13 October 2011


I just finished typing a long angry post. I wanted to post it up but then again, I think I shouldn't yet because of some issues. But I will post it up soon. Maybe 4 weeks from now?! You guys must read it and feel the pain for me. It is so hard when I am going through everything alone. Imma #foreveralone. Don't say I am not alone. If you are not here with me, means I am going through alone. I am not saying spiritual existence, I long for physical existence more than anything else right now. Sorry ah, I am a bit cranky!

All I wanted to do is this.

Please. Please. Hanging in there. Few more weeks to I-give-no-shit-about-you-anymore-you-can-go-fudge-yourself-elsewhere-to-anyone-but-not-me!

05 October 2011


Hi guys!!

Thank you so much for clicking and visiting my page while I am off from here for a bit! It had been a crazy week *cries. But I am still holding on.

There's so much that I wanted to share with you guys! and my NZ photos are not done yet =(( super sad!

Please do hanging there for a while until I get back and make a shout. I promise! It won't be too long.