29 April 2008

Take a break

You need a break? Get a Kit Kat! Hahaha... That's KitKat chocolate advertisement. No Kit Kat?

This what I could help you for now =)

I'm currently in love with this song - super piano version. I know it's very Jiwang!!! But I love the chronology of the song from the opening until it reaches the climax. In between, the drum will blend in to make the beat stronger with bass. Really nice especially when you're on bed, shutting your eyes to catch the forty night winks.

If you're loaded with works in front of you, feeling pressure, this might help you slow things down a little for a moment.

I think songs like this utterly portray melancholy category people well.


Don't whisper
I didn't want to hear
Save it for someone else
Not yesterday, not today, not anymore
Hide under my pillow
Head spinning, nothing come to real for now
Not even before
Fool, maybe, stupid, maybe
Please return me my soul...

whoosshh!! It goes so smooth in a matter of minutes - (aa,bb,cc,bb) . Does this means I'm melancholy? I remembered I was Popular Sanguine 2 years ago. I changed?

2 years ago - Candid. In KLIA.

:: Sweet dreams ::

27 April 2008

Little bitsy of KK city tour

**One of my friend told me that I expressed myself better in words than the real me. Do I? All this while, I thought I'm better in expression; sad, happy, dramatic, scared, horrific, let's just say all. And I still think and feel I am. What do you think?**

Aha...this post is about a little part of KK city tour. I'll just let the pictures to do most of the talking on behalf of me. Don't worry, the licensed tour guides will do their job well when you purchase a KK city tour package but not me for the moment because I'm still incompetent. *oouucchh*

By the way, please forgive me on some blur pictures later on because I took them while I was in the car, moving. When I came home, I only realized I didn't get to take much. So, I actually provide you the chance to visit my hometown and see it on your own. Don't I? Hehehe ;)

When you're driving up Northeast - Likas Bay, this is what you get to see. This sea is South China Sea, I'm not kidding. People do picnic here! There are stalls; Anjung Selera, to be found when you're about to reach the end of Likas Bay road, selling Malay local food.

Isn't the sky very blue with snow white clouds?

It's a very long stretch of straight road. Palm trees and colourful plants to ease your eyes along the way.

Half way up to the Northeast, you'll reach a roundabout, nicely landscaped. Surely you're able to pose for a few pictures here - unless your tour guide is kind enough to have a stop by. But do they? hmph, I don't think so, too many cars. Spot the small mosque on your right?

It's not small. It's not big either.

Likas Mosque

I took this at the other side of the road, so isn't that big. Should be recognized as the most beautiful architecture mosque where by it is surrounded by water - man-made lagoon/lake. Sort of like the mosque floating above water.

This is the swarm area. Is that what they called? Am not sure. If you're lucky, you're able to see Bangau (a kind of bird) mingling at the swarm, taking their sweet time, showering. Hehe, as if I know they shower or play water.

Magnificent sunset during the early evening - 5.30 pm local time

If you're visiting around this hour, you shouldn't miss this amazing part of the nature call. Albeit how you hated the SUN during the blazing hot day, when it comes to sunset you simply will love it! You barely can resist the soothing scene. I guarantee!!

Tun Mustapha Building

Formerly, it was known as Yayasan Sabah. Few years back, its name changed to Tun Mustapha Building. If you come across the name of Sabah State Foundation building, it is also referring to this. So many names huh? It is a striking landmark which can be seen for miles around. Go back to picture no.1, on your very left center, it's the building.

What's so special about this building? Erm, the tallest building in Sabah and housed a revolving restaurant; Atmosphere. You can have a whole view of Kota Kinabalu in an hour - I bet you'll dine longer than that. Anyone wanna date me?

This is just a little bitsy part of the tour, at least before you step your foot in KK, I've already given you some pleasure sight. Anyway, hope you did enjoy traveling in my blog with just using your mouse. :D

.Great weather.

22 April 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

I hardly could recall the last I watched a movie in the cinema. I guessed, it was last year; Mr.Bean, that's it. I was out yesterday for a purpose(let me think about it should I disclose in later post), did a little work however the unpropitious weather doesn't allow things to go on, watching a movie was an alternative then.

