06 April 2008

Armour and about YouthMalaysia.com

My armour to blog now is Dictionary. Stop laughing!

I think I may need to have one sooner or later, as I will write more on the other hand as an excuse I have to brush up my English. Yada yada yada!! Indeed, I also put an icon on the Mozilla Firefox header - Dictionary.com, in order for me to check words out. =))


On top of that, I log in to youthmalaysia.com to get familiar with the sites. I didn't know there are so many things to do. You guys better sign up one! No regrets!

There are many things to enjoy on the page like getting to know websites which can help you one day, forums, get to know new friends, interact with the youth community, freebies...in all you get to benefit from it.

If you're searching places in order your voice to be heard, youthmalaysia.com will be the right place, right way you should go. Your voice, your future. ( eeehh..youthmalaysia didn't pay me for this post okay? I'm just saying what I felt about the page itself, don't get me wrong.)

I shall not go any further, or else you will start thinking, " She get paid for this post". I'll leave it to you to explore yourself and find your great time surfing around. You can thank me later...*giggles away*


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