27 September 2008

In between changing jobs

Last Thursday was my last day at work. But on Wednesday after work, I reached home and almost collapsed because I was suffering headache, cold and fever. Felt like DYING! The three weeks investment in Lekor and Pisang Goreng finally called a death sentence to me that I should also Quit. MC on the last day like I do it on purpose but hey, I'm really ILL okay, no kidding.

I thought I could get things done before my new job starts again next week. I'm anticipating it would be much much better than before and it is what I wanted to do :) *sick still can smile?* I also plan to go shopping with mum but to no avail I've to stay at home and rest.

This is bad ...

The blue one is for fever and the yellow brown is antibiotics

But I've to take it each time after food. I'm getting weaker and weaker. Have been sick countless time, up to date I think second or the third time I'm taking antibiotics. What is 2008?!! 8 isn't suppose to be a good number? How I come I can get so sick? 2008 is sick of me? LOL~

I was typing an email to a pharmacist future to be that she should graduate asap so that she could give free consultation with discounts in prescribing medicine to me.

She replied me :

But what they always tell us is advise patient to drink lots of water, keep hydrated & rest heaps...hehe..free counselling 4 u leh hehe..did i just chase a customer away by giving lame ass advice haha..

She is actually one of my good buddy still studying in NZ.

that is her. yumcha in Waterfront during her summer break.

She is still single and available ;) So any of you would like her contact, you just let me know but I do need to charge some fee as a middle person/broker(LOL). I wonder she would have time to see herself her because she's always busy with lab reports, internships and hardly go online in msn, maybe Once In a Blue Moon.

I gotta get some more rest. Hampir jadi bedridden....choi~~~ more stories laterrr..

.Mari kita bersalam-salam, minta maaf zahir dan batin, counting down the days to get well so that I can eat RENDANG!!! Please!! Please!! I must be heal before the moon become full...nono..i mean before full moon when Hari Raya will be declared on air.*fingers cross*

24 September 2008

Causes of looking Fleshy

My family members especially are reluctant on how big my tummy has grow. I'm gonna tell you what I ate and how I became fleshy lately.

One thing for sure, is the hormone reaction. Either you're happy or you're stress, one easily put on fat! Yes, fat! errmmm for my case, I think I was both. Happy after work, Stress during work.

The second influencing factor is the people around my work place. All of them love to eat just that my manager and I are the ones non-stop eating and influencing the others too. :D Food is good okay?!

A bunch of us love food; great influence from me

Fasting month for the Muslim but Eating Feast for people like me. Due to strategic location, Tanjung Aru Ramadhan Stalls are just a stone throw away from my work place. And you tell me, how can I resist such temptation where by the food are cheapppp???

I am not getting sick of the food yet...although this week is the third week. Oh no, 1 more week left only!! My menu and never miss during tea time..

6 pieces for RM 1. Doesn't hurt my pocket. :) I *heart*

Lekor!(Fried flour with fish) Very addictive bites I tell you. Never enough! And last but not least Pisang Goreng!!!(Fried banana)

6 pieces for RM1. Heavennnnn!!!!!

Crispy. These fried bananas are really good. Well it's easy to get both of these over here because there's ONE and ONLY stall.

See... Lekor and Pisang Goreng need lots lots of oil to fry. It is so unhealthy and I've been consuming them almost every day. Maybe 4 times a week; enough to shorten my life span. *Pimples popping out at forehead. Goshhhh!*

Some great food along the way...

Ikan Bakar, Sotong Bakar and etc

Barbeque food. Fish, Octopus , Chicken wings..you name it! And I saw the prawn, still on the way to be served on the barbeque stand.

Kuih Muih 3 for RM 1.

Martabak for RM 1.50 per piece. Some of the kuih muih beside..

Martabak.(Flour with choice of vegetable or meat in it) These stalls are open once a year.(It is depends if Hari Raya happen to be twice in a year) Cheap, good food, where to get? Might as well, eat now...hahaha!!

Spot my leg

On my way back this hungry cat even block my way and keep Miao-ing! She followed me from the stalls until half way back to my office. I guess she also want to Buka Puasa. Too hungry.


eerr, if you don't mind, you can invite me to your open house too. ;) Because there will be rendang and kari, I know I know..my saliva is starting to drip. Gotta wipe my lappy now....byeee..!!

22 September 2008

Marinate chicken wings without getting your hands dirty

The topic interest you? We always have the chicken smell on our hands after doing the marination. I'm gonna share with you, how I marinate chicken wings without getting my hands with chicky smell.

And the chicken wings taste better still, than getting hands dirty in marinating them.

First of all, ready a clean plastic bag. Marinate with plastic bag could spread the mixture evenly on every chicken wings so that when you consume, you wouldn't find a part of not being marinated.

