31 August 2010

Au revoir l'hiver

Banana Ladylike in pyjamas.

Love the detail don't you. I know, you gonna say its pink again! Wait. Wait. The love shapes appear in purple colour too :D

I am going to say "Au revoir l'hiver" later. Not that I don't like winter. But you see, it's winter and I put on full clothing to make sure I won't feel cold. After the walking, I just felt hot under the sun and started sweating inside. So, I thought, "oh well" and took it off. The next minute, I felt cold again. It is the inconsistent that makes me hate winter sometimes. Maybe you don't get it. Give you another example. The sun is heating during winter, you walk under the sun, you feel hot but when the wind come you feel cold. Therefore, you walk 5minutes in hot sun and then 3minutes between cold wind and there goes the cycle. It's very frustrating!

I hope the weather don't go crazy again during Spring. Oh no, Spring?! >.< 12 more weeks before I end my entire semester. How fast is that?!

Got to go now and rush my assignment. Due on Friday, 200 words more. God please bless me. Amen!

One last time of a little bliss.



Sista said...

Oi... your PJs damn cute lor... i like. haha

sooclara said...

nye nye nye nye.. can't wear tis in summer countries..too hot!