08 August 2009

Hello August!

I know I know...its been a long time since I last blog. Aiyah, you know after work I just don't feel like staring the computer anymore once I am back home. I just wanna have a relaxing time like playing games, chit chat with parents & maybe reading. That would be a real entertainment. wtf. hahahahaha!

Anyway, I am so sick with the weather! Why is so freaking HOTTTTTTTTTT!!! every SINGLE DAY? I just can't stand much. See, I can't wear really nice outfit because of the WEATHER. I would be sweating all over, my outfit stinks and I felt stinky and really felt terribly uncomfortable.

Number 2. I do want to put on make up. The moment I walk out, the make up melts! on my face. Make me look like clown and need much touch up before see someone in the destination. Really sick of the WEATHER!

Number 3. Because of the FREAKING BLAZING SUN, I don't feel like doing anything but just spending the hours in an aircon room.

And with the 3 reasons above, I did nothing! and end up doing number 3 everyday. But yesterday at least I went out for a small reunion. Upload picture next time. :)


Chicago Post is not done yet. Happy you?! A place that I fell in love the moment I stepped my foot.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here, I felt the peace & a place which I want to live & stay for long. Looking at the structure of the city and the combination of nature & people, really a great place to live comparing with Chicago city, I like here much better.

I spend 42 dollars for a round trip by hoping up on an Amtrak at Glenview Station. Of course you could always hop into one in Union Station (Chicago station hub).

Check the prices & time departures online. Internet is damn useful there. Anything just go online search. Amtrak is comfortable than the plan!! very.the.true!

The journey took about an hour 5 minutes. Not a very long journey to see another state. Worth going with 42 dollars. Things are merrily much cheaper as the taxes are much lower here in small city.

Trying to act as if I am touching the ladybird but fail!

Buildings are more structured & pleasing. I really did not want to go home on the same day. Many attractions on the city itself like shopping, historical places, market & zoo. Mostly all are within walking distance. In the month of June, ride everywhere for free because of School Holidays! But I was there in May. Miss that part and I walked to everywhere. Nice experience though.

Places in city. Outside the shopping mall. So the beautiful place!!! :)))

Saw that car. With all the posters & papers over it. I do not know what it was but kept going round & round the street honing.

Yeap, they love theater very very much! Hence, The Riverside serves it purposes for the Milwaukeens - got such word? LOL!

There is nothing much to do here. But I really love the life, slow & steady...no rushing here & there or either terrible jam. Americans are friendly! Especially the door man, showing directions.

And found ourselves in Grand Avenue shopping mall. Quite huge, full with all the the you need in 1 stop, 1 destination. This is how Americans plan were. Convenient for us to get everything we want in a place. Not like in Malaysia, one thing have to buy from here another buy from there. So unrealistic yet time consuming.

After a walking a while, found a very nice place to have a rest. My dad took candid pictures of me. yayyyyyyy!

The sky is the limit!

Resting & playing around~~

Then reached Milwaukee Public Market. Read here.

Trying to push the popcorn booth away.

This is Market. So clean okay?

Had my white peach tea outdoor. Very siokkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Time to catch the next train home :( oh dear, how fast the time had past when I am happy lappy happy loli!!

Have to pass by the same street, and still saw that car honing away back & forth. LOL!

3> Ladylike was here!!


Senghoo. said...

Reading? Wooo, not much of a computer-ing person, I presume? :)
CHICAGO?!! Goodness, drooling with jealousy -

Alvin Lim said...

reading? u serious? o_O

sooclara said...

Senghoo : so visit her often. Traveling in my blog.LOL!

Alvin : wei, i like reading ok?! so sarcastic 1 oh u! hahahhaha...!! reading is good! :p