The Forbidden Kingdom

So The Forbidden Kingdom was suggested. Hey, I didn't hear that movie any where? What's about it? I'm not into movies at all, you know...is just not a-really-thing-I-want-to-know that kind of stuff. Unless, people all around yanking about a particular movie, highly recommended...and blabla, I might watch it though.

In this case, Jackie Chan is one of the starring. Without second thought, I agreed with the next thing to do. I'm an amateur of Jackie Chan anyway; his movies never failed me and worth watching after all.

Jackie Chan as the drunken master, he is real good regardless his age

The kick start wasn't convincing. But as it entered to the 15minutes, the movie revealed its quality after the introduction. The movie were filmed in Gobi Desert, China. To be frank, some of the landscapes in the movie seemed fake to me especially the majestic mountains.

Gobi Desert, China

What should you expect from the movie? Well, this movie is about a legend; Monkey King. An American teenage, (Micheal Anthony as Jason) were magically transported to China, back to the ancient times and met the heroes. Its a little odd to see them dressed in ancient clothes but speak English.

Besides that, there were many flying martial arts which the heroes fought with their enemies. Of course, the kung-fu is the prominent part of the intact movie. On top of that, it required much of your imagination. Nonetheless, in any kind of Jackie's movie, there's always some sense of humour to release your tense and anxious when you keep on insisting, what happen next.

This sweet lady; Liu Yi Fei starring as the Golden Sparrow grabbed my attention. Who's this lady? I never see her before? Just as I reached home, immediately I goggle her name to check on her. Her features really caught my interest, maybe because Asian bahhh. She is one year older than me...wahhh...! That even prompted me to know more.

LENGGG!! and JENG!!!

I was damn interested with her yet every
angles of her in the movie were so perfect which there weren't even a hitch I'd condemned.How I wished, Jackie could spot me somewhere and call for an acting scene. Later than, I'd appear to be extreme cool in kung-fu which in real life I don't master any at all. At least, I'm good in acting rather than singing..maybe not, I can't sing any bit or maybe...dancing, like I know how to dance. WHATEVER! Catch the ending part, she emerged so stunning. And I'm quite sure she'll be famous after this movie and maybe be the next Zhang Zi Yi.

Zhang Zi Yi during an award night

I doubted whether anyone would continue to mold and market her in order to become more popular in the filming industry. Just a matter of time and money.

Left - Liu Yi Fei Right - Zhang Zi Yi (Memoirs of Geisha)

Personally, I'd rate this movie 7.5 out of 10. Despite it was quite a late show, 9pm to old people, it wasn't a blockade to them. I saw a few "ah kongs" and "ah mahs", in slow pace, whoring warm clothes with handkerchief and mineral bottle in hand trying to make their way out from cinema. No joke! It's all because of Jackie Chan's movie....they sacrificed their sleeping time mannn...can you imagine that, to stay up late? How great influencer is he to both the youngs and olds?!

Have been talking too much I know...*yawn* Let the trailer bring an overview to you.


20 April 2008

that guy

This post is actually for youthmalaysia forum - What happened to all the Good guys?where? - which I was required to write, anyway, I post here again. Myriad people have been asking why I'm not attached yet, well, this might give you a slight answer of it.

The moment he walked in, he was late. A typical Chinese look, I glanced at him, our eyes met. Apart the 8 feet distance, he smiled, without hesitation I responded as well. =)

I couldn't say he was good looking or eye catching...in fact, I also can't deny he was the best guys among the others in the hall. I gave him a credit, he was in his best suit, tall (an average height) with eerr...not a tough body but at least ..*trails off*, leave this, I just can't find a word to describe right now. I can't resist it to see guys in formal wear, I just love seeing them! seriouslyyyyy..

Imagine the guy's face is Chinese features. Whoever this guy is, look good, even without tugging in...

We started with an ice breaker before moving in to the real purpose for the day. Everyone had to speak in front in order to get everything flowed in naturally. About an hour or so, it was tea break, he came over and asked me about the ice breaker thingy, which I told a lie (the ice breaker required us to lie) of myself. Just a short talk and I gave him a credit point because he'd actually speak quite well English; added up 2 credits.

