27 November 2010

Out of no where

This is super random post. You might not want to read though, is just wasting your time. *Don't say I didn't warn chu!

Some of the very old photos that have been rusted sitting in my Nokia E63 ever since I owned the phone. Oh well, I just thought of posting them and laugh about it.

This is during month of fool April. Shopping in Myers. Couldn't afford anything although almost everything in the store is on sale. No mood to see the stuff so here you go.

Thanks to Myers mirror for the reflection! LOL!

Do you like the white scarf? My aunt made it for me. 1 for me and 1 for my mum. So warmy...

And like any another day, my mum was visiting so she was trying some clothes and here you go again.

The purpose of showing you this photo is because I like to wallpaper. But very inappropriate for a house feel. More like for valentine season only :|

Month of April is a month that I was so crazy with hats. Probably because of the cold weather and I wanted to cover myself up to stay warm. Hats that I tried on everytime I visited a store.

This is one of the cheapest hat I tried. It cost only $3 maybe of the striking pink colour. I was so tempted to buy and my mum said "You never gonna wear that, trust me". I thought another second and I think she was right. But still heart itchy.

Old style hat/ Plain black, I think its cool. Sorry I keep on cropping the pics without my face because I looked horrible in cold season. I might scare you from where you are sitting right now reading this. Anyway this is $19, that was after discount. Saw the CCTV on the top, gosh the security guards might be laughing at me while popping popcorn into their mouth!

This is the best picture with my face. hahahah!! Damn fat lah my face here. This one looks kinda the same like the first hat I tried on. But this one cost 8x the price of pink/black hat. Erm, nobody knows why, but they look the same. Don't they? Maybe that was from Reject Shop and this is from BigW. mmmm....

Surprisingly, I bought none of them. Deep down in my heart, I knew very well, I wouldn't have wear it. And at the same time, I think people in uni will be looking at me and whispering in their heart "weird chinese girl studying in uni".

I think I should update properly, maybe tonight or tomorrow. I don't know.

Anyway happy weekend! :D

25 November 2010

Cricket night

Tonight is another night that I got strucked with outpouring unnecessary melancholy mood. Seriously. I don't know why this would ever happen to me in Aussie, which it never cross my mind EVER during I foresee the road that soon to be undertook before.

Alas. I know this feeling is just for this hour, this time, I beg this to go away forever.

Sometimes, I thought I open up too much in my blog, I re-think again whether I am putting myself into a serious danger mode whereby people reading me would ever judge me by it's cover.

For having said that, I really really think of shutting down this blog of 3 years old now - to either close it forever or start a new one with wordpress. For some reason, in seasons, I don't have the mood to blog because I got so caught up with the world and even worst some personal matters which I don't think it is appropriate for me to share.

All the contemplating actually resulting in low spiritual life.

"Dear God, please help me to overcome 'these'" - Amen.

Back cut

This post have been delayed for soooo freaking long.


But now, I am back to my homey for a few days only thats why I can update. The video is finally here. I tried so many ways to upload and also put it in youtube.

Seriously, I am not born to be a technology person. Urgh! Even photoshop, I don't even know how to use until now. Lazy is the best word to describe why I can't use it today. LOL!

Anyway, here's the video . . .

Enjoyyyyyy :D

22 November 2010

Katak di bawah tempurung

I have a problem with getting internet for the time being because I am away from my comfort home. oh well, something is happening again that I may totally lost the civilization. Yes, I am very serious about it.

For the time being, I wouldn't blog as frequent as possible yet, not until I get back my life.

Sorry for the delay!

14 November 2010

Hair Transformation

I'm back. But before that, I need to apologize for blogging this late because I had papers on Thursday and Saturday which means I was squeezed in betweel. My priority is to study as you all know albeit blogging is part of my life but first thing first : study. And I will be happy to blog.

Now my only hope is to PASS my exams. I have one more paper on Friday and it's call the end of semester. Its' totally scary because everywhere people started to jingle their bells as early as November.

Before I elaborate on my hair, I actually have to clarify a few stuff from my previous post.

1) Not students who cut my hair. They are actually foreigners coming from different countries to upgrade their cutting skills and most importantly, get inspiration and new hair styles.

2) The back cutting is damn scary at first. Probably, I exaggerated this sentence. But it is plain cool.

So here I was on last Tuesday

Toni & Guy.

Started with parting my hairs in the form of letter 'M' for the fringe and 'Star' shape for the upper head.

 No one actually did this kind of parting before cutting my hair as long as I remembered and the multiple times I visited a saloon.

