30 January 2008

Nathanael and Leanne

--I listened to my recording on air, it didn't sound much like me. There were some words I hitched and my script changed here and there because I can't relate the songs as there were unavailable. *sigh* --

My first time attending a Bishop’s son wedding in church. I didn’t know the bride and the groom in person but I just wanted to see another kind of wedding in church as it was a bishop’s son. When I said Bishop’s son wedding, you initially thought of a solemnise and traditional wedding right? I cannot find a word to describe this wedding. Part of it, yes it started of with the solemnise and the traditional way – the father handing over the daughter, the exchange of vows, rings, and two became one. Well, it is the usual way. I only find out that no photo taking during the solemnization, only official photographers were allowed. Back in my parents period, even official photographers were not allowed!!

Singapore style of weddings - the maid of honour and bridesmaid would have the walk of fame first. Then came the bride with daddyyy...

The last bit, strikes me!

The bride dancing all the way out of the church with the groom allowing her to make her turns round and round…wowwwww~~!! A new style of concluding a wedding ceremony in church. GREAT! Does it appear to be different to you? It was to me because typically the bride and groom would have their hands tied together, walking in a slow pace with the wedding anthem blasting on the speakers. Seriously, when the bride was dancing her way out, everyone had no idea what was she doing and what it was all about. No one made a move, everyone was stunned watching them. Not until, the families stood up and started giving them applause.

I heard from a friend, that the groom was a MURDERER during high school. Do you know how serious it can be?!!

MURDERER…he killed many many girls with his SMART-GENTLE-HANDSOME look. Now this lady won the victory, defeating all the ladies whom adore and admire him.

The bride was thirsty ... also holding the bottle indication of Obor-obor

The message was by a man, not sure whether he is a pastor; explaining the preparations of the wedding. Really a lot of work to be done just for this particular day! Imagine, the groom migrated and stays in Sydney, Australia and the bride in Singapore but they held their wedding in Kota Kinabalu because the groom’s relatives are more here. You could know fixing a date for a wedding, the air fare and get the best man and bridesmaid to be in Kota Kinabalu are enough to crack your head! These lead me to sense … the up-coming weddings in future that I would surely be involved – my brother’s, my sister’s, my close cousins, my close friends and








Alright, I shall stop here and let the thinking laid behind~~

Congratz to the newly wed couples
Clara Soo

27 January 2008

On Air

If you were listening to Radio Sabah last Friday, the trying-to-sound-enthusiastic voice was me! YES, IT WAS ME!!!  I didn’t know that I was going to do something in open like everyone is going to hear my voice...it was my very first time experience on air, speaking, laughing, joking ~ ALL ALONE!!

It all started when I was looking for a former DJ and he introduced me to Ms. Viola, the producer. So, that’s how I came about to know the Guest DJ show and gave it a try. Thank you Ms. Viola for the invitation, if not I wouldn’t have the chance though! Well, have been hearing her voice for many years but didn’t see her before until that dayyy. She was warm and comfortable; it actually made me a little at ease although there was still nervousness.

Ms.Viola & I

When I entered the broadcasting room, my mind just went blank! Okay, it’s the time now, Sabahans are going to listen to me tonight from here! All I needed to do was to speak through the microphone and prepared the songs to play. Eemm, seemed easy right? Yeah, its really easy but….the major thing was how am I going to entertain the listeners out there to tune in? would they even understand what am I talking about? Do they get my joke?! DARN! I was so nervous~ It’s a natural thing I know but the nervousness always bring me down under..geezzz I hate that feeling.

Ready “a signal given to me* okay your turned to speak. Nevertheless, voice still came out from my mouth! Thank goodness! Haha! Well, I hope the songs were all right for that night because the songs I chosen earlier on cannot be played with my CD. Yeah, another factor that made me more tense!

Overall, not bad~ I get the chance to go on air, get a glimpse of the office, the broadcasting room, the walkway, the corridor…the clock..Laugh Out Loud! Alright, nothing to be excited. Where on earth do you get such thing : experience + fun + being paid?!!! Here it is SABAH V FM~~

Oh la la
Clara Soo

22 January 2008


I do a lot of thinking when I'm doing house chores. My mind just won't stop, indeed keep on working and working until I'm done either with the dish washing or vacuum the floor and etc. The tongue subject click on my mind and it became my topic for today.

It is so amazing how tongue make a part of our whole body. Just a small organ but with various functions..

it able us to

to sing

to taste

and also...to share our love by giving a kiss

I mean french kiss

See, how useful this tiny tool in our daily lives. So powerful that we do miss use it sometimes by



all girls like to do...but hey even boys also gossip~~

Because of our ignorance, we sometimes speak without thinking twice and little did we know our words actually hurt someone badly...deeply and we did not realize!! True true??!! It's alright if you are feeling guilty after reading this, it shows you are on the right track. And majority Asians are not used to the word "SORRY". (Hardest word to say and if it does exist in the Asian dictionary context...Laugh Out Loud)

So right now, I'm taking this opportunity to apologize if I did hurt anyone of you without knowing; today, yesterday or in future or long long time ago. Please do forgive me!

Speak with wisdom
Clara Soo

20 January 2008

Long live

I had a chat with a friend in Australia through MSN. Here goes our conversation :

Quoted :

ladylike : how r u babe?

Sylvia : Good yourself?

Sylvia : heheh

Sylvia : long time no talk

ladylike :am doing fine here..

ladylike : yeah very long my fren

ladylike :and u owez appear to be so busy!

Sylvia : too long

Sylvia : I was just thinking about you

Sylvia : in the shower just now

ladylike : really?

