04 April 2008

Reading a book

I couldn't recalled when was the last time I really read a whole book. I used to read back in high school days especially Sweet Valley High.

Since I was back, I wanted to borrow some books to kill time but I found out there were 2 books from the state library which have been long overdue; coming to a year, were still parking in my bookshelf.


I forget to return when I left for KL last year. I bet the fine wouldn't be at any cheap rates. oohhh nooo!! Got to dig my purse for my forgetfulness. =( Now I can't borrow any books unless I settle the fine first. My name is surely BLACK LISTED in the computer, showing - Prohibited to borrow any books unless books are returned and fine is being settle.

But I came to know there is a Forgiving Month each year, which you dropped the overdue date books into a transparent box. WHEN? anyone knows?

Because I didn't want to pay, I have to suffer the consequences for the time being, no books are allow to be borrowed from the library.

Anyway, I've been reading this book, borrowed from a friend.

Author : Rev. George Ong, Singapore

I'd rate the book 3 out of 5. It enlighten your days after hard work. Let me share some laughter with you. Some you might need to think of the joke before you laugh.


She was a college girl - poor in history but great on DATES.

Daisy : how was your blind date?
Grace : Terrible! he showed up in his 1928 Rolls Royce!

Daisy : WOW!He must be a rich man! What's so bad about the Rolls Royce?
Grace : He was the original owner!

He's such a slob; he only kisses his wife when he has no napkins.

Boyfriend : May I kiss you? (There was silence)
Boyfriend : May I please kiss you? (More silence)

Boyfriend : Are you deaf?

Girlfriend : NO. Are you paralysed?

My wife wants Olympic sex - once every four years.

My wife is like a sex object. Every time I ask for sex, she objects.

A man hired a private investigator to trail his wife. He wanted to know where she was when he was cheating!

Martha : Lucy, I heard your husband is in hospital. What's the matter with him?
Lucy : It's his knee.
Martha : I never knew he had a knee problem.

Lucy : He didn't until I found another woman sitting on it.

All women's problems start with men :


Men-strual pain

Men-tal illness


Did you have enough? =)

I find some jokes to be real funny yet very true about us being human beings.

A mother takes 20 years to make a man of her boy and another woman makes a fool of him in 20 minutes.
------Woman out there agree? HAHAHAHA!!!

.your heart is healthy today.

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