05 April 2008

Youth Malaysia

Dear silent readers,
I have many silent readers here

started off with my day unmotivated this morning, I didn't know what goes wrong, but probably is the mood swing; sometimes you just got strike by blues. I don't post my depression here, yes I know there are people out there whom felt the same way too...but I just don't want to sound sad indeed turn in around - put a smile on your face by just reading what I posted or lighten your days with some readings.

However, just a while I ago, I received an email from
Youth Malaysia.

GOOD NEWS!! -- am for sure *small smile*

Yo! Yo! Yo! If reading is not enough on my blogspot here, you can always visit Youth Malaysia, I will be writing there soon. Hope I won't neglect my blog though I am going to be featured as one of the writers there on certain topics.

I do have to say thank you for your support in whatever means! If you are a youth. do sign up as a member. I believe the voices of tomorrow should be seen and heard at their proper place...Looking forward in hearing you and also getting to know you in person.

Your blog pal,
Clara Soo aka ladylike

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