29 May 2009

Hello Chicago

So now, you know my feet step in Chicago, USA :)

The 5 hours flight to Korea, transit for 6 hours and then 10 hours flight to reach O'Hare International Airport, Chicago! It was 1000years ago I sat on a long flight. And I've been cursing myself during the BKI-INC flight because I fidgeted & almost turned hysterical.

I should not rant anymore as I had arrived safe & sound. It is a BEAUTIPOOL place... some pictures to cheer us up.

Look at the sun! Just took it a moment ago before dinner. Can you believe it? Sunset at 8pm :D

Sun in full glory!

View from balcony. Peace :)

That is Christ Church on the left. I could hear the big bell does it work on Sunday morning & I didn't play my part. LOL!

Btw, I had explored a number of landmarks/places & see many people from different walks of life. 1) I saw a young man sitting on the street begging with a board saying "I lost my job, I lost my home, I am Hungry". 2) I was actually taking photo of the buildings in the city, and there was a man pointing at me "You cannot take the pictures of the devils, you can only take pictures of the Angels. God is..blablabla" I was shocked quickly kept my camera. 3) Dog go shopping with his master on a wheelchair.

Anyhow, I am still not done yet with Chicago. More to come.

:)))) Chicago 2009 comes alive!

25 May 2009

With Love

From Chicago :D

P. S : The previous lack of blogging was because of planning this trip! And now I am here. So you will forgive me for blogging less before right??

22 May 2009

Weekend in KL

*This post is a disappointment for shopaholic because I'm holding the post at the mean time as I still need time to compile...sowweee!!*

Yo!! I was in KL for a weekend reluctantly! Very last minute decision & I bought a super duper expensive fare at RM 467.00 return :( My heart hurts ---------------------- this much! Actually is more and if I do show it here, my entire post will be only that symbol (------------) !!!

It is a rushing trip, everything crap into these days in KL - personal(I will let you know later!hehe) / meet up my ex-classmate / shopping & of course being tourist after I left my footprint in year 2007. More than a year since I last breathe KL polluted air... LOL!

After a day work, I dashed off the exit door and quickly punch out my thumb print just in time to get myself in the check-in counter 45 minutes before the it closed. The next second, I hopped into a plane already.

fuuhh..I made it! I've got so many things to share for this trip ...err *scratch head* Where the hell should I start?Finally, check-in hotel at like 11.30pm!

No dinner or supper...too tired & dropped off immediately after shower!!

Being tourist and a stranger (after I left the place), I went up to the wrong train twice. Twice in a day and it was definitely not funny at all! Imagine I should go to the right platform to the right destination and because my dad whom thought he was right, I just followed. *sigh* Twice ok? End up taking a taxi because the bank would closed at 4pm..and we were still in Pudu station at 3.45pm.

Lucky, we made it! Yay! but buttttttttt ............... I wrote the wrong account number. That made me had to go the next day again. Damn! *double sadness* All above happened on the first day!

Me & my Roxy Yellow bag & my tired leg with Echo Red flat

Then I went to Petaling Street.

Bought all the chinese titbits,

muachi (I don't know how to spell, the sticky dough with lots of blended peanuts) Look at this old lady, she appeared in papers of her famous hand-made muachi!

I almost bought a fake LV for fun

but didn't because the quality & material wasn't good enough to be a real LV.
wtf! So I choose not to have one just yet or maybe I wasn't into LV even. HAHAHA!!

Had coffee break here : Aunty Anne's Kopitiam. Really the same concept with Old Town.

It was great to be back again. Seeing the building I used to walk in & out everyday,

Leisure Commerce Square, that is where my College was.

Kopitiam which I used to dine in weekly, KL roads had been so familiar ever since I stepped my foot here,

spotted the place where many people from everywhere trying to have their performance;

& the monorail which takes me to places I used to go in my college days. That was the good old days! :)

For now, I am going off again to another Good Great Place, despite the SWINE FLU created havoc in many places/country/everywhere! God please bless me!

Next update : I am keeping you thinking about what am I going to post next. FUN is it? hehehehe! Return again to know further.