Then during the lunch session, we sitted on a round table, opposite each other. I caught him looking at me several times, well instantly brought up my market value right?? LOL!! At least, I knew someone does sneak me with the corner of their eyes.

mmm...mmm...somewhere in the midst of our time enjoying mouth-watering food, I found out he was a son to a factory boss. Initially, you'd know he is in a good financial status and worked under his father in that factory.( The factory is known among people anyway...so I knew) Who doesn't want to be in a financial secured position - not in materialistic perspective I mean but in this world, money is indeed important and plays a role in our daily lives now. You tell me? right? right? Another credit again!

He isn't bad looking. Check!

He can speak well, leads to communication. Check!

He had a good job, financial secured status. -knowing you won't eat grass and stones. Ahahahha! Check!

All sum up to 3 credits.

Just as I thought he won the credits, one question brought him down under! I completely wasn't up and about anymore on him.

A middle aged man sitting together with us at the table questioned him,

"Hey, Mr. Ron, are you single?" (I changed his name for privacy purpose)

Everyone at the table focus at him, so do I. He took the mini chinese cup to gulp down the fine rated chinese tea from China. Before and while gulping it, his eyes were looking into mine. Just as he took the mini chinese cup...the same man responded

"Ooohh...I saw that"

He silently smiled and a mother of two answered,

"It doesn't mean anything. Even I don't have it around my finger"

diamond not big enough right?! *I want a bigger one okay*

The others went with the conversation of how the ring weren't attached on their fingers. Not interested to look at him anymore, I pretended to continue eating the little portion of rice left in my bowl. What do you want me to do? Continue to stare at him?

(Now I wonder again, what's wrong if men which are not available anymore, doesn't even dare to answer that particular question.)

Looked, I gave him credits because he appeared as "One of the good guys"...now all gone once I knew he isn't available anymore; not caring whether he is engaged or married or whatever, is just I was immediately not into getting to know him already.



.that guy.yes.him.

17 April 2008

The UMS student news

In my previous post which I warned people about the missing of UMS student is indeed a true story. The sms wasn't a prank which I thought it was at first.

In my chat box on the side, someone by the name of elf left a message.

Hi there, the lady is now in Keningau Hospital recovering. Last heard kidnapper car met accident. Her frens are with her now.

Before I saw this message, I heard some rumours that she is dead. dailyexpress.com, alas no news. Maybe later in the morning.

Here you go the news update! You know news like this gets me goosebumps, not me alone I believe! Another suspect is still somewhere mingling. OMG!

.brain shuts down.

16 April 2008



I haven't been updating for sometime.
I'm actually busy updating in youthmalaysia.com ... but anywayz, I am also out of topic to share for the moment -______-

Neither did I see any coming in my way.

By the way, IMPORTANT NEWS! I received an SMS, not sure whether its true. But it's better to avoid than sorry....right?

"Urgent! Please Watch out for a dark blue kancil SAA 4558 N, they just kidnap a UMS student at Kingfisher. Please report to police if you see this car."

So when you guys are out there, look look see see...Never know, maybe you'd be the lucky one to spot that car. Hehe!

.hiding at home.

12 April 2008

Free McDonalds

Aiyah...that Ronald McDonalds scared me off with his clown face. I dropped off from my chair. Wait...let me climb up and sit properly first! ;)

I'm very pity over Sabahans; having no standard McDonald meals here. I'd stayed in Selangor for about 2 years and had tasted McDonald there, really huge difference with the one serving in KK. Over the East, we are paying more for the meals yet no re-fill for our drinks. (Anyway, I understand this, in KK alone they don't have enough volume, so if they give re-fill, they might come to a lost.)

Basically in KK, we only have one 24-hours and one drive-thru. We have both of these not long ago, just a few years back, I think. Wherever you go, any corner of the world, you'd find McDonald with people dining in, even if it's bad.

