29 October 2009

So fast Thursday again

Oh no! It Thursday again! See how time flies! And I got to blog again. In one week I didn't get to update here.

So this time it would be a simple thing! :) Some of my time gone in doing this.

What do you think about the picture?

Nice? Taken by me with DSLR. Okay, I am actually just playing with it since I borrowed it from a friend. Hehehe!!

In like 10 minutes, its going to be Friday!

Sorry!!! At least I say something. Big apologies! Will be back again! :) :)


Alvin said...

the toy looks cute :)

sooclara said...

LOL! got 1 drop of sweat some more. (-_-') hahah!

Mei-Wah said...

It's weekend!!! Woohoo~ What you gonna do this weekend, Clara? :)

sooclara said...

yo girlll!! :) :)

I think I am going to sleep in only this time..and eat! LOL! u??