Pour light soya sauce into the bag. (depending on how many wings)

It will look like this.

And then add oyster sauce.

To make wings taste superb, all you need to do is, lesung the ginger to get the ginger drips.

By using your palm, squeeze the ginger which has been lesung.

After that, you can start transfering the clean wings one by one into the plastic bag by using a clipper. Then flip the chicken wing side by side so that the mixture could spread evenly on the wings. (Slight cut on the chicken wings would be better so that the mixture sauce could get into the chicken flesh)

Finally, all in. Tied the plastic bag tightly with rubber band without air trapping inside the bag.

Your chicken wings are done. For better result, marinate 1 day before frying/grill/baked.

If you have tried it as I've recommended above, let me know your result. :D

Say Goodbye to smelly chicky hands.

20 September 2008

Tri-changes of Hair cut in 9 months

This the year, I cut my hair so many times in 9 months. 3 styles all in all.

Have a look at my beginning 2008 hair style.

January 2008. I had my haircut in December before Christmas. With this zig zag style.

Can't really see actually as it is only a little staircase kind of style.

July 2008. Time to change~~

The super long straight and sleeky hair. Bored with it and get to the saloon for a hair cut! I kinda miss my hair nowwww.......!!!!!!!!! :S

And I've got this brand new look.

Short? Or not short enough???

August 2008

It gets long pretty fast. I really have no idea why. It was not like this before. In my life, it takes ages to have that long hair in the 1st picture.

With this weird me in 2008, I went for another haircut again. This time, I opted for a shorter one than before. Hehehe!!

A long fringe. Longer on your left side.

I complained it is not short enough!! Nice? I have people saying I don't look good with short hair because my head shape doesn't match with it. However, they are some do agree I look good with it which I, myself think it isn't bad after all. :)

Side way. Not really that short though as the hair designer said my neck would appear to be long. No good.

There some here and there said I look like a kiddo. Oh lala~~ So many comment. mmm...well, it never being bad too look young. Right?

Your turn now, what do you think?

18 September 2008

Resolution Achieved!

Finally, I achieved my longest ever Resolution I've made in my entire life!!

I.AM.NOW.46 KGS!!!(my waist line 26!!!)

Just got myself weight last weekend, when I had my body check up. Through BMI calculation, I am actually still under weight....but my tummy is big now, as if I had a 1 month fetus growing in it. WTFish! I'm serious! My M593 jeans is now getting tighter and I even had difficulties in putting them on. You see, I am really that fat now.

see my chubby face! i've got a new haircut too! :) I'll make a post for my haircut later~

I don't know whether I should be happy because I finally looks more meaty and fleshy. Hehehe! But my tummy is gonna get worse if I do continue eating. Arrgghh!! The fats doesn't spread to my arms and thighs so it makes my stomach buncit!

my arm isn't flesy! spot all the red dots. thanks to the mosquito for having me as their victim. Rainy days and they are more wondering around in my room. Only appear during human sleeping hour.

I'm getting worried...now...tell me what to do??!! I'm trying to cut off what I'm eating now but don't you think it's like..."you're skinny and you still wana go on diet?! SIAO arrr!!!???" (everywhere look skinny only the tummy is having the reaction on the food I consumed.OMGGG!!)

Definately, I am keeping a healthy lifestyle. Slacking off in jogging previously due to weather conditions and little bit of my expertise in procrastinating. In order to bring back the spirit of healthy lifestyle, I invested a new shoe.

hehe!nice? RM 124 after 50% discount.

Take this opportunity to kick off the old one because it is badly screwed up!
I shouldn't buy white but this is the cheapest yet most suitable for my size 8 foot. (big, huh??) *sigh* I don't suit all sport shoes because I have this inbalance body where as my body figure is rather small and I have this big foot. So they don't get along well. When I put on sports shoes that looks longer than usual, it seems like I'm wearing a ship. Very ganjil look.

And I hope this semangat not hangat-hangat tahi ayam only!

Coming next
Either my haircut or what makes me fat?!

14 September 2008

Go by Faith!

Remember I was upset of my work before? Read this.

Last week, my superior found out that the people in SESB cut the wrong electricity, ended up my office was in pitch black during daytime. *sigh* He didn't apologized but instead he told me whether I wanted to scold the people in SESB or throw eggs to them. So not REALISTIC right?

In return, I just kept quiet and made a small smile. I was dumb, I didn't know what to say at that particular moment, but should have asked him to say "Sorry, I scolded you up to the air, it was my mistake". Erm, sounded lame..but at least...a simple sorry. Other staff must be blaming me and pointed the mistake to me well, in the heart of course.

