25 November 2010

Cricket night

Tonight is another night that I got strucked with outpouring unnecessary melancholy mood. Seriously. I don't know why this would ever happen to me in Aussie, which it never cross my mind EVER during I foresee the road that soon to be undertook before.

Alas. I know this feeling is just for this hour, this time, I beg this to go away forever.

Sometimes, I thought I open up too much in my blog, I re-think again whether I am putting myself into a serious danger mode whereby people reading me would ever judge me by it's cover.

For having said that, I really really think of shutting down this blog of 3 years old now - to either close it forever or start a new one with wordpress. For some reason, in seasons, I don't have the mood to blog because I got so caught up with the world and even worst some personal matters which I don't think it is appropriate for me to share.

All the contemplating actually resulting in low spiritual life.

"Dear God, please help me to overcome 'these'" - Amen.

1 comment :

Sista said...

many bloggers face this issue. again, if anyone were to judge you, have they judge themselves first? this is your space, up to you what you want to fill it with.