22 May 2009

Weekend in KL

*This post is a disappointment for shopaholic because I'm holding the post at the mean time as I still need time to compile...sowweee!!*

Yo!! I was in KL for a weekend reluctantly! Very last minute decision & I bought a super duper expensive fare at RM 467.00 return :( My heart hurts ---------------------- this much! Actually is more and if I do show it here, my entire post will be only that symbol (------------) !!!

It is a rushing trip, everything crap into these days in KL - personal(I will let you know later!hehe) / meet up my ex-classmate / shopping & of course being tourist after I left my footprint in year 2007. More than a year since I last breathe KL polluted air... LOL!

After a day work, I dashed off the exit door and quickly punch out my thumb print just in time to get myself in the check-in counter 45 minutes before the it closed. The next second, I hopped into a plane already.

fuuhh..I made it! I've got so many things to share for this trip ...err *scratch head* Where the hell should I start?Finally, check-in hotel at like 11.30pm!

No dinner or supper...too tired & dropped off immediately after shower!!

Being tourist and a stranger (after I left the place), I went up to the wrong train twice. Twice in a day and it was definitely not funny at all! Imagine I should go to the right platform to the right destination and because my dad whom thought he was right, I just followed. *sigh* Twice ok? End up taking a taxi because the bank would closed at 4pm..and we were still in Pudu station at 3.45pm.

Lucky, we made it! Yay! but buttttttttt ............... I wrote the wrong account number. That made me had to go the next day again. Damn! *double sadness* All above happened on the first day!

Me & my Roxy Yellow bag & my tired leg with Echo Red flat

Then I went to Petaling Street.

Bought all the chinese titbits,

muachi (I don't know how to spell, the sticky dough with lots of blended peanuts) Look at this old lady, she appeared in papers of her famous hand-made muachi!

I almost bought a fake LV for fun

but didn't because the quality & material wasn't good enough to be a real LV.
wtf! So I choose not to have one just yet or maybe I wasn't into LV even. HAHAHA!!

Had coffee break here : Aunty Anne's Kopitiam. Really the same concept with Old Town.

It was great to be back again. Seeing the building I used to walk in & out everyday,

Leisure Commerce Square, that is where my College was.

Kopitiam which I used to dine in weekly, KL roads had been so familiar ever since I stepped my foot here,

spotted the place where many people from everywhere trying to have their performance;

& the monorail which takes me to places I used to go in my college days. That was the good old days! :)

For now, I am going off again to another Good Great Place, despite the SWINE FLU created havoc in many places/country/everywhere! God please bless me!

Next update : I am keeping you thinking about what am I going to post next. FUN is it? hehehehe! Return again to know further.


Alvin Lim said...

aiya, shld jz contact me then i tell u where to go. for your info, i only know PJ. hahaa. u can go petronas twin tower skybridge lo. zoo negara lor. :|

actually KL nothing much also

bong said...

nice... looking forward to your other kl posts...

sooclara said...

Alvin : it was a rushing trip. no sightseeing, js window shopping. heheh!

bong : I think im done with a long full post for KL, because it was a very short trip. well, only if u are interested on my shopping story..LOL!