24 December 2008

Christmas Mood

Hi people!!

Gotta make a quicky and short and sweet.

Because everyone is busy getting prepare for Christmas countdown, once a year! :D

No Christmas tree is up at my home this year as mine is too big, like 6 to 7 Feet tall? Lack of Manpower and time. In that case, this X'mas tree will do.

Ohh..and me as a Santarina.

Coolest! :) It's quite hot with the costume.


22 December 2008

Badminton racket. Yonex. - World Super Series -

Post 9.

I was supposed to blog about my Annual Dinner...but but I am sure everyone of you would wanna know about this first compared to my Annual Dinner which I bet mostly would have it in your own organization. Is just the theme is different like that. =.=

The major cause of me from being away of my blog for quite a while is because I'd been busy with this International event that caused chaos in my work place. =) It was a blast...very much affected in my time management.

and it is the World Super Series 2008 combination of the Badminton Association of Malaysia & Badminton World Federation.

Can't see. Zoom in. Up close.

Before, Upon, During and After their arrival and departure, I was super busy with the whole event here which they finalized in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah at a very last minute.

Flight changes,
Player changes,
Room changes,
The charging account changes, the blurriness of the group checking it, duplicate reservations...oh gosh..the list went on every single day when they were around.

Even that happened, you knew I would have the higher chances of seeing them personally or get in contact with them easily. Yes, you are very right. However, the quantity of work I've got to handle back me off from having a sneak time to actually have a proper picture or a short talk. What I did was, deal with the organizer, rushed here and there...

=( =( Double sadness!

At least I've got..

Free pass!! Yes..free..Pass that is sold at RM1000!

With this pass, I could accessed in every game, every day, sit anywhere. I was at the edge of turning dead, I motivated myself by saying to myself "Please grant me a ticket. At least one. It is once in a lifetime experience." LOL! So I approached my superior to try and asked for it. And never knew we could actually got them.

Some shots from the game...

Malaysia Spirit! I love the crowd.

Once in A Blue Moon to see the player, LIVE!

=( None of the photos me and any players. So damn pathetic!

Oh, congratz, Lee Chong Wei won which I knew he would. haha!

The men's double, Tan Boon Hiong and Koo Ken Khiat. They won too!

Finally, this big group left. They had been occupying/housing the hotel for a week and it's time to leave. And my heart just felt a bit at ease. Hehe..because it was really hectic when they were around. I surrendered. No more BIG GROUP AT LAST MINUTE EVER please. It is a nightmare!

Send off the organizer and got this

Yes, for free again. =)

Too BIG! Haiz...can't show off again and wear when I go jalan-jalan.

Bah, alright. That's what I eagerly wanted to share.
**Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle all the way**
Got all the things needed for the celebration yet?

08 December 2008

Sneak Preview

This is a schedule post.

In the midst of arranging all photos.


the right time to sit down properly and blog.

A sneak preview of the SHR Staff Annual Party.

Ooppsss!! OHHH!! SEXY! =p Who's that girl? Nope you can't SEE her budd... @.@

Could you guess the theme? As easy as ABC; straight forward. If you can't guess, then wait for my next post. =p

Be back again!

06 December 2008

Made in Japan

Post 8. Click *here*

I take effing years to update my blog once. :( This is such a sad thing! Seriously, I don't know why my time is so pack up everyday; is this so-called poor time management or either I am really that pack up? *sigh*

Can you believe it? We are 19 days away from Christmas? and then 6 days from New Year? OMG! I couldn't imagine what is in store for me in 2009. I fear, don't ask me why because I don't even know, and at the same time it's so thrilling.

Anyway, I wanna showed you the things I discovered and find them interesting. Japan invention is always so useful for human being and yet so funny. All of my discovery in this post is from a Japan Store in KK.

Come let me show you what I have here for you. :D

1. Privacy Protection Seal

This item is to seal the confidential notes. For example, you wrote something in a postcards but you don't want people to read, then you paste this sticker on top of the postcards. It wouldn't spoil the postcards. But once it is open, it can't stick back I guess.

2. Container

Container with a blue round thingy. Well, that is a dates in a month; tool to indicate when was the time you store your food in it. To keep track whether it is still edible. How convenient that could be for you and me. Right? No papers or pencils needed.

3. Ink Sponge up cloth

I don't know what is the exact usage. Maybe some of you can correct me in this? For my knowledge, it is to protect table from getting stain from the black ink where by Chinese use it to write chinese characters. And the best thing about Japan product is, they indicate the sizes of the items. So useful.

4. Stand Loupe / Magnifier

This is not the same with the common magnifier that we always get to see and what we had at home. This one could stand on the table which ease your task like getting out the soft wood that eat into your skin. Other words, you doesn't need anyone to hold that magnifier for you.

6. Photo Pockets

with sizes; helps you not to buy the wrong sizes. It protects your photos from getting faded.

huhu...I am not done yet. The below is the best/top discovered items by me in the store. Hold your stomach.

Before I tell you what it is, maybe a wild guess with the picture below.

(Nah, the human picture does tells you.)

5. Fake boobs (whatever you called it)

You put it on your boobies and when someone press on them, each will expand into huge boobies. LOL! Put this trick to your friends. I think it works like that according to the instructions.

6. Chicken head

It works the same with boobies. Put in on the men's / ladies private part and when one press on it, the thing will grow longer and the chicken head pops out.

What an invention from the Japanese. I wonder anyone will buy them though. I, myself did not. But I'm sure it's a nice trick. Put them on during clubbing and when someone did that on you, it will scare them away. Hahahaha ;)

By the way, what are you guys doing for Saturday night? Anything you do, Have FUN!