31 August 2010

Au revoir l'hiver

Banana Ladylike in pyjamas.

Love the detail don't you. I know, you gonna say its pink again! Wait. Wait. The love shapes appear in purple colour too :D

I am going to say "Au revoir l'hiver" later. Not that I don't like winter. But you see, it's winter and I put on full clothing to make sure I won't feel cold. After the walking, I just felt hot under the sun and started sweating inside. So, I thought, "oh well" and took it off. The next minute, I felt cold again. It is the inconsistent that makes me hate winter sometimes. Maybe you don't get it. Give you another example. The sun is heating during winter, you walk under the sun, you feel hot but when the wind come you feel cold. Therefore, you walk 5minutes in hot sun and then 3minutes between cold wind and there goes the cycle. It's very frustrating!

I hope the weather don't go crazy again during Spring. Oh no, Spring?! >.< 12 more weeks before I end my entire semester. How fast is that?!

Got to go now and rush my assignment. Due on Friday, 200 words more. God please bless me. Amen!

One last time of a little bliss.


29 August 2010


well, not really. Friday night means body energy is high up and whatever time its gonna be, the night will be forever young!

Lunch on a Friday noon . . . 

Then quickly rushed for an hour train down to city. Some random shoots of the day.

3 person in Australia asked me where did I bought my beanie. - from Taiwan. - ohh, can't buy. sad mode. HAHA!

What's inside my bag?

Significant body needs - Water bottle / Beanie / Train ticket / Chapstick / Train timetable (very essential) / A book (boring rescue) / umbrella (open your eyes bigger, very tiny deep inside)

Manhattan Dreaming, quite a nice one but unable to give a full judgment because I only started a few chapters.

Ok. Back to topic.

Where can you see such buzzing atmosphere in Sydney after 5pm?

Almost all Chinese are kiasu - earn money in any possible slight chances, like there's no tomorrow.

So now you know where is this place I am referring too?




Chinatown. You got it right *clap*clap*

See what's in here.

Nom Nom.

Japanese Delight.

To be precise, it's Takoyakiya.


:) Reflection

Uncle and aunt networking behind.

This photo must show to all Malaysians.

Mamak in Goulburn Street at 9.30pm. Can you believe it? Still queuing for roti canai for bloody $5!!! FTL!

Postbox today. Freebies...my favy!!


So sleepy now. Goodnight world!

27 August 2010

Rare Midnight

It is so rare for me to stay awake at this hour, 1:08am and blogging. I've been practising to sleep early and since I've moved into this new house, so much near to uni and I started to fall back to the sleep late bad routine. And I've noticed it just started early this week. 

Today I discovered another side of me. Boo! I am a really great procastinator now. As long as I ever know, I never been so much in procastinating, (although I am, sometimes) but this time it really went so far like now. Half an hour ago, I was scribbling how psychology (wow, I spell it right for the first time) affected in media violence bla bla, and I couldn't find the answer from my readings and there I stopped. Few minutes later, I stood up and started doing other stuff, checking the fridge and the food cupboard. Heck!

So now here I am blogging away! :( Since I am so in the mood to make a post, just make me feel good a while ok? And then I will get back to work soon *hopeful

This week, the weather should be getting better as we are now heading Spring. But hell no, the weather went crazy yesterday (after 12am already), strong wind and low humidity. Again, I freeze at home . . . now! Thankful, I can still type with cold fingers. (So you can have a new post to read *wink*)

This is what I am wearing now - pink bathrobe.


#1 No, I am not a pink fan is just that I don't have any other choice. Because there was only pink and white left for my size. And mumsy insisted me to buy pink as white gets dirty quick. Thus, ended in pink bathrobe. Super comfy and warm. Must have for winter, no joke!

Even at some point I couldn't afford to take it off before going to bed. Imagine how warm this material could wrapped me inside and the strong relationship between us. Without pinky bathrobe I would have die freezing. Seriously.

On another note, my relatives were so afraid that I would die in this suburb because food outlets are so rare here. More over is winter and I need lots lots of food to keep me warm. Therefore ending up with foods that can supply me for a month I think.

#2 The valueable content fridge. Winter saviour! All of them are mine. Where is the future housemate going to fit her nom nom inside? >.<  (Sorry, no space for you!)

Not just that alone.

#3 Tempting nom nom in the compartment you ever wanted. Let me list the favourites : TimTam, checked / Doritos, checked / Instant noodles, checked / varieties of tuna, checked / microwaveable pasta, checked / Shapes, checked and etc. Stop salivating! =P

Enough of torturing you already. I should keep the evilness for my next posts. LOL! 

You think is unfair, huh? Okok, fine, then my turn to torture myself.




#4 Undone assignments! Due next coming Friday. C'mon pen, please write. Spotted dessert plate and cup? Got carried away in between for some snacks. Tea and chocolate mud cake with ice cream. Very alluring!

