20 January 2008

Long live

I had a chat with a friend in Australia through MSN. Here goes our conversation :

Quoted :

ladylike : how r u babe?

Sylvia : Good yourself?

Sylvia : heheh

Sylvia : long time no talk

ladylike :am doing fine here..

ladylike : yeah very long my fren

ladylike :and u owez appear to be so busy!

Sylvia : too long

Sylvia : I was just thinking about you

Sylvia : in the shower just now

ladylike : really?

Sylvia : lol

Sylvia : Yeah

Sylvia : and like

Sylvia : came back

Sylvia : and you said hi

Sylvia : I'm like whoaaa

Sylvia : psychic

ladylike : yeah and now, !!! i read ur mind

Sylvia : haha


I had this girl in my MSN for years but yet we never chatted as many times as we could especially when she left for Australia last 5 years ago (if not mistaken). Now I really think, why MSN had all this icons like Busy, Away, Do Not Disturb and etc. It would actually make life easier to only have appear offline and online icons, so you could chat with the person. That is what I think though. Laugh Out Loud! Although sometimes I do use the icons of being Busy and Away. HEHEHE!!

Long live my friend! :) You thought about me and then I went on clicking on you after that. That's what the Chinese say, when you think or talk about that person, suddenly they appeared, they would have long lives. HAHA! I do not know whether its true or not...but I bet you too heard it before. If you are reading this, I really had a pleasant chat with you after so loooooong!!

It is just so sweet to hear from a friend that they do think about you! *Smile*

Clara Soo

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