12 September 2011


People said if you give up, means you fail to strieve for success.

But sometimes I think. It is the situation, the complexity of life, the unexpected shortcomings and unforeseen circumstances has turned towards another direction. Giving up is not always have to be negative. Somehow, somewhat, somewhere it might be the rising of the sun. Why? Why would you want to endure? Is it because you fall short to understand the meaning of endure? the stages of life? no pain no gain?

Today, right here, right now. It is.

On another note, my neighbour is playing her piano and I've been blasted with this emotional korean drama tune since like forever. I don't need those for my ears and mind for hours! Please shuddup. Thank kiu.

09 September 2011

06 September 2011


It is not about how beautiful the colours of balloons
Neither the spiral strings attached to match
Neither the size
Obviously nothing about the exterior
It's all about the content
The helium gas in it
That makes the balloon to fly up high
Not saying the colours, strings and size matters
Although they do
Three factors to boost the balloons as a whole
But without them, it's not the end of the story
But without helium, yes, it is the end of everything!

04 September 2011

Such Love

Last week, I received this parcel at my doorstep. I like it everytime when there's something for me in the mailbox. The only thing I hate about is when the postman didn't bother to knock on the door and left a slip in my mailbox and requires me to pick them up in the nearest post office. It has happened too many times and I am so frustrated because I couldn't be bother to walk all the way and queue up and then carry the package home. But anyway, this one was at my doorstep. So all good. Bliss.

Can guess what is it or not? 

Why do I ask u guys to guess all the time!!! so fun meh?! should stop this GUESS thing. wtf! Although Guess seems to be a so called branded name. LOLL!!

Herbal Essences : Tously Me Softly

Btw, I got the shampoo and conditioner because I participated in one of their facebook contest or something, so yeah, I won't it :) simple as that. I haven't got my hands on them yet as I just launched another shampoo from the Nature's Gate, so won't be using it any sooner. But if I do, probably can do a review for that.

What I like about it as for now is the smell of it!!

and of course the packaging. Anything with purple kaler is nice like that :p

Btw, this is the new range of Herbal Essences in the market. If any of u had try this before, let me know how do u feel about it.

02 September 2011

Guess Guess Guess 2

I am outta idea of what to put as the titled. So I just add the number "2" instead, which means continous from the previous post here. si beh lame!

Have you guys guess it right?

This is the exterior. Very artsy fartsy right?

This town is called Kawa Kawa. Approximately 3 hours from Auckland city. And it is very famous for its'

scroll down.


more down....

some more ....

Aiyah enough lahhhh!!

Hehe!! This is it.

Did it cross your mind? ... At all? So yes, Kawa Kawa is famous for the design of the toilet!!!!

This is the corridor where I walked in.

And can you remember this background? :p

I begged my friend to take my photo within the frame. Take 193493902 times u know coz the lighting was so bad!!

Please ponder at this again. wtf. Thank you!

 I don't want to stuff you with so many information about the design which may bored you hell. But if you wanna know more, simply google - Toilet Kawa Kawa and coz u are lazy like that, here is the link to the designer.

Interestingly, not only u can view his art work in New Zealand, it is also seen in Germany. Vienna is where he was born and resided in Kawa Kawa until his last breathe.

I am not surprise with all these Jewish background people appeared to be some what famous in their own way. I've been growing up to actually believe that their race might have been blessed by God for years and centuries. Seriously, if u think about it, those genious (cannot use smart or intelligient) and mastermind people are of Jewish background except maybe Osama bin Laden? LOLL!! well, maybe he has some Jewish blood or something. I don't know.

Females only.
And for being stupid and innocent, I actually asked timidly within my mind 'why la, I never born of some Jewish background. FML'. Maybe no FML. I added in one, coz that time, I duno what is Fuck yet. wtf! hahaha!!

Imma so jealous. People in Kawa Kawa can pee and poo with style. FTS! not fair!