21 January 2009

My 21st Birthday!

For anyone that enters 21 years old, I believe they would want to have huge birthday party ever in their lives like when they had had during sweet 16.

Carrot cake from colleagues

I am this different kind of species because I did not have big dinner at home..just a simple one, 2 days before my real birthday. We had take away sushi and my mum cooked some dish. No pressies from parents and i did not ask for it also. LOL! until mum ask me "eh, how come this year so good, no request for any presents?" maybe money is so much more meaningful to me like that.

Another thing, I did not party or hangout with my friends. Everyone is so busy like that. Eventually, after my birthday then we went for hangout. Really so lame of us.

Received Pink Roses in morning

Sort of like when age is accumulating to bigger sum, I intend not to like things I used to love before. Well, presents are something to be happy but I did not hope so much in receiving. Not like before "What would my friend give me ah?" / "What should I ask from my parents?" And also, does not even hunger for new clothes since it is going to be CNY in 1 week time. It is like wearing new or old ones, does not matter much anyway. Hehehe!!

Is just the changes I see in me. Good or not ah?
*Stratch head*

Another yellow roses in the late afternoon.

It does shows I had grown up already when people give flowers to someone for their birthday. Am I right?

Aiks! Why my post is emo?? Actually I am HAPPY, feel BLISS okay..don't get me wrong! =) It is just so sweet when I received birthday messages from friends & relatives until as far in the Land of Kangaroo. Thank you very much remembering my day. Just so I knew they did thought of me.

Happy Birthday to myself, even it's already past. Hehe!

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Mei-Wah said...

Happy Belated 21st Birthday to you! I guess that's the feeling we feels as we are getting mature. I have the same way too. I don't mind about the presents that I received, and I don't expect friends to give me birthday presents. sigh~ signs of aging wtf.