22 January 2008


I do a lot of thinking when I'm doing house chores. My mind just won't stop, indeed keep on working and working until I'm done either with the dish washing or vacuum the floor and etc. The tongue subject click on my mind and it became my topic for today.

It is so amazing how tongue make a part of our whole body. Just a small organ but with various functions..

it able us to

to sing

to taste

and also...to share our love by giving a kiss

I mean french kiss

See, how useful this tiny tool in our daily lives. So powerful that we do miss use it sometimes by



all girls like to do...but hey even boys also gossip~~

Because of our ignorance, we sometimes speak without thinking twice and little did we know our words actually hurt someone badly...deeply and we did not realize!! True true??!! It's alright if you are feeling guilty after reading this, it shows you are on the right track. And majority Asians are not used to the word "SORRY". (Hardest word to say and if it does exist in the Asian dictionary context...Laugh Out Loud)

So right now, I'm taking this opportunity to apologize if I did hurt anyone of you without knowing; today, yesterday or in future or long long time ago. Please do forgive me!

Speak with wisdom
Clara Soo

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2o9 said...

Wah! so informative... u really enjoy thinking... next time write about eyes~ and nose~ and ...hehehhe.. (don't think too much)