17 August 2009

Thank God!

Yay! My mum did not cook me. Because I actually had amended the name & confirmation send to my email *big relief*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sometimes, I wonder whether working is a good thing. When I encountered some things which I really needed much help of someone working in that company, there's where working come to my rescue :) even if it is personally stuff :)) *double smiley.

One scenario was occurred like 1 month ago which my friend told me she saw my article some where in Air Asia's mag but she didn't know which month and what mag was that. And so, I intro myself and where I am working to Air Asia office in KK to seek for help (I wanted to know, maybe I might win a ticket or what!) . To my surprise, they really really help me through by checking the previous mag this & that. Thanks to the people that help. A big hug to the red team!

Then this is the second time, the last alpha of my mum's name is missing through booking online after the transaction was done. I didn't know what to do and called the toll free for help. (Waited for like 10 minutes listening to the recorded messages of MAS blabla) Okay, this customer service officer did nag me abit lah. He told me through the phone that he had amended in the system and that will be fine however, my heart felt uncomfortable as no confirmation could be send to my email. (If he send the confirmation, need to charge extra RM65!!wth)

I went to seek one of my admin manager in the office that had made uncountable transaction booking online. She told me she never encountered such mess before. Ahh..mann~~ Finally, I thought about calling up the MAS sales office in KK for rescue! After all the hassle(took about 15minutes)...they send me the confirmation straight away. Again, by introducing myself & where I am attached too, they helped me through.

What do you think? Working is a good thing even my personal stuff can be sorted out easily...oh wait...Not easily but still a little hassle here & there.


-so coincidence both situations are related with airline industry


Alvin Lim said...

haha, maybe ur company famous for giving problems n headaches to the airline company :P

sooclara said...

alvin : if it is so, they wont help me lah..if my company always give trouble =p