Whatever means, I go by faith in resigning. That is not the main reason of kena scolded straight away resign laa... there were other better reasons of resigning though. And that, I get another offer! ( 3weeks after submitting resignation letter) YES! I hope this is a better one. :) See, God is good all the time and all the time God is Good! As much as I had honour him, he now blessed me because He did listen to my prayer. He really DID, my dear friends!

Now everyone, Go in Peace and Serve the Lord! In the name of Christ, Amen!

By the way, Happy Mid-autumn. hehehehe!

08 September 2008

Lippy Lippy L.I.P.S

Dried and cranky lips do annoys our daily routine. Although you consume much much water it still looks so uninviting! It happens to some people, and I'm one of them. :(

Tips : Do not use your saliva to wet your lips because it will turn to be more dry. This is the doctor common advice.

So among all the lip moisturizers I tried before, I wanna reveal the ones that I discovered to be really good.

Chap Stick. Lip conditioner. Australian product sell at $3.49.(I cannot find in Malaysia) I know it's damn cheap to buy with their own money. You just apply once in the morning and it could moisturize until the afternoon. For better result, apply before you go to bed, the next morning, you lips is NO NO DRY!! :D

Aloe Lips with Jojoba RM 10. I think it's a direct selling product. My dad bought in the Lido market where there was this man he saw my dad's right eye had swollen. The man suggested my dad this Aloe Vera with just two days application the swollen is no where in sight! *thumbs up* I hijacked the left over and it was really moisturizing. (I'm not disgusting ok,my dad didn't apply the stick to his eyes that was why I hijacked the rest. ;) )

Japanese Product RM 5 from Daiso Japan, 1Borneo. I don't know why it is written as Lip Stick which is totally not. I bought a Grapefruit flavour, didn't like it right away but after few days of application, not so bad. Comparing with the two above, this is not so moisturizing, needed more application in a day to maintain your sweet lips.

Current obsession : Trying different kinds of lip gloss, lip balm, anything with lips..but not lip stick or lip linear!

05 September 2008

Boring time during working hours

It is sleepy when you have nothing to do during working hours. Even you're sleepy you can't sleep, so geram!! LOL! That is working lah...*duh*

My colleague tried to entertain me while waiting for the wigs to be picked up, he had it on his head.

K : (wear the wig) Look at me ehh..
Ladylike : eee....you look so ah beng la. Hahhahaha!!
K : Kuai tien (quick) take my picture ehhh...

This is the 70's hair style. You know singer like Elvis holding a guitar, wearing the big sunglasses. Alas, we don't have accessories to go along with it.

This is Geek/Noob wig. Trying to act cool. (^_____^) And he was so curious to see how does he looks like and that I took his picture. Confirm looks like a nerd!

Clown Wig. This doesn't show helpless. But the previous two pictures were really funny.

30 minutes passed by...

*Look at the clock* 4pm

arrgghh...still got 1 hour and 30 minutes *sighh*

03 September 2008

Nice *konon* pajamas

I think it's time to change my wardrobe. I've not been buying much ever since my first year of college because Taylor's fee is bloody suckers! Through my previous posts, the tops which I bought doesn't really seems to be enough. ( I must be joking! If you're a girl too, you know what I mean )

It wasn't my intention to buy anything when I was accompanying my mum shopping. But this caught my eyes...

My friend saw this picture in my mobile and said I was wearing a pajama. Looks like pajama meh? So nice and comfy for only RM 40. How not to buy? Comes with belt some more.


My sister is missing the cutie pies!

Nahh , Brenda the picture.

Too lovely to be scolded. Too midget to be pinch.

01 September 2008

Cheap buys in Philippines

PayBack Time!

This post has been expired long long time ago. I still owe you guys on the things that I bought dirt cheap in Philippines. Taken the pictures long time ago, but didn't find time to sit down and blog. (Really that busy meh?)

Well, it's always like that when we discover new things to do and that I've also started working since then. For some time, the feeling to stop blogging does comes and go...but because I do have my own readers, I didn't want to let them down and compliments : she is doing real good in blogging, informative. When I heard that, people appreciate my blog, so I do should continue, don't I?

Spaghetti Cherry Blouse RM14 *eyes pop out @.@* When I told my friend, they said I must be kidding. It's damn true...hehe! But this is the last one.

Short cardigan RM 28. My friend still continue to envy me because why is it so cheap!! We couldn't get prices like that in KK. If in KK, those cheap stuffs sure no quality and dirty already then can cheap sale...right? right?

Baby Tee RM 14 also. @.@ wooww...

You couldn't believe this. Original Levi's baby tee at RM 38! I'm telling the truth. Nothing but the truth. Really my love.

Merdeka Day is over. Now fasting month for the Muslim. Sure banyak bazaar selling Malay delicacies. I will try to visit one. :D Food ..Food!