20 September 2008

Tri-changes of Hair cut in 9 months

This the year, I cut my hair so many times in 9 months. 3 styles all in all.

Have a look at my beginning 2008 hair style.

January 2008. I had my haircut in December before Christmas. With this zig zag style.

Can't really see actually as it is only a little staircase kind of style.

July 2008. Time to change~~

The super long straight and sleeky hair. Bored with it and get to the saloon for a hair cut! I kinda miss my hair nowwww.......!!!!!!!!! :S

And I've got this brand new look.

Short? Or not short enough???

August 2008

It gets long pretty fast. I really have no idea why. It was not like this before. In my life, it takes ages to have that long hair in the 1st picture.

With this weird me in 2008, I went for another haircut again. This time, I opted for a shorter one than before. Hehehe!!

A long fringe. Longer on your left side.

I complained it is not short enough!! Nice? I have people saying I don't look good with short hair because my head shape doesn't match with it. However, they are some do agree I look good with it which I, myself think it isn't bad after all. :)

Side way. Not really that short though as the hair designer said my neck would appear to be long. No good.

There some here and there said I look like a kiddo. Oh lala~~ So many comment. mmm...well, it never being bad too look young. Right?

Your turn now, what do you think?


sheby said...

wowww... well, never try never know ;)

sooclara said...

hehe..yes i agree~~..