20 May 2009

Have you Mask?

It has been busy ever since last month & I haven't have a mask yet for like forever!

Me doing mask...like 3 weeks ago! OOOOO its' coming to a month.

Ok, gotta do mask now.


15 May 2009

KK Food Lovers Dinner

Nahh...finally my post for KK Food Lovers dinner! (I kept my promise =) )

I thought I would never go so far in eating until I joined this outing! Dahhh!! My habit of eating now contribute very much on the fleshly part of my body. =( Definitely I understand how great was it to just pop anything into your mouth, yet now I hold back because at the end of the day it shows in the needle of the numbers.

Me | Emily | Fui Lei known as Fly

And so, I went out for this dinner on Sunday night. I thought it would be a dozen or more people seated around the table. mmm, I was wrong, some didn't turn up for no reason. (Wonder who are they!) However, still we continued with the food and chit chat the night away!

For food reviews. Read here. =) Too lazy review again. WTF! forgive me this time ok?

Candid : Mike (in red)

One experience to share during the dinner, we encountered a fish that smells. Very Bad indeed. And so we told the boss/owner about it.

Just to alert or tips to consumers out there(It is your rights); when there is something not right with the food, please do inform the servers to change it or either exchange another dish. If you don't ask 1) You wouldn't get an exchange yet you still pay the same price. 2) The restaurants wouldn't know the fish is bad. 3) You lost! Dish not value for money.

The men : Ricky | Mike | Vincent

What I did was informing the boss/owner of the fish. Lucky he were good enough to exchange the dish for us. Additional points earned. Good!

The owner/boss, behind the cashier counter, one hand up & in white

As we required to change the dish, took lots lots of photos of the food, talking about the food very much during the dinner, well, we were sort of like food critique & lastly we were handed comments form. (Talking about that! I have another story to tell) Ooohhh, I like to do this one. Be honest in giving comments people out there. They need compliments & room for improvement at the same time. Do compliment, don't just critique. =)

All of us took a final picture before we left. Guys, I think we should go for crazy poses rather than the below of the old same photos. LOL! =) Hope you all find this group of eaters to be interesting & fun. Of course, more to come.

Vincent | Ricky | Mike | Joanna | Emily | Yellow bag & shorts lady | Fui lei

To hear from them more, facebook here & surf through kkfoodlovers [dot] blogspot [dot] com.

A part of the exterior of the restaurant. Just this part looks so attracting to me which I flash it.

Next update : Maybe about shopping spree! Let's see what I have to share.

12 May 2009

RM45 for a hair cut

*edit : Please let me know which hair styles suit me most with the numbering pictures. Thank you!

Will you?

Honestly speaking RM45 is way too much for me; way too expensive for me. The most I ever cut was RM28, itupun I die die want to get cheaper because it was RM 25 but the auntie counted me RM28 after a year and said everything naik harga. *sigh

The thing is I actually went for RM45 hair cut for the very very first time in my 21 years of living in this planet. *cover my eyes with two hands

Tell me it is worth it? This is what I did this few days to make my hair worth RM45!! Don't laugh, I'm serious!!

Back look

Side Way

#1 I curly it. Took me like 30 minutes to get everything done. All you need is curler & styling products.

# 2 This is just a little wavy volume. Apply mousse and crumble your hair the part you want it to volume up by using the curler.

# 3 This is the normal straight hair. After shower, just blow dry or either let it dry by itself. The easiest way & save tons & tons of my time. wtf! time is indeed very very essential to me now.

Back look


# 4 I knot my hair with a ....??? What do you call that thing to sanggul the hair? My brain is dead now.

The product that I've been using is Lucidol, Japan Product. Can be found in guardian & Watson. It doesn't harden my hair and No stickiness too! I quite like it.

Ok, you tell me which one is nicer? There is one thing missing with my hair. Do you see it? Well, I guess colour! So I should dye my hair don't I? Maybe coffee colour or a little blonde or light brown? Dilemma. Now I need to find a cheap shop for colouring. ahh...!! Money again! everything $$$$!!!