Sylvia : lol

Sylvia : Yeah

Sylvia : and like

Sylvia : came back

Sylvia : and you said hi

Sylvia : I'm like whoaaa

Sylvia : psychic

ladylike : yeah and now, !!! i read ur mind

Sylvia : haha


I had this girl in my MSN for years but yet we never chatted as many times as we could especially when she left for Australia last 5 years ago (if not mistaken). Now I really think, why MSN had all this icons like Busy, Away, Do Not Disturb and etc. It would actually make life easier to only have appear offline and online icons, so you could chat with the person. That is what I think though. Laugh Out Loud! Although sometimes I do use the icons of being Busy and Away. HEHEHE!!

Long live my friend! :) You thought about me and then I went on clicking on you after that. That's what the Chinese say, when you think or talk about that person, suddenly they appeared, they would have long lives. HAHA! I do not know whether its true or not...but I bet you too heard it before. If you are reading this, I really had a pleasant chat with you after so loooooong!!

It is just so sweet to hear from a friend that they do think about you! *Smile*

Clara Soo

19 January 2008

Feed the fish

I was watching Go, go go trendy in AEC channel and the host were introducing this Fish Spa thingy that caught my sight. Okay, if you heard this before or tried many many times already, yet only now I knew, I'm really out-date!! Geezz

It started of in somewhere..Eastern Europe, Turkey ( Did i get my geography right? ) then to Asia, of course in Japan that always adapt the new trend in East Asia Region. And now in Pavilion,Kuala Lumpur.

The fishes only eat the dead and dry skin. I wonder the fishes grow bigger and fatter by eating those lousy skin? Laugh Out Loud! After the eating session, you will feel that your feet are smoother. Once a week is enough. That's how they introduce this Fish Spa to the audience..mm..so if you are interested in this spa thingy, I will hear you say " I want to feed the fish " muahaha..and the fish will be happy! :) Make sure you get the right fishes because Piranha eat human flesh.

Feed the fish
Clara Soo

14 January 2008

RM 20 note -- no change!!

Celebration is not over for me yet!! :) Oh yes, it is my BIRTHDAY!!
I'm 20 years old now...no more being a teenager i know but...but...look, if you were to count my age physically, I'm still young because your fingers and toes make up the sum of 20. HAHAHA!! The Chinese always symbolize our age by using money as an example of us getting old. Just like now, RM 20 note given to me, there would be no change anymore.

I've got 3 birthday cakes...unexpected!!! We get used to hear people said " Expect the unexpected " right? I expected some people would have wish me but in turn people I never expected wishes me. Amusing right? Anyway, my two primary school buddies that we tremendously rarely keep in touch in a year but gather once in a year had a pleasant night in Fish & Co, Warisan Square. It was supposed to be the usual gathering but since it was near to my birthday, why not celebrate? So both of them arranged everything however one particular that they cannot offered to me is to drive me *No offence*, I still have to be the chauffeur after 3 years of gathering. You guys must be enjoying the 3 years ride right? *Perasan* 1 bottle of mineral water for each of us is not enough because we were pouring out our stories of the year. Can you imagine, we have to take turns to talk??? I'm very glad that we are able to maintain this friendship. Let the pictures continue the say...

New York Fish and Chips

Baked salmon

Durian Cake

You two girls!!! Fabulous~~ Not only celebrate with me, bought me a home made cake, foot the bill and now presents. Thank you once again!

This picture is blur because I tried adjusting my digicam but still I failed

On my birthday night, I had a simple dinner with my family. At this age, I don't seem to ask presents from my family members, but in fact, I ask for more time, more of such kind of dinner to enjoy.

Beef steak

After the so-satisfied-dinner, I went out to celebrate again with my high school classmates in Atlantis Bistro, Waterfront.

American Apple Cheese Cake

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista

High school mates

I've to say I love receiving cards! A card from godmother with bible verses and words of encouragement. Okay? It sounds weird to you and you may give me the look what-is-godmother and where-on-earth-do-you-get-godmother? A godmother was assigned to me during my baptism and she is to guide me in my spiritual life and also pray for me; another adult to watch and care of my growing. I wonder whether my godmother would ever find out my blog and comment being a godmother.

Quoted from the card :
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows James 1:7

Quoted from the red packet :
You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence with eternal pleasures at Your right hand Psalm 16:11

Another cake by Ms.Cornylia...didn't have the chance to cut it because we had the bigger cake earlier on.

my nickname, BEBE, it was given by my classmates when I was back in Form 4.

I want to say a Big Thank You again to everyone that brought colours to my life and remembering me always in prayer.

Happy Birthday to me
Clara Soo

10 January 2008

Evergreen Fresh Ta Cai

Seen this special vegetable in supermarkets before? My first time seeing such vegetable , looks like flower and I showed it to my mother.

Me: Ma, what vegetable is this? Why look so different one?

Mother: Yerr..where did you get this? *Turn the vegetable* ehh..this one is like Sawi.

Me: Huh?? oohh..I see!

Mother: You want to try or not? Cook some and see how it tastes.

Me: Up to you. I will eat.

It isn't cheap. RM 8.90 per kg for vegetable!! But my mother bought three stalks to try. Taste like any other vegetable I think, just like the sayur sawi..hehehe!! The preparation saved a lot of time because I just needed to peel the Ta Cai vege one by one like how we peel the flower petals. No cuttings, small enough to fit into ones mouth.

The front and behind

Ever Green Fresh Ta Cai RM 8.90 per kg

Clara Soo