30 August 2009

Postcard Delivery

It is very hard to blog when I am working almost everyday except Sundays! I got so upset about it leaving my blog all alone for quite sometime. *sigh* I am sorry peeps, I really tried my best to workout some time to at least say a few words in a week okay? :) Please bear with me.

Today, I have to thank one of my loyal reader, The Dreamer for sending me a postcard bought from down under, wei, Australia okay don't think so far! LOL! :D He is one of my reader that I never meet before yet we have been communicating for quite a while. And so, he was away for biz a few weeks in Australia and promised me to send a postcard.

Sunrise at The Opera House

This piece of hard card arrived about 2 weeks later after The Dreamer send it to me! Can you believe? 2 weeks long! In my mind, I thought this guy might cheated me by saying he had already sent but in real fact, he did not send or either not even bought the postcard! ahahhahahahhaah!! That was an evil thought for a second but the next second I know you wouldn't be so cruel right? ahahahah!!

Last Wednesday, I came home from work, my mum told me I had a postcard. And I knew you will surely be The Dreamer.

He calls me little girl...off no where! Maybe because of my age is so much younger than him? Or either my uploaded photos in blog really portray the image of a little girl.

Arigato gozaimashita! :D

19 August 2009

Adverts to have a Peek

Advertisement are now an entertainment too. Not just serves as an advert to up sell but also as information & a good laugh.

During my visit in Chicago, I came across few advertisement that caught my interest. Err, adverts that I would stopped to have a second look. Something interesting to show you :)

We watched very much Hollywood movies in Malaysia right? And sometimes I watched some movie they had this baseball match - Chicago Cubs. Men & lady will bring around a basket vending hot dogs everywhere in the stadium.

I tried to search for better picture but I can't. *sigh* The picture above also gives you the idea, just refreshed through some of the movies you had seen before. Chicago Cubs is the favourite & very much of the Chicagoans interest. With that, they came with an official Hot Dog called Ball Park.

A tickle advert from Boston Market.
Does that mean I slow down my brain will not freeze?

Slow down to dine in Boston Market is it? ($.$)

Americans encourage their citizens by taking public transportation in whatever means by equipping the facilities, convenience, reasonable fare and covering most of the major & minor places. This is why they are brave enough to have such advert like this one.

You will never see such advert in Malaysia ok!? Because facilities are insufficient like in US, the bicycle & handicapped are convenient to take a bus anytime & anywhere. One thing for sure, they covered up most of the major & minor places.

What about this one?

Twins club also exist for community. HOHO! Do we have such club? or maybe babysitter club? I can't imagine what does the club serves for. How to identified twins either How am I suppose to act opposite with my twin? Roffllllll......
So don't be surprise, I am sure there are Gay or Lesbian club around.

Now Starbucks turn.

Will you compromise? Very straight forward, either you take it or leave it.

I am leaving it ... because I get bored almost drinking it everyday. And got myself Arizona Iced Lemon Tea. Nutrient Fact : 0% of protein/vitamin/nutrious. Nothing to complaint anyway because it was just 0.99cent with 500ml. What do you expect?

muahahahha...Okay at least I enjoy laughing a bit today! Or maybe just a smile will do for me & you.

Goodnight peeps! (0.0)

17 August 2009

Thank God!

Yay! My mum did not cook me. Because I actually had amended the name & confirmation send to my email *big relief*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sometimes, I wonder whether working is a good thing. When I encountered some things which I really needed much help of someone working in that company, there's where working come to my rescue :) even if it is personally stuff :)) *double smiley.

One scenario was occurred like 1 month ago which my friend told me she saw my article some where in Air Asia's mag but she didn't know which month and what mag was that. And so, I intro myself and where I am working to Air Asia office in KK to seek for help (I wanted to know, maybe I might win a ticket or what!) . To my surprise, they really really help me through by checking the previous mag this & that. Thanks to the people that help. A big hug to the red team!

Then this is the second time, the last alpha of my mum's name is missing through booking online after the transaction was done. I didn't know what to do and called the toll free for help. (Waited for like 10 minutes listening to the recorded messages of MAS blabla) Okay, this customer service officer did nag me abit lah. He told me through the phone that he had amended in the system and that will be fine however, my heart felt uncomfortable as no confirmation could be send to my email. (If he send the confirmation, need to charge extra RM65!!wth)

I went to seek one of my admin manager in the office that had made uncountable transaction booking online. She told me she never encountered such mess before. Ahh..mann~~ Finally, I thought about calling up the MAS sales office in KK for rescue! After all the hassle(took about 15minutes)...they send me the confirmation straight away. Again, by introducing myself & where I am attached too, they helped me through.

What do you think? Working is a good thing even my personal stuff can be sorted out easily...oh wait...Not easily but still a little hassle here & there.


-so coincidence both situations are related with airline industry

11 August 2009

Booking Ticket Online

With the new era, mostly everyone knew that ticket can be purchased online which is just a few clicks away. It is a good thing!

