23 February 2010

Summer in Sydney

hi everyone! yes, finally, i am updating at least 1 post! fuh.. i am so sorry! Didn't get to wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year!

May the year of Tiger be another great year ahead! :)

So I am now in Sydney. Just yesterday I had a long sleep after all the days I had arrived. I haven't see much of Sydney yet! No even my own campus. LOL! 

I don't have a phone yet because I am still calculating the plans. Not cheap for me, but if I earn AUD bucks then it's fine.

I have 4 core subjects this semester and everyday I have classes. :( how to work? the class timing are odd too! i am trying hard to adjust. My Uni is all about independent learning. Everything will be done online and i will spending ages of time in front of a computer that couldn't speak to me, which i could only direct the mouse to where i want to go. internet at home is slow!

Last weekend, i went to Bondi beach and Watson's Bay. If you don't know what is it, go google it. Hahaha!! Show you a few photos first because I don't have time to transfer, compress and upload. Hang in there for a while yaa, i've got a lot to catch up.

Time save me!!

Bondi Beach. For the first time, I see so many people in a beach. very commercialize!

 Watson's Bay. I didn't climb up to the top because it is tiring and I was wearing skirt. (Actually was going to Chinatown but change of plan, that's why I was in skirt okay)

"Lau Sang" dinner for CNY in Sydney. I don't think I ever did this back at home. LOL! Thanks Aunt Audrey and Uncle Jo for the home made chinese dinner.

Last but not least, 

Rambutan supposed to be Malaysia's local fruit. Is it still now? Written "Product of Australia".

So I were to say that in my class presentation, will they actually laugh at me or what?!