For the one in KK

... the beef isn't juicy and tender

... lousy service

but there's only two things which are best

....the fries and

....Oreo McFlurry

Since I was back, I had only dine twice; one breakfast and one supper. Both turn out to be a disaster. And because of that two unsatisfied meals, I made a complaint. Real serious one - the food and the service. I actually anticipate in future they will serve us better here. We just hope okay....(Maybe if you haven't taste the one in the West, you wouldn't get what I meant, it's alright because last time before I ate in the West, I really freaking like McD here mannn...hahahaha)

I wrote the complaint letter...very long...more than an A4 size paper, what do you think? If there's a competition, I guarantee, I'd win first prize...oklah, maybe not first prize..at least consolation lahhh...

Indeed two days later, the manager called me up and apologize. He actually went through the CCTV and what I complaint were true....so true that the manager said he saw my face at the CCTV when he replay, I know you were pissed liao...yet the staff on duty still laughing at the counter like nobody business.
See See...it's so obvious.. I wondered whether the staff, himself knew there's a CCTV there or not, still dare to fool around.

That's the thing in KK, people don't complain legally. They just walked off and start telling their friends, relatives...practically anyone they know. Little did they know they have the right to complaint or they're just lazy to do so. In fact, I urge the people to voice out, you've the right, if you don't, they wouldn't have known their weaknesses.

....But make sure it's true then you complaint, don't simply complaint just to get what you've expect they'd give you. Just like my case, they've CCTV, so if I'm telling a lie they'd have know it.

In return, they repay me with free meals, yes in McD of course. This is my first time doing like that okay, I don't have experience like some people they really argue until heavy rain pour down, until thunder come just to deserve what their supposed too. I didn't say they're wrong but it depends on individual whether they want it or not.

Rather than making a scene in McD counter, I chose to complaint in writing format. Ya lah ya
lah... I admit I am a mouse...

McFlurry, want some?

11 April 2008

I went...I did

Yup I managed to jog for 1 and a half round of Bukit Padang yesterday. 1 and a half after so many silent months I didn't indulge in any sports or exercise. *round of applause please*

Reached home, dinner and slept like people RIP those kind of face expression. Seriouszzz!! Eh, after an hour I woke up and took a shower okay, I'm not that disgusting after the sweat and sticky-ness.

I should do it as often as possible.

1 thing, I broke a ceramic bowl..a really nice bowl... a bowl that I *heart* most!! I'm so useless..

.The end.

10 April 2008

Cloudy Thursday


While waiting for my gmail to load, I wondered would I received any emails (other than forwarded ones).

To my surprise, none forwarded, but 8 emails I need to reply today. hhmm, sounds good..cheh! As if those are biz emails. I hope it was, but it wasn't. Too bad!

Recently, I'm in hibernation mode all the time and I don't find myself sleeping enough although I slept like almost 10hours a day! When the get up hour strike, I find difficulties in opening my eyes when I'm supposed too *start hitting the pillows and bolster*. Really physically tired, not that I did any outdoor activities or many movements in a day. *sigh*

Thought of jogging later, but the sky is getting dark by then I think the weather doesn't allow. (When I'm determine to do something out of my daily routine, there goes the NO word) WHY?! why today? Oh ya, I also thought of joining a dancing class too..you know..get yourself do something rather than slacking off, however I don't seem to find one.

I shouldn't go any longer feeling like this.


It seems like I diagnosed that mentally illness right now. I told my sister about it, she said me being stupid. Okay, it's not funny. According to Oprah show, one of the symptoms is you keep telling yourself "I want a happy life", "I don't want to be like this anymore", "It's time to make a change" blabla...Yes, I've been saying some sort of this phrases to myself. My sister hit me hard replying " You say that to motivate yourself. You are not depress. People that diagnosed depression has that urge feeling in every second. "

What's more, when I don't even have the appetite to have lunch. It always LUNCH. Never breakfast, dinner or supper. Just lunch alone. WEIRDDDD!! Maybe it's the depression at the first stage. Does people admit themselves being depression or deny the fact their weren't?

Haha! I might be blabbing only. Don't mind me please. ;)

0o0o...I've been regularly patronizing Bintang-ringgit (Starbucks). Peer pressure! "Let's meet up, Starbucks" What is so nice that everyone is dire for it? I'm so insufficient, you know jobless for 4months!!..yes freaking 4 months!! You didn't read wrongly!! Alas, I'm always blessed! "You can count on me"

I shall end my post with happy pictures of me. My friend just bought a new mobile phone, so she thought of trying out the megapixels and there you go...