Sorry not intended to torture you the focus should be me. Last torture,

#5 Stress enough????!! Can't wait to take down the post-it notes SOONNNN...

Feeling guilty now! I want to get back to work now and meanwhile you enjoy looking at my yummy nom nom ok. Tata.

26 August 2010


Because one of my good friend just spoil my mood!!

Have to delete you now! Like N.O.W :((

So depressing! T___________T

=P you owe me bah kut teh!! I don't care!

25 August 2010

When routine isn't exactly normal

My title of this post kinda freak me a little when I think back. Everywhere I go or stay, some how or later I end up in the same situation and oh-its-another-boring-day! I wonder, am I the only person that feel this nature of human emotion or I am creating it to make myself feel this way?

Routine is good at some point, for instance you got so used in doing the same thing every week, so you probably master it by now eg.getting ready your school bags for tomorrow's class wtf. -_______-  But the dark side of it is 1) I get bored and no motivation 2) Oh, it's another weekend and when Friday comes and all your friends shouted TGIF!

Let me show you my routine outfit for winter . . .

*Warning : It is boring, you can close the window now*

So yeah, exactly how boring when this has become my routine.

The reasons behind that outfit because . . .

#1 imagine you have to walk like 2 kilometres back and forth uni during the weekdays and the wind is blowing crazily.

#2 you try to put on something nice and is just an hour class! Damn, who is going to look at you anyway? Although I feel happy for looking good but hey, is it worth the time spend in getting ready for an hour class? I rather compensate the time to sleep extra 30 minutes or an hour than getting ready! Ok, I am that lazy bum. Sleep is good :D

#3 no matter how nice you dressed, you are going to be covered up by trench coat or either jackets or anything that keep you warm. Pointless~

Am I just being a complainer for not doing any better? I am in a dilemma now!

Too be specific in my routine outfit

Winter beanie from Taiwan (absolute need!)
3 Layer colour scarf (necessity expecially during crazy weather)
Nike Jacket from USA (keeping you warm above 10degree, below is a no no decision)
and underneath is 2 layers of clothing which you can't see
Nice cutting jeans from Malaysia (not really a good option for winter)
that is why, another winter leggings underneath which you can't see again 
Nike sneakers for comfortable walking (and to run in the rain)

The only thing I am consious about is to cover all my skin body surface from the cold air. If there is any invention of physical equipment that could keep my palms warm, I am going to purchase it no matter what!

Now routine sounds scary, don't you think so? T______T 

21 August 2010

Tips before departing homecountry to Universities

It is so heart breaking that this blog has been dead for quite a while now because the adminstrator was dead too. I don't know of where to start but most of the things happened were very personal to myself and I wouldn't want to tell the whole world as my blog is open for public and I know people I know and won't know will read this.

But anyhow, most of the listed "IMPORTANT" stuff have been take care off and the only reason that would hold me back to blog now will be time. Sometimes I would think, is it worth for me to keep this blog or just delete it and start new one again when my inspiration comes back in like 5 years later or either 10 years later? I probably might read back my post and find myself feeling embarrasing for being childish. Well, is this an indicator that I've grown up?

Since I have experienced of going through studying in oversea, I want to share my ultimate LADYLIKE advices to all of you out there whom are preparing or planning to go oversea soon or in the future.

(These advices may or may not be useful, may or may not heard before, but from my own experienced)

#Rule No 1
Do not study in a country/university/location that you didn't want to go, even you have relatives there.

#Rule No 2
The best is go to where you feel you will enjoy, by easy making friends and good review about the university. Do not attempt to study in the university because it is near to where you are going to stay. This is not going to help you better in your study although save traveling time.

#Rule No 3
Apply a few universities in the same region/place before departing your homecountry. You never know what might happened before or during your studies. With this option, it will allow you to switch universities more easier than apply from the start and time contraint because at least they still have your record!

#Rule No 4
Demand for black and white in your universities indicating what subjects you need to undertake in order to graduate. Although they don't give you the exact subjects, ask for the overview. This is very essential especially for twinning students! You will know why when you apply to graduate. So even before you graduate, you get this tip. Don't say I don't share. :)

#Rule No 5
If you are planning to work part time, seek for job when you are about to arrive the country you intend to go. Google is the best tool to use in this era!

#Rule No 6
Especially being an international student, it is very important for you to choose a university with lots of international students too (I don't mean exchange student). Initially, it will you get uni friends for your duration of course, help you in your studies and homesick emotion and definitely partner in crime (think positive).

At this moment, I find these few tips are very handy before departing your comfort zone. If anyone has questions to raise here, please comment or send me an email. I will love to share my experience or help you if I could.

Start preparing and planning your studies. Good Luck! :D