Today is the 1st time in my online booking history that I made a mistake. No, actually the computer mistake. I am really THAT AFRAID to book online especially fear of the wrong dates, wrong timing or what so ever typing the wrong details at the credit card section. I AM REALLY THAT EXTRA CAREFUL. Cannot have distraction, I could only focus in front of this 14inches flat screen.


After every procedure was done, ticket purchased, wait for the time to get on board. (The ticket is for my mum, not myself) The name punched in was OBVIOUSLY correct at the time of purchasing. However some how through the system, my mum's name lost the last alphabet! ARGH!!!

Anyone can help? I called mum the toll free and spoke to Razman, one of the call centre staff.

R : [Introduction]...blabla. How can I help you?

Me : Hi, my name is Clara calling from Kota Kinabalu. [Explain my problem.] *very sad voice

R : Miss, next time when you booked, you have to check thoroughly before entering.

Me : Ok, but I guess the data lost in between during the transaction.

R : I have now put a remark on the name.

Me : Is there any charges?

R : No.

Me : So could you please send me an email on the name changed?

R : Mam', I could not email the new itinerary, if it is so, we will charged RM 65 to issue a new one.

Me : Does this mean I could check-in after the remarks shown in the system? And is that totally fine.

R : Yes.

GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! Please be fine! I am so freaking no mood. RM 65 is a lot. The return ticket to KUL cost RM 420.00Nett!

Anyone encountered such problem before? Please advise. Or anyone that came across could help me?! I really really need a hand on this :(:(:(

This feeling on uneasy will be until mum done her traveling without any mess occurred.

My mum haven't know about this yettt!! I guess I need to let her know tomorrow or so when I pass her the itinenary print out.

08 August 2009

Hello August!

I know I know...its been a long time since I last blog. Aiyah, you know after work I just don't feel like staring the computer anymore once I am back home. I just wanna have a relaxing time like playing games, chit chat with parents & maybe reading. That would be a real entertainment. wtf. hahahahaha!

Anyway, I am so sick with the weather! Why is so freaking HOTTTTTTTTTT!!! every SINGLE DAY? I just can't stand much. See, I can't wear really nice outfit because of the WEATHER. I would be sweating all over, my outfit stinks and I felt stinky and really felt terribly uncomfortable.

Number 2. I do want to put on make up. The moment I walk out, the make up melts! on my face. Make me look like clown and need much touch up before see someone in the destination. Really sick of the WEATHER!

Number 3. Because of the FREAKING BLAZING SUN, I don't feel like doing anything but just spending the hours in an aircon room.

And with the 3 reasons above, I did nothing! and end up doing number 3 everyday. But yesterday at least I went out for a small reunion. Upload picture next time. :)


Chicago Post is not done yet. Happy you?! A place that I fell in love the moment I stepped my foot.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here, I felt the peace & a place which I want to live & stay for long. Looking at the structure of the city and the combination of nature & people, really a great place to live comparing with Chicago city, I like here much better.

I spend 42 dollars for a round trip by hoping up on an Amtrak at Glenview Station. Of course you could always hop into one in Union Station (Chicago station hub).

Check the prices & time departures online. Internet is damn useful there. Anything just go online search. Amtrak is comfortable than the plan!! very.the.true!

The journey took about an hour 5 minutes. Not a very long journey to see another state. Worth going with 42 dollars. Things are merrily much cheaper as the taxes are much lower here in small city.

Trying to act as if I am touching the ladybird but fail!

Buildings are more structured & pleasing. I really did not want to go home on the same day. Many attractions on the city itself like shopping, historical places, market & zoo. Mostly all are within walking distance. In the month of June, ride everywhere for free because of School Holidays! But I was there in May. Miss that part and I walked to everywhere. Nice experience though.

Places in city. Outside the shopping mall. So the beautiful place!!! :)))

Saw that car. With all the posters & papers over it. I do not know what it was but kept going round & round the street honing.

Yeap, they love theater very very much! Hence, The Riverside serves it purposes for the Milwaukeens - got such word? LOL!

There is nothing much to do here. But I really love the life, slow & steady...no rushing here & there or either terrible jam. Americans are friendly! Especially the door man, showing directions.

And found ourselves in Grand Avenue shopping mall. Quite huge, full with all the the you need in 1 stop, 1 destination. This is how Americans plan were. Convenient for us to get everything we want in a place. Not like in Malaysia, one thing have to buy from here another buy from there. So unrealistic yet time consuming.

After a walking a while, found a very nice place to have a rest. My dad took candid pictures of me. yayyyyyyy!

The sky is the limit!

Resting & playing around~~

Then reached Milwaukee Public Market. Read here.

Trying to push the popcorn booth away.

This is Market. So clean okay?

Had my white peach tea outdoor. Very siokkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Time to catch the next train home :( oh dear, how fast the time had past when I am happy lappy happy loli!!

Have to pass by the same street, and still saw that car honing away back & forth. LOL!

3> Ladylike was here!!