29 October 2009

So fast Thursday again

Oh no! It Thursday again! See how time flies! And I got to blog again. In one week I didn't get to update here.

So this time it would be a simple thing! :) Some of my time gone in doing this.

What do you think about the picture?

Nice? Taken by me with DSLR. Okay, I am actually just playing with it since I borrowed it from a friend. Hehehe!!

In like 10 minutes, its going to be Friday!

Sorry!!! At least I say something. Big apologies! Will be back again! :) :)

22 October 2009


I tried very much to blog consistently but I still fail to do so. I am such a BAD blogger.

So I come up with something - Oh-No-It's-Thursday-Again = O.N.I.T.A. I will have a session with my readers on topics to talk about & my readers would give as many opinions as possible. Why Thursday? Because today is Thursday ... LOL! I shall start today & hope I won't deteriorate.

The topic for today is 'How do you keep your man/boyfriend from mixing much with his friends?'. This inspiration came from a small comment that I saw in a website. Not very much related but I change the topic a little bit.

The story goes :-

by, S. Chong "I have a boyfriend that mix very much with his friends. He is the type that wouldn't know how to say "NO"/reject to his friends. I find it very difficult to control him as such. He would at least hang out once in a week either at clubs or cafes. I tried to join several times but I myself didn't feel comfortable because I am totally just not into the group talk!"

Do you get what Miss Chong means? She hardly get along with his boyfriend's friends. Not a good start.

"What makes things worst or even more complicated, most of them are females. Jeng Jeng Jeng! (sound effect added) The problem starts from here. I know truly that my boyfriend won't cheat on me, but I don't trust his friends because I know his friends would teach him many ways to not care me when I get angry when he wanted to go out"

Aha...see very the dramatic.

"A few times, I saw, how he turned down his friends through sms or phone calls. The other end would respond "Oooh, got girlfriend already don't want to go out with friends anymore"


"With that my boyfriend felt offended and wanted to go out again after much persuasion. *sigh* "

This man rather please his friends not his Special Girlfriend. aiyoyoyo! How do you handle such man/boyfriend?

"My heart felt so uneasy every single time he wants to go out. His friends are really big problem to us. Help me"

Ok this is the story by S.Chong. I wonder whether she would stumbled upon my blog and see the comments left by my readers to help her. Thanks to all if you have leave your advises.

I might I wanna share my opinion too after I figure something out.

I am sick but still blog because I just can't sleep and that is why I am here for the Thursday post!

Exactly 2 months later

I fall sick again. I went to consult a doctor yesterday and saw my last visit was 21 August.

:( :(

I am so so so weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09 October 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

Aha! Singapore! *big wet eyes

I had been there once by chance when I was studying in college. It was a very last minute decision that my friend and I made it in between by slotting in Singapore trip during my packing days to a new home for the next coming semester and to be back to hometown for 3months training.

Since accommodation & food were served on-the-house, why not? As a student, I do not have much pocket money to spend and it was an opportunity to have a general overview of our neighbour country. Therefore, many places and things I did not get to do and see.

Major Facts

1) Money was not enough. I declined to spend on rides & average food. So no shopping at all!
2) Time was not enough too. No research been done; notice too short & my friend had stuff to sort out in which I accompanied her most of the time.

Ended my day in Singapore at year 2006. Yes, 3 years ago!

Now I have another chance to Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience! Of course, I am taking this opportunity to see, do, touch, taste & feel everything I could. I am excited like that! Lively and vibrant city, very suitable for young ones like us to experience a new environment to keep the momentum young spirit burning in us.

Kick start the day with a breakfast (if I could make it on time). The menu should be Singapore Style Fried Noodles. I see this particular dish every where in Malaysia. And I do not know whether the taste is the original one. So this is the great chance to have a taste of it in the origin country. The place will be Chomp Chomp because I read from some website it says "serves up one of the most authentic local food experiences you can hope to enjoy in Singapore". I bet this would be one of the best choice to have my Singapore Style Fried Noodles.

Any of you would have know where to get the original and best Singapore Style Fried Noodles? :)

#1 Taste. Done!

After breaky, I want to go SHOPPING! Now, which lady does not like shopping? Hhmm, since I do not had the chance 3 years ago, this time could not just past by like that. At least buy something to carry and say " I bought it from Singapore :) " Hehehe! I am so much believe tourist should buy some stuffs to able to mark that I have been to Singapore like that.