During the process and this is how much hair I sacrified for a new hair style.

Byebye hair! 

The process . . .

After two hours . . .






This is Irene, my hairstylist for this hair. She is from Canada. She looks pretty too ;)

And from the back.

The secret to achieve this hair is SEA SALT SPRAY! I am not kidding. No blowing, no thongs nothing.

Absolutely satisfied with the hair cut.

And the only thing is missing is colour.

I am thinking should I get it colour, brown or blonde? LOL.

Before I forget, remember the video that I took on back cutting. It doesn't seem to be able to upload. I am sorry about this but I will try to fix it and upload it again probably around this week ok.

And for now, you know the secret for wavy style is Sea Salt Spray.


09 November 2010

Farewell to old hair

Just before anything. I must say I *heart* my hair every bit of it.

I never have this kind of messy yet fine texture hair before, perhaps no one could cut like that back in hometown. Seriously. The styling especially the back cut, damn scary at first but it really blends the hair well in layering.

First of all, let's give a farewell to my long hair (although didn't cut it really short), just for the sake of saying goodbye! =)

on the way to Toni & Guy

One last glance, okie...

I also want to show you Paddington. As according to the locals, Oxford Street is the most fashionable street in Sydney.

This is Paddington. Mmm, really high class along Oxford Street.

full with boutiques like these.

and these

And this street is covered with purplish trees.


Are you waiting to see my real hair?

Sorry, that post will be up tomorrow because there's a video on back cutting too.

Haha!! See you tomorrow. kthxbye!

08 November 2010

Ladylike iz x-sai-ted

Sorry for my bad english title :p

What am I x-sai-ted? =0

Is it another free stuff? wtf!











You've guess it right. So right. Let imma tell you story again.

Like this. 1 hour ago, a lady from Tony & Guy called me whether I am available or not later at 1.45pm. That's impossible because she called me at 12pm and wouldn't have make it there in time and I reckoned it will take me 2hours there.

What Ladylike is trying to say is? - She is going to have Toni & Guy free hair cut!

Retype and redefine - Toni & Guy

When? - tomorrow at 1.45pm (*.*)

Where? - Paddington (in case you don't know, it is a upper class young adult suburb, probably I couldn't even afford to buy a top from there. seriously. Underwear also seems like a difficulty.lol)

Who is going to cut my hair? - of course not si-fu or any senior gurus. They are a bunch of students using models hair to perform their skills. So I am a guinea pig!

How? - to get there, obviously by bus & train & walk like 378439 minutes. - How are they going to cut my hair? - I am in a dilemma now. Coz imma afraid they want to cut short. SHORT. do you get what i mean? Short means above my shoulder length.


I have been keeping my hair for quite a while now because I was having short hair twice last year and the year before. Right now, I am seriously not open yet to short hair. buuttttt...this is free! What can I ask for more?

They are going to give me hair cut, styling, blow dry & colour for free. Basically everything is free. just get my ass and sit there for hours for them to do stuff with my hair.

This is the current picture I sent to them for analysis:-

Taken in Blue Mountains, NSW during my parents' visit. (Will blog that some day)

But right now, I am standing in the middle of YES & NO for short hair.

Do you think I should get my hair short (again) if they really choose that style?

07 November 2010


I am 22 this year. Frankly speaking, I have not sorted out my future very well yet but I am half way through it pathing my way in the tourism and hospitality line. If you ask me why did I end up in this industry? ... 3dots is my answer :p

Nah, I am just pulling your leg. Actually even I, myself did not know I would be studying hospitality industry too. But the fact that I am in Commerce Stream, I left very few choices because 1) I hated figures although I am Chinese (people always say chinese are the master of figures, but oh well, at least not in my case) 2)I am not that highly rated as "Smart" or any better of "Intelligient". These two words are very strong and with indepth meanings. So I cant merely used that word and label myself. Just way too much for the time being, just yet. Note my word, "yet" ok. Business studies are far too common, without a speciality which could be see in two angles of being 'all rounder/can perform any task relating to business' or either 'good at nothing, normal, no speciality or focus area'. This is just my perspectives, no offense to people that fall in this category.

Like I said, I didn't like figures so accounting or any figures relation are a No-No for me. Again, I am not way too smart and that's why Law is a major No-no too. But if you die die ask me to choose between Accounting and Law, I will definitely take up accounting because figures I am still able to work out rather than using my back brain and mouth to fight cases like that. Although I know not all lawyers need to be presented in courts. HAHA! but whatever, just too many Hong Kong dramas. This is getting too long. Cut story short, I wanted to be specialised or major in a field. Therefore, I chose tourism as my first option as it is my special interest and passion for travelling.

