08 May 2010

Summarize few weeks in a post =)

Since I am not in the mood of studying and I am feeling bored, I might as well update my blog =)

I just wonder how many people are still reading me and visiting my blog now? After the long pause from updating. We are so near to June now, could not believe it! Exams are just around the corner, winter is on the way, holidays is in 4 weeks ahead and it is time to call the end of semester. Sad but true, I am not going back because my mum is here and it cost way too much.

This year, I find myself again, thinking and wondering too much. Blame it on the long journey rides I have to take everyday. Never in my life I would ever thought study is tough/difficult. I stand on the ground, as long as one did study, he or she will get it through by the end of the day. And I never come to comprehend when people contemplate about I could not understand what I am studying. How the hell one could not understand if they read it?

It is getting to me now, in my life after 22 years of existence in the earth! Just like everyone else would ever told me and I see myself saying 'I don't understand what am I studying or reading'! DAMN! It felt so dumb to me to say such thing. But I am going through it, I am not giving up for what people say giving up means you suck fail. Ok lahh, unless really not relevant and it bothers my life so much! Another reason for doing it so because God says "If God has bring it to you, He will bring you through it".
During the moment of sadness alluring me in the airport during my 1 hour transit, my uncle texted me.

Wherever you go,
Remember to always bring Jesus with you,
In this way,
You will succeed in all your attempts and heart desires.

How many of us will trust this statement? This time is another time of the year that I need to go through in order to have better days promising in future. Anyone is going through the difficult times in life? Do leave me a comment or email me. I want to know you people out there, where ever you are.


This post should not be emo ... but as I typed all the words, every word becomes a form of expression. HAHA!

Just let me show what I did last week.

They are my group members in action...

We studying graffiti on Newtown. The argument of graffiti is a form of art or vandalism.

I know it felt so weird! Why am I writing pieces like that because I didn't see the direct connection with tourism management. Like I said, it makes me wonder again (@.@)

Resting for a minute ...

Some of the graffiti spotted in the area. 

Don't you think its amazing? The work of spray cans and talented hands form something new. I don't know how to appreciate though, so it is depends on the eyes of the beholder.

Another piece...

Bloody lunch cost me $13!!! Not so nice pun. Will not visit again. Very few choices also.


Last week, finally had a proper yum cha session in Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Cabramatta.

The mumm-mumm...

And I brought my mum to my Uni for a short tour. An insight of my Uni and where I actually spend most of my time. 

Turn nerdy mode all the time already. Didn't wear lenses for a donkey years!! 

That's where I always hop up and down of the bus that doesn't match the train connecting time and left me waiting for half an hour for a bloody short ride of 10 minutes. GEZZZ!!

Brief version of my few weeks history. 

01 May 2010

What do you

... think about my new template? I am so into purple suddenly. You might ask, why is Hannah Montana taking over my header - the thing is I don't know how to change it! I suck in HTML stuff and I do not have passionate towards learning about it >.< my bad! Also, I do not have money to hire someone to do it for me.

Anyway, let me know what do you think about my blogskin?

Your comment is very much appreciated! xxxx

Have a great weekend alrighttttt.....