23 February 2010

Summer in Sydney

hi everyone! yes, finally, i am updating at least 1 post! fuh.. i am so sorry! Didn't get to wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year!

May the year of Tiger be another great year ahead! :)

So I am now in Sydney. Just yesterday I had a long sleep after all the days I had arrived. I haven't see much of Sydney yet! No even my own campus. LOL! 

I don't have a phone yet because I am still calculating the plans. Not cheap for me, but if I earn AUD bucks then it's fine.

I have 4 core subjects this semester and everyday I have classes. :( how to work? the class timing are odd too! i am trying hard to adjust. My Uni is all about independent learning. Everything will be done online and i will spending ages of time in front of a computer that couldn't speak to me, which i could only direct the mouse to where i want to go. internet at home is slow!

Last weekend, i went to Bondi beach and Watson's Bay. If you don't know what is it, go google it. Hahaha!! Show you a few photos first because I don't have time to transfer, compress and upload. Hang in there for a while yaa, i've got a lot to catch up.

Time save me!!

Bondi Beach. For the first time, I see so many people in a beach. very commercialize!

 Watson's Bay. I didn't climb up to the top because it is tiring and I was wearing skirt. (Actually was going to Chinatown but change of plan, that's why I was in skirt okay)

"Lau Sang" dinner for CNY in Sydney. I don't think I ever did this back at home. LOL! Thanks Aunt Audrey and Uncle Jo for the home made chinese dinner.

Last but not least, 

Rambutan supposed to be Malaysia's local fruit. Is it still now? Written "Product of Australia".

So I were to say that in my class presentation, will they actually laugh at me or what?!

08 February 2010

Taiwan Day 2

Day 2 Itinerary : Tianmu, Danshui, Fisherman Wharf & Shilin Street Night Market

After Day 1 of very productive and quite tiring, today was a little at ease ;)

Must balance up, if not later the next few fays tired kao kao!

Tianmu is known like a high end street. Branded & designers stuffs can be found here. Also, taiwanese with high income stay here. I spotted a few foreigners in this area. I guess, they find it to be more developed.

We wanted to see a few shopping malls around this area but in the end we chose not too. Reason being 1)more or less the same, too pricey cannot buy! 2) Wasting our energy because had to save up for night market later. 3)Wasting time also, better go taste street foods.

Ended up in Dayeh Takashimaya. Err, sounds like Japan shopping mall ^___^

Outfit of the day.

Dress : Rue21 from Chicago / USD 4 :D *proud
Cardigan : Wufenpu / NTD 750 (I got cheated this one, actually I saw one selling at NTD 500, screw it)
Stocking : Thick one for winter from Hong Kong / given by mum
Boots : Wufenpu / NTD 200 :D *proud again
Hat : Wufenpu / NTD 200
Gloves : Wufenpu / NTD 180

Done! Wanna know my under garments too? :p

Nice or not?

Ate this at NTD 100 promotion; black pepper beef in teppanyaki style.

Could be address as the cheapest meal in the mall. I mean every mall the price are all above NTD 100. Unless, street food.

Bought nothing here and continue our journey to Danshui.

Danshui Old Street - where you get foods and snacks to bring home.

What am I doing?? Enjoying the breeze maybe..

All very cheap one NTD 100 each whole store, otherwise stated.

Enjoying my chinese sausage

And he was trying the bird egg! Looks yummy! With 2 sauces of garlic & sweet chilli.

Some streets look like funfair.

I just wonder, really can make $$? People still interested ahh??

Another shop, just next door!

*click to enlarge

Saw 10 degrees? Freaking cold. Since we were there, die die must got to Fisherman Wharf!

Fisherman Wharf

Cold!!! When the wind blew, I so scared my hat kena blow away oh!

Just because it is Valentine's Bridge, so he said we must walk!


Cold again! -__________-
Half way of the bridge!

Valentine's Bridge in its sweetness.

Beh tahan already and went to Shilin Street night market.

See the long queue, everyone was in line to buy chicken *scroll down

That whole building is selling food only! The right side selling clothes.

This one is nice! Fried chicken with cheese inside! people are crazy about it!

Shopping again!

Went back to hotel, with all these in two pair of hands. Heavy!!!

06 February 2010

Taiwan Day 1

Day 1 Itinerary : Guanghua Plaza, Taipei 101, Wufenpu & Raohe Night Market

The itinerary sounded very happening! LOL *shy

Why am I going to so many places in Day 1 because we traveled along the MRT line.

Started our day at 10.30am. For all the great sleepers *woo OR the very hard to wake up early person /boo, Taiwan is the destination because shops don't open until 11.00am. Even some, open at 11.30am or 12.00pm. Good huh?

Spotted this store inside Guanghua Plaza selling 18SX dvds. It is legal in Taiwan ok. Got cctv some more! In case someone steals or under 18SX sneak in. T_____T

About 1.00pm making our way to MRT, walked through a small road and spotted food street.

In line waiting for my turn

Wonton Noodle for NTD 40

Eating like local...for the first time in Taiwan

This where I tried out my Wonton Noodle. *double thumbs up

Super yummy - NO LIE. Very suitable for Malaysians tongue!

Taipei 101 coming in view.

Look at me! So tinyyy!!!

In case you didn't know about Taipei 101.

"The building was the tallest building in the world (with occupiable floors) until it was surpassed in height by the
Burj Khalifa on July 21, 2007" -- Quoted from Wikipedia

My first attempt to take picture without jacket!

I am forcing a smile. It was big wind. Standing in awe! I have to this now, while I am still young! Don't know when I can do it again *kiasu-ness 2nd attempt



Cannot tahan liaoo!! with jacket, see our hair flying around already!

Quickly run in because it started to rain.

From 1st Floor

Some of the great view! This is in Taiwan...a little like KLCC also.

Can you figure out the word? A huge bookstore in Taipei 101.

101 in the mist. Can't see until the top nia..lucky I didn't pay to go up.

I am such a good blogger, ya know? Despite of the mist, I make my effort to give you a better view.

DENGGG!!! Heheheh..

Taipei 101 as background

OMG, just realized no picture taken in Wufenpu -__________- Too busy shopping! Later I make a post the things I bought lahh, to repay my forgetfulness ;) *smile

Walked like a thousand miles, no lah, kidding few streets down the block to Roahe Street Night Market.

The queue was too too LONG.. must say too twice!

This stall selling Pau with Babi stuffing inside.

Lazy too queue after the long walk. So had something else.

Okonomiyaki NTD 60

It's bread with mayo, corn, squids cutlets. Nah, I don't like squids. But he loves it.

After the 1hour + walk only in the Roahe Street Night Market, screaming to go back hotel already! Passed by the Pau stall again and the queue wasn't that long anymore.
He went to queue and bought it.

Seems like the Uncle purposely turned back and posed for the picture

Not healthy! A lot of babi fats one *eeww

I better have strawberry, juicer & healthier!

Strawberry from street market at NTD 100

Very productive today! *winkz