didn't win any small prizes. So the big prize should be mine. :( I am not lucky like that. :( :( Ok lah...maybe this year again. (If only I'm still here, working in my desk. hehe )