Seeing the currency exchange now, I would not quite afford much to spend in luxurious shopping mall downtown. I think I better opt for Far East Plaza (Malaysians shopping paradise), where I could spend my money on. Oh,I also wanna try out the ice-cream "uncles" at Orchard Road. I wonder it might be something extraordinary, if not it would not be listed in the top 20 unique things to do in Singapore. Don't you think so?

#2 Do. Done!

The must do thing in Singapore is of course touch The Merlion and have some snap shots with it. This is when I can finally say I have been to Singapore because my picture with the Merlion is an evidence. Hahaha! See, I am so touristy. Oh, make sure it is not hot day! I am afraid of SUN! :3 And a little fun time at Sentosa Island. I was here in 2006 but did not have much money which means I did not go on most of the pay rides. Well, maybe this time I should :D

#3 Touch. Done!

mmm...I am so mixed now. I wanted to go to two places. Night safari or dinner at Boat Quay. I never been to Night Safari but I had had lunch on cruise before in Vietnam. Does that mean I should choose Night Safari?

It really depends for now. I want to see Night Safari which I never did in my 21 years of living in this earth (i exaggerate too much pula) on the other hand, I want to have a pleasant cruise dinner. I do not think I could have time to do both. So dinner at Boat Quay will be for another day! Night safari...c'mon animals, let's keep the night alive!

#4 See.Done!

Since dinner would not be in Boat Quay, then I would wanna feel the sense of eating by the greens. Tropical Garden Dining at Flutes at the Fort. Sabah do not have choices of garden dining, I think I should try out here. Yay!

#5 Feel. Done!

Finally, I would wanna dance the night away. Shake the bon bon shake the bon bon, yeah~~ Bring me to the most happening club or either hangouts at Clarke Quay since I did not have the dinner here. Good combination! I am not sure which one to pick, so I guess check it out 1 by 1 and stop at where I will feel the thrills & shake the night away.

Maybe if... I mean IF (capital letters) I have a little ample time and not fear, I might wanna try out the Asia Paranormal Investigators. Okay, for a second, I don't think so anymore...haiz...Whatever!

With this, completed my 1 precious day itinerary in Singapore! By now, I could say, YES I HAVE ALREADY INDULGE IN THE UNIQUELY SINGAPORE, so did you?

What say you?

02 October 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Profile : Ladylike aka Clara
Time : Between 7.00pm till 11.00pm
Venue : Home Sweet Home
Tools : Phone Camera K810
Outfit : House wear (don't laugh! you will know why later)with spectacles after a long day of work with lens; tired.

Life after work is boring without Krunch! No life = No krunch = No happy

You get the equation?

My krunch time is with my Love; Pringles! :D :D Life without Pringles is gloomy & depressing. Days without krunch at home...

#1 Thinking about Pringles after shower. *Imagining the satisfaction the moment my taste bud connects with my Love; Pringles!

#2 Thinking about Pringles during dinner for dessert! *with lots of hopefulness

#3 Watch tv recklessly but yet still thinking about Pringles *Oh MY..please get off my mind..please ...please...

No solution?

#4 huhu..still thinking about Pringles popping at the end of my head.


I hope someone would bring me Pringles today because brother ate them all yesterday!.........PRINGLESSSSSS???!! PLEASE? PLEASE?





#5 FABULOUS! Too Great To Be True!! Thanks to the Delivery Boy/Girl!! :D :D :D : D

#6 Open with anticipation

#7 Wow!!! Finally got them in my fingers!!

#8 Mouthful! The satisfaction rush down immediately!







Finally, can sleep soundly after having Krunch time with P.R.I.N.G.L.E.S! yum yum~~

#6 Sleeping with Pringles. LOL!! *snoring away

#7 It's Krunch Time, Get Playful! Having Krunch and being playful with Pringles aka Preggie, a nickname for it.

Preggie, You need to eat some too... XD

Other time I had a feeling to share with Mr Preggie in words ... So I decided to write him a letter.

The letter reads...

Dear Pringles,

How are you? I am very good because I just had you :D

Days without you is boring as always brings my attention away from the things I do. I know you will always be available, almost every where & every time. I will search high and low just to taste you a little bitsy.

When I do not have you, I am sure I will get you very soon.
Malay saying goes “Jauh di mata dekat di hati” *krunch*Krunch*krunch*

I hope you enjoy serving your purpose just like I enjoy tasting you! I hope to see you soon again. Three words, I LOVE YOU PRINGLES!

With Love,
Big Fan of yours!

Does she looks like me? =p

I am in Love with P.R.I.N.G.L.E.S!!

Wondering what is this for? Then check it out here.