18 September 2008

Resolution Achieved!

Finally, I achieved my longest ever Resolution I've made in my entire life!!

I.AM.NOW.46 KGS!!!(my waist line 26!!!)

Just got myself weight last weekend, when I had my body check up. Through BMI calculation, I am actually still under weight....but my tummy is big now, as if I had a 1 month fetus growing in it. WTFish! I'm serious! My M593 jeans is now getting tighter and I even had difficulties in putting them on. You see, I am really that fat now.

see my chubby face! i've got a new haircut too! :) I'll make a post for my haircut later~

I don't know whether I should be happy because I finally looks more meaty and fleshy. Hehehe! But my tummy is gonna get worse if I do continue eating. Arrgghh!! The fats doesn't spread to my arms and thighs so it makes my stomach buncit!

my arm isn't flesy! spot all the red dots. thanks to the mosquito for having me as their victim. Rainy days and they are more wondering around in my room. Only appear during human sleeping hour.

I'm getting worried...now...tell me what to do??!! I'm trying to cut off what I'm eating now but don't you think it's like..."you're skinny and you still wana go on diet?! SIAO arrr!!!???" (everywhere look skinny only the tummy is having the reaction on the food I consumed.OMGGG!!)

Definately, I am keeping a healthy lifestyle. Slacking off in jogging previously due to weather conditions and little bit of my expertise in procrastinating. In order to bring back the spirit of healthy lifestyle, I invested a new shoe.

hehe!nice? RM 124 after 50% discount.

Take this opportunity to kick off the old one because it is badly screwed up!
I shouldn't buy white but this is the cheapest yet most suitable for my size 8 foot. (big, huh??) *sigh* I don't suit all sport shoes because I have this inbalance body where as my body figure is rather small and I have this big foot. So they don't get along well. When I put on sports shoes that looks longer than usual, it seems like I'm wearing a ship. Very ganjil look.

And I hope this semangat not hangat-hangat tahi ayam only!

Coming next
Either my haircut or what makes me fat?!

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cAth said...

tulah hari2 makan lekor n pisang goreng as hi tea that's y ur tummy growing fast!!ahahaaha