22 November 2008

Minta puji cat

Post 6.

Have been eating out lately for the past few weeks as one of my relative from Australia was around.

Saw a Cat that wanted human's attention so much! Cute.

Just when I took my seat, the cat was under the table, sleeping. We tried to "shoo" the cat away but failed because she was so sleepy I guess.

Saw the leg with red strip slipper. The waitress in the kopitiam is trying to wake her up.

Then she held up one hand to close her eyes >.< Cat : I'm sleepy @.@ Look so adorable. :D

Not long after then, she woke up and eyes attacking on a couple whom were seating next to my table.

Acting so pity. Cat : Give some food...please share a piece of meat! hehehe!!

But I never like cats..I love puppies..NOT dogs... ;)

Oohh..I need to get ready for jogging. Be back again!

12 November 2008

SHR Orientation Day 2

*Ohh...five more post more and I shall announce the winner. Post 5, contest is still on the go.*

The journey during my Orientation Day 2~

As expected the overwhelming delight-ness, my fond over food. teehee =)

The view from Five Sails.


And visited the Kitchen in Magellan. This is what they do for the room service. They prepared the table and when there's order, they would send to the guest room with that.

Business Centre, actually taking the shadow of us Queuing up for Hotel Inspection. Have not being queuing for a long time. Reminds me of my school days when we had this stupid assembly every Monday! sick sick sick...

The little shop have this turtle which I've been looking at it everytime I pass by. I think I should buy...and it costs quite a little RM89.90 for that. Do you think it's reasonable? Hhhmm..

This is Faizal from Five Sails. My group presentation member in dancing. hehe! His body is very elastic lahh!! Even I kalah to him kao2!!

Know about Blue Lagoon, Level 1, Magellan Sutera ? A place for dining and drinking...and Dancing, can't you see the dance floor in the center?!

On the entrance, they have this Mug with something craved on it! Didn't really bother to see as people keep hijacking my hp for shots! Until my battery died off...could you believe it..

Visiting this carving centre.Carrot craving on the spot.

The skills of shaping and carving.

I'm gonna cut my fingers rather than shaping the carrots.

Close up!! It's not easy, it takes hours to do just a small and simple shape. Do you have the patience?

And some glance of the gym. The workout equipments...

The amenities after your shower. Just put on your clothes and SHR provide you the necessaries. :)

Camwhore 1 picture only in the toilet while waiting for the Miss Macam-Macam doing her small biz.

Last but not least, The Puteri Sutera. I am sure many of you got the External look but not the Internal. Here sooclara.blogspot.com is going to show you some sneak peek inside. :) Are you happy?

Romancing the waves what a lovey dovey tagline~

Amir from Marina Pool Bar acting as the ship controller.

Him posing at the living hall. He is a guy that appeared to be very cool at the beginning so I didn't want to talk to him. On day 3, he turned to be the one that likes to be friended so much.

Keep taking the advantage to appear himself in my pictures. Geezz...minta puji oo..

The spacious kitchen... good enough for cooking.

Finally, the room... So comfortable

There are 3 rooms but didn't manage for the other shots when this time my battery dies off! I wanna keel those who hijacked my camera..gagaggagaga!!

Fork out 400USD...and I'll bring YOU out to the sea for an hour. That's the price you need to pay. I.AM.SERIOUS.DON'T.PLAY.PLAY.

.I have the phobia with the word "NOW".

05 November 2008

= No more stories =

**If you're feeling emo, close this window. If you're sad, close this window. If you're tired, close this window. Anything in your mind that is negative now, also close this window NOW! Don't say I didn't warn you. The choice is yours and the decisions is in your hand.**

Since I started working in SHR, I guess I am no difference with workaholic people. =(

So sad, you know, when you miss out all the fun.

Like HALLOWEEN PARTY! and I actually forgot it was Halloween and I went back home late, exhausted and then slept. Miserable ME!

Like Sabah Kraftangan Exhibition which I miss track of the dates and by the time I realized it's already a weekday and it would be difficult for me to go because too tired after work.

Like the Sabah International Expo 2008!! I reached late because I finished work late. Damn it!

Like the movie SEX AND THE CITY! never find the suitable time.

ugggghhh...enough of those miss out!!

What's more? Is when I still think about my WORK after WORK! Can you believe it? It just don't get out of my mind totally. Every single time, I worried about ... how if I don't get it done? Did I actually finished all my work? (while walking up to take my car) How do I explained to my superior when clients on the phone keep forcing me for this and that? How do I need to put everything into words of what I need to say so that people don't get me wrong?

So so many Questions...so so many doubt...so so many...urgh..sadness? LOL! I'm pathetic and emo. WTH!

Ok...anyway, I'm sleepy now. Sorry for this babbling post! (but yet you choose to read...hahaha!)

[ Goodnight! Tomorrow is another working day again :S

02 November 2008

Ketiak Freshness

Post 4. Want to win a product? More info, click here.

Ladylike SMELLS nice?? WHY?

because she uses iNuevo Lady Speed Stick Roll on Deodorant. The smell is really good even after work.

Not sure how much it is selling, but caught sight of another version of Lady Speed Stick in Giant cost RM 8.69.

After work I still smells good when I stretched my hands to relax my muscle. LOL! I smell my own ketiak...hahaha! Actually I didn't purposely go and smell my armpit ok, is just that the moment I live up my hands to the air, I could still smell the freshness.

Very easy application as it is a roll-on. This is not the completely dry stick, it comes in a liquid form. The more you apply the more wet it will get. Two times of small portion rolling it's enough, so that the liquid won't form at the armpit and causes your clothes to be wetty(on the armpit part) when you put on.

This is a quite new product just launched in the market. I find it to be great as it doesn't give the stickyness.

You wanna smell good? Feel fresh? -Lady Speed Stick- what are you waiting for? LOL

Very Commercial lahh...!!! This is not an advertorial by the way... Say bye-bye to smelly armpits and stickness! :D Am just sharing my experience with the product..see I share what I have and what I use. hehehe!!

Have a nice week ahead, till I post again. *keep my fingers cross*
I couldn't believe we actually left about 6-7 weeks to Christmas and then New Year!!!