11 August 2009

Booking Ticket Online

With the new era, mostly everyone knew that ticket can be purchased online which is just a few clicks away. It is a good thing!

Today is the 1st time in my online booking history that I made a mistake. No, actually the computer mistake. I am really THAT AFRAID to book online especially fear of the wrong dates, wrong timing or what so ever typing the wrong details at the credit card section. I AM REALLY THAT EXTRA CAREFUL. Cannot have distraction, I could only focus in front of this 14inches flat screen.


After every procedure was done, ticket purchased, wait for the time to get on board. (The ticket is for my mum, not myself) The name punched in was OBVIOUSLY correct at the time of purchasing. However some how through the system, my mum's name lost the last alphabet! ARGH!!!

Anyone can help? I called mum the toll free and spoke to Razman, one of the call centre staff.

R : [Introduction]...blabla. How can I help you?

Me : Hi, my name is Clara calling from Kota Kinabalu. [Explain my problem.] *very sad voice

R : Miss, next time when you booked, you have to check thoroughly before entering.

Me : Ok, but I guess the data lost in between during the transaction.

R : I have now put a remark on the name.

Me : Is there any charges?

R : No.

Me : So could you please send me an email on the name changed?

R : Mam', I could not email the new itinerary, if it is so, we will charged RM 65 to issue a new one.

Me : Does this mean I could check-in after the remarks shown in the system? And is that totally fine.

R : Yes.

GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! Please be fine! I am so freaking no mood. RM 65 is a lot. The return ticket to KUL cost RM 420.00Nett!

Anyone encountered such problem before? Please advise. Or anyone that came across could help me?! I really really need a hand on this :(:(:(

This feeling on uneasy will be until mum done her traveling without any mess occurred.

My mum haven't know about this yettt!! I guess I need to let her know tomorrow or so when I pass her the itinenary print out.


Alvin Lim said...

hmmm from miss, you became maam. mmmm

sooclara said...

alvin : very kett sam okkk!! :( :(

Mei-Wah said...

sorry for being MIA these few weeks. i was sick and busy and packed with cupcake orders. sorry clara~ :( thousand apologies...

bout ur experience, i never encounter that before... good thing that they never charge RM50 for name changing or something like that. phew...

sooclara said...

mei wah : suddenly appear liao!

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