14 September 2008

Go by Faith!

Remember I was upset of my work before? Read this.

Last week, my superior found out that the people in SESB cut the wrong electricity, ended up my office was in pitch black during daytime. *sigh* He didn't apologized but instead he told me whether I wanted to scold the people in SESB or throw eggs to them. So not REALISTIC right?

In return, I just kept quiet and made a small smile. I was dumb, I didn't know what to say at that particular moment, but should have asked him to say "Sorry, I scolded you up to the air, it was my mistake". Erm, sounded lame..but at least...a simple sorry. Other staff must be blaming me and pointed the mistake to me well, in the heart of course.

Whatever means, I go by faith in resigning. That is not the main reason of kena scolded straight away resign laa... there were other better reasons of resigning though. And that, I get another offer! ( 3weeks after submitting resignation letter) YES! I hope this is a better one. :) See, God is good all the time and all the time God is Good! As much as I had honour him, he now blessed me because He did listen to my prayer. He really DID, my dear friends!

Now everyone, Go in Peace and Serve the Lord! In the name of Christ, Amen!

By the way, Happy Mid-autumn. hehehehe!