As I am writing this post, I am thinking of becoming a travel writer. Mmm, have been thinking about it for some time but working in marketing or research team in a tourism board or promotional board is much more exciting and challenging. And I doubt I would ever been given a chance in Malaysia.

Anyway...why i wrote this post is because of this young boy from Korea. I basically think he has the talent to do so well and gained popularity at the age of 13. Practice makes perfect and acoustic is the style I like most. I am sure he practice from no day to no night. LOL!!

*sorry html out of space, dunno how to fix!

He is 13, and he already knew his talent. If you want to know more about him then go to www.sunghajung.com. (type yourself,don't be lazy) And now, where and what is my talent? I am still working out and in search for my talent. *sigh

In fact, sometimes I wish I was born to be a singer/musician *dreamy face

*slap face*

back to reality.

I am talented in procastinating. Because that's the easiest to practice. No lah, I am trying to be talented in doing something else than procastinating like facebooking or msn-ing.

So don't you waste your time now, start searching for your talent -from Ladylike ultimate advice / boo

03 November 2010

Usual Me - nerdy

Nerdy mode is on.

Please bear with me for the time being. Don't be sad, I will peakaboo when I don't feel like doing stuff like this :-


02 November 2010

I hate HTML

I have been fixing the previous post for 2hours just to get it right. But I really gave up. I couldn't update from the previous post, so here I ended up posting another one.

Is it just me? Or blogspot sucks now?!

This is the update after the shopping.


Ohai again. Imma so good and dedicated now. Just came back from shopping and then blog again. huhu...
Anyway, yes i changed and went out since it was not raining. 2hours of quick and grab shopping, also (*@*) looking for a part time regular job since summer holidays is like 3 weeks away. Now is exam period already! Holla, study mood ON please, I beg you Mr & Mrs Book please invite me into your midst. haha!

First thing first - job hunting fail. I dunno why all the shops I saw was hiring 2 weeks ago but now all the ads no longer sticking at the window already *sigh* I printed like 5 resumes to give out but came back with 5 in hands too *boo

Second thing comes second wtf. I bought some groceries since I will be going out again this week end for a friend's birthday. So don't need to buy alot some more I am walking, my friend got a car, save enegry for now.

My short journey today, ahah as if

Trolley basket with my handbag in it. I know it will be heavy after shopping, so no choice gotta bring along, i seem like an auntie (>.<) eeww / but at least I am cool, boots and snake skin leggings, both from Taiwan.

Grey autumn dress and badge cardigan. Both also (again) from Taiwan. omaigawt,my nose look so big here! actually is small. haha~

Can see the bus or not. Far behind, yellow colour.

Ok, let me draw some indication.


Actually got two buses coming in the same direction. I hopped on the first one that reached my bus stop first. But the last bus in this picture actually arrived the destination faster than the first bus which I hopped on :'(

Show you my where my money gone . . .

@ Foodie / I got mince beef & singles cheese. All on special. 

Some vege with an insight of my foot.

Can see or not reduced price. Aiyah, I only aim this kind one, so that I can save more. It's not rotten what, still good, is just that the expiry date is near but I will be eating that everyday. Not a problem to me. By the time, I already finish lur..

Uncle Tobys is so healthy. He invented such kind of oat bars. Again, on special $1.99. Very good during uni,no breakfast, munched this!

Last but not least, everyone is going to *heart* this.

Free stuff in burst snapshots. Read my expression, no caption inserted.






All these photos are captured with HP in-built webcam, my first time using since I bought this lappy in February!

P/s: Tired of fixing the HTML. Out of space meh out of space. Frustrated already!

Sleepy head

Ohai! Good morning everyone..although in 4minutes it's going to be noon here. But anywayz, at least I have courtesy to blog and greet ya good morning, what a good blogger right? *shy

I am so damn sleepy now but I forced myself to wake up 1 hour ago. At this point of time, I am contemplating whether or not to go shopping because it was rainy early this morning and the weather is playing "Big wind blow, blow what?" you know that game we used to play when we were young. "Blow me away!!"

Haven't taken my breaky yet..well, it's going to be lunch now. By the time, I am done to go out, the sun will rise and shine again. Bloody weather...trying to play hide and seek with us.

I think I should go shopping, no more meat & Ladylike will be hungry! Urghh and the weather forecast said it is going to rain again tomorrow. So how?

Blog later. Bye! *Flipping coin to determine shopping - yes or no -  LOL