Sorry, this is a short post & I am running out of time. Actually, I would have blog this earlier!! I was in the midst of blogging it 2 weeks ago (cut my hair in April), but through the middle I got something important pop up/getting time to do my hair/taking photos each style of my hair & it took me forever to post up. *sigh* Finally, I did it todayyyyy!! =) I did alot of stuff during the weekend & I was so tired. That's another story for another day. =)

Next Up : KK Food Lovers Outing!! You guys be patient k, I will share the pictures I had.

09 May 2009

Pisang yang Jahat

**Schedule Post. I know I would have no time to blog during this weekend**
What came to you mind when you read the title?


*Don't worry will blog about my hair & also KK food lovers outing, be patient ok?*

05 May 2009

The third post

Again...this is the third post I am going to blog on this OVERPRICED eatery outlet. Ouch!

1st post here & 2nd post here =) I am good right to keep on sharing every single of my experience here.

This time I'll be more specific with the location, in case many of you would have not know it yet.

Can you see from the pic? Ok, let me re-type here as a homework for myself. wtf!

Lot 14, Waterfront
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Contact : 088 242 879

and also email : toscaniskk@yahoo.com.hk wah, so high-tech one the owner/chef knows how to use email.

Attached here a map

Click on the image to enlarge

Yeah, they do, host for outdoor & indoor catering. I wonder anyone would want them? As you know the price per person its' ripped off (to me) and would it be for 50 persons? I don't want to calculate.

The truth is, this restaurant really make a hole in our pocket however, still many choose to dine here, like me, my friend, my family err, maybe not, my family doesn't think it is value for $$. So it was just me & my friend.

See, Manggo Laisse for RM10.90!!! Damn hurting or not? RM 10.90, I can get a super good deal meal. Or let's just say McDonald McValue Meal. And that makes you feel bolted enough.

Not very tempting huh???

What about this???

After this glass, my mum made this on her own at home! And it tasted totally the same. I will do it myself when I have time & blog about it together with the recipe. Sure Jadi Oneee!!

Gotta boycott from supporting overprice eatery!! Haha, ok I will support once in a while, but the bloody tiramisu is evil & tempting. You ask me why the hell I still dine when I kept on mentioning it's OVERPRICE. The absolute answer is because of the DEVILICIOUS TIRAMISU, I wanna eat!! And that makes me dine here for dinner too!!!

And again, I forgot about take a pic of tiramisu. The moment it was served on my table, I totally indulged my goodself into the cake and goyang kaki in my Cloud9.

VERY THE SORRYY!! THOUSAND THE APOLOGIZE. because this is the 3rd post already, yet without any tiramisu picture! You see, I hate myself sometimes. I remembered before I reached the restaurant and another second totally forget about taking a picture of it.

Maybe part of it, when I see the picture, it reminds me out of the sudden and then I will crave for it and then I will end up there again.


Let's have the dishes to talk for this post;

My share for the dinner

Peperoni Pizza @ RM 29.90
Tasted to be fine, nothing particularly to shout about. More probably to be Normal category. The difference about it with Pizza Hut is the thickness of bread/pita/the topping base. This one is thin & crunchy.


Chicken Lasagna @ RM19.90
Not my selection because I definately preffered beef lagsana. Presentation & looks is the same with my previous beef lasagna review. Read Here.


Grilled Chicken @ RM29.90
I don't know what is so nice about it. It tasted like any other grilled chicken. Mum knew how to grill. She does have that for our dinner menu. Mum & I find it to be normal.

Next visit I wanna try the Seafood Platter for RM99.00. There is also a dish that cost RM 159.90. That might have a lobster in it. You tell me, is it sucking your blood??!!

I've been writing so many review for this restaurant, complaining about the price at the same time praise his food. Do you think the restaurant should owe me a meal? Been promoting ever since the very 1st time I went.

The chef or the owner, if you see this post, would you want to give me a free dine in? *big wet eyes



Brings the cursor to the X Button & click it hard enough to shut it. *Close the window.

WAITTT!! Before I "X" & U "X"

My next update will be :- My Hair Cut that cost me much!!!