.Please don't rain!.

08 April 2008

MDG updates

Malaysian Dreamgirl is coming to an end soon...pretty soon! I'm just like you, anxious who's gonna grab that title or you may have guess who's the one. Honestly, I'm not crazy about MDG, I just watch when I felt like watching.

What it's so special about this show I see are...

1. Multi racial
They are all one identity, Malaysians, but comes in different colours.

2. Multi Languages
Yes, you may expect this from the start. English, Malay...but no chinese in fact, because only the Chinese would understand. The identity of Malaysians is of course the Manglish with all the lah... bah... kan... at the end of their sentence.

On top of that, when you know the place is all girls, the major issue of bitchyness, gossips somehow or rather will occurred. Many are judging Cindy being bitchy from the show... while some says Ringo is popular because she is a well known blogger in the blogger community...on the other hand, Adeline has a very bad English...you know stuffs like that.

What I felt about some girls in the show...

Start of with Hanis - the youngest in the show. She has the height for the show but I don't know, I just don't see her personality to be appealing. Her face is innocent and she is the kind of girl that guys wants to bring home to show their parents. From the start, I see her being herself which I think it isn't enough for her to win the tiara.

Cindy. She has the softness in her appearance...I like her make over; short hair, it suits her. Guys would lose their breathe once and many girls would jealous of her supernatural power in attracting man. Hehe!

Ringo. I see she looks very different in video and in pictures. Since the beginning, she has the highest vote until now.

Sabahan, Valerie... she has been voted out! Too bad...

Now that's the thing. I don't know why reality shows depend all on audience votes nowadays, giving me a point of view that judges are not judges anymore. They are just people whom appear in the show for the sake to appear or either in order to look good for the whole scene for the overall show, the judges are needed. I believed there are a number of Malaysians whom didn't agree with the voting system as the judging poll too, controversy...but still it continues to be practiced. *sigh*

.The Asians aroma.

06 April 2008

Frequent power-cut

Disclaimer : I am political neutral with no intention of discriminating and does not endorse any political party.

My topic says it all. I must say the frequent power cut this week in KK has created much havoc to the people around here, either you're at work, on the streets, at home ... almost everywhere. Without energy, we could hardly do our work (I know some staffs will be cheering because they get to rest, nature call!), traffic lights isn't working and all vehicles go their way especially during the peak hours and those that are at home, got stuck for the entire day!

If you put notice in this case, it happens every 5 years - if you're relating this to the election; after the government formation, I may probably say you are right. I am not trying to discriminate any parties neither pin point the faults, but isn't it true?

1. A way to tell the citizen of how important to vote the government in power
Opposition won quite a number of seats. So BN are not happy about it, and there you go POWER CUT because you are not voting the right government. But hey, it's democratic, we have our choice.

2. Serves you right
A lesson for the citizen to learn and realizing that BN should be ruling all over the nations. Giving you the mind set of "You vote BN, there won't be power cut"

I only highlighted two points, am not going any further. Even I'm not legal to vote yet, but it's free speech. I just find frequent power cut really annoying and frustrating when you reach the boiling point to the edge of turning hysterical. Did I exaggerate? You get my point if you are feeling the same.

I hate this - the power just got cut off for hours when you're sleeping. Are you furious? Sweating when you're trying to get a good rest to recharge your batteries for some important events to attend or things to do.

.Hot Hot Hot.

Armour and about YouthMalaysia.com

My armour to blog now is Dictionary. Stop laughing!

I think I may need to have one sooner or later, as I will write more on the other hand as an excuse I have to brush up my English. Yada yada yada!! Indeed, I also put an icon on the Mozilla Firefox header - Dictionary.com, in order for me to check words out. =))


On top of that, I log in to youthmalaysia.com to get familiar with the sites. I didn't know there are so many things to do. You guys better sign up one! No regrets!

There are many things to enjoy on the page like getting to know websites which can help you one day, forums, get to know new friends, interact with the youth community, freebies...in all you get to benefit from it.

