13 February 2010

The day has come

I have to blog this very quick! Because I just had my reunion dinner & then washed my car! I know why so late...but you know too many things to do!

Some more I need to go for a friend's farewell in another like an hour. I need to shower and paint my nails first. Quick one ok!

I supposed I need to hold on to my Taiwan post for now as I have something important to share/announce/let you know.

All the doubts and questions on my previous post like this (resolution no.2) and this. You wondered what the hell is this girl trying to keep it so private.

Well, I didn't want to say or make it biGGG and get nothing in the end.

Now, I see it coming and for real.

Let me say, I am leaving from my home to a new home.

Four thousand one hundred and five miles from Malaysia. (that is flying out from KLIA, I know coz that's the miles age for points I get ^-^)

To a new place that is called :-

Taken from Taipei 101. Coincident I saw it!
Bought my ticket on the Feb 17 because of CNY by forking out extra RM 500 & 1hour transit in KLIA. I am so daring!!!!

It's all because of CNY fault. HAHAHAHAH...

I am going to register in University of Western Sydney to continue my degree. I've stopped from college for the past 2 years and now starting again. I felt so nervous and at the same time happy.

All the hassle I am going through this few days.


The corner where all the hanging clothings breathing! wtf! hahaha

My primary school study table

Oh! And Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day too.

If you are flying by AirAsia, don't forget to pick selection for your girl. Airasia is also taking the opportunity to make business!

I saw that during my flight to Taiwan and I took to show you guys.

Can't wait to see Lion Dance lorr...so excited. :D

Happy Tiger Year!

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