If you're searching places in order your voice to be heard, youthmalaysia.com will be the right place, right way you should go. Your voice, your future. ( eeehh..youthmalaysia didn't pay me for this post okay? I'm just saying what I felt about the page itself, don't get me wrong.)

I shall not go any further, or else you will start thinking, " She get paid for this post". I'll leave it to you to explore yourself and find your great time surfing around. You can thank me later...*giggles away*


05 April 2008

Youth Malaysia

Dear silent readers,
I have many silent readers here

started off with my day unmotivated this morning, I didn't know what goes wrong, but probably is the mood swing; sometimes you just got strike by blues. I don't post my depression here, yes I know there are people out there whom felt the same way too...but I just don't want to sound sad indeed turn in around - put a smile on your face by just reading what I posted or lighten your days with some readings.

However, just a while I ago, I received an email from
Youth Malaysia.

GOOD NEWS!! -- am for sure *small smile*

Yo! Yo! Yo! If reading is not enough on my blogspot here, you can always visit Youth Malaysia, I will be writing there soon. Hope I won't neglect my blog though I am going to be featured as one of the writers there on certain topics.

I do have to say thank you for your support in whatever means! If you are a youth. do sign up as a member. I believe the voices of tomorrow should be seen and heard at their proper place...Looking forward in hearing you and also getting to know you in person.

Your blog pal,
Clara Soo aka ladylike

04 April 2008

Reading a book

I couldn't recalled when was the last time I really read a whole book. I used to read back in high school days especially Sweet Valley High.

Since I was back, I wanted to borrow some books to kill time but I found out there were 2 books from the state library which have been long overdue; coming to a year, were still parking in my bookshelf.


I forget to return when I left for KL last year. I bet the fine wouldn't be at any cheap rates. oohhh nooo!! Got to dig my purse for my forgetfulness. =( Now I can't borrow any books unless I settle the fine first. My name is surely BLACK LISTED in the computer, showing - Prohibited to borrow any books unless books are returned and fine is being settle.

But I came to know there is a Forgiving Month each year, which you dropped the overdue date books into a transparent box. WHEN? anyone knows?

Because I didn't want to pay, I have to suffer the consequences for the time being, no books are allow to be borrowed from the library.

Anyway, I've been reading this book, borrowed from a friend.

Author : Rev. George Ong, Singapore

I'd rate the book 3 out of 5. It enlighten your days after hard work. Let me share some laughter with you. Some you might need to think of the joke before you laugh.


She was a college girl - poor in history but great on DATES.

Daisy : how was your blind date?
Grace : Terrible! he showed up in his 1928 Rolls Royce!

Daisy : WOW!He must be a rich man! What's so bad about the Rolls Royce?
Grace : He was the original owner!

He's such a slob; he only kisses his wife when he has no napkins.

Boyfriend : May I kiss you? (There was silence)
Boyfriend : May I please kiss you? (More silence)

Boyfriend : Are you deaf?

Girlfriend : NO. Are you paralysed?

My wife wants Olympic sex - once every four years.

My wife is like a sex object. Every time I ask for sex, she objects.

A man hired a private investigator to trail his wife. He wanted to know where she was when he was cheating!

Martha : Lucy, I heard your husband is in hospital. What's the matter with him?
Lucy : It's his knee.
Martha : I never knew he had a knee problem.

Lucy : He didn't until I found another woman sitting on it.

All women's problems start with men :


Men-strual pain

Men-tal illness


Did you have enough? =)

I find some jokes to be real funny yet very true about us being human beings.

A mother takes 20 years to make a man of her boy and another woman makes a fool of him in 20 minutes.
------Woman out there agree? HAHAHAHA!!!

.your heart is healthy today.

03 April 2008

Pissed Off!!

I was very pissed because of my modem isn't working efficiently and I couldn't connect to the internet at all!! That's why you didn't hear from me for a few days. It took me around 45 minutes doing the troubleshooting on the phone with the streamyx customer service staff not until yesterday, they send a technician to my house to get it fix.

Darn. I missed April Fool's day.

If you did read the local newspaper yesterday dated April 2, advertisement by DIGI, it was cool! Smart marketing strategy!

.out of idea for now.