26 July 2009

Chicago Top 10 Food Listing

This post had been sitting in my draft for so long! Fuhhh….finally people is up now! :)

Every single time I blog about Chicago, I get so excited & enthusiast. If you were to see me talking about it, i will have my body language all over & even people sitting a few tables away will want to have a glance of me. (I am that dramatic =p)

This food ranking is done solely by me according to my taste & savour. I may find it to be very very DEELICIOUSS & scrumptious, but you might not because you may have not the same taste as I do.

However I am sure, this is America. Everything should & must be nice. No tolerance / No assumption, all must be at the standard.

Let’s do the count down from 10 :) I supposed this should be the right number. Fyi, all food are absolutely delectable but this listing by me is those that I picked out from every single food I tried to be in the top 10.

#10 McDonald

I know you will wonder why of all is McDonalds! The thing is McD is much more appetizing than any ever McD we could taste in Msia. Trust me not? The beef is that juicy & tender. USD 5 for a meal. Very reasonable for them. Even McValue Lunch cannot be RM5. Wth!

#9 Starbucks

Fuhh!! Again another why of all is Starbucks? Well, this is where starbucks was born. Definitely, you have to take this opportunity to experience the originality of it.

Slurping away in Starbuck, Deerbrook.

The generous Starbuck sandwich! Overlapping ham & thick cheese!

In USA, starbucks is very reasonable & act as Kopitiam in USA. But Malaysians have treated Starbucks as luxury coffee & hang outs to the higher class people.

#8 Italian Kitchen

I dropped by quiet late, when the restaurant was near to closing. But we were greeted very friendly by the waitress which made us sited at a corner. She was still willing to serve us and the kitchen was not packing up yet, so we were still able to place our order. Lucky!

Clockwise : #1 Meat Lasagna (Price not available : forgot) #2 King Cut Strip Steak $18.95 #3 Seafood Risotto $17.95

Description :-

1 Meat Lasagna - Layers of homemade noodles nestled between ricotta, ground sirloin & seasonings, topped with cheese and baked. " A solid brick of flavor"

2 King Cut Striap Steak - Hand trimmed, garlic parmagiana crusted, NY strip steak. Served with a side of pasta.

3 Seafood Risotto - creamy Italian Rice topped with mussels, clams & shrimp

#7 Ilfornio Pizza

750 Osterman Ave.

Deerfield, IL 60015

Nothing special though. However better still comparing Pizza Hut or Domino’s or Shakey’s Pizza. MMmm… I should recommend Giordano Pizza. Best known in Chicago for it is cook with firewood. I only came across that restaurant in city but the time was approaching evening which I had to catch a train back home.
Please note, every pizza that you order, you need to allocate 45minutes for the pizza to be served.

Look this is baked potato portion for 1 person only. As big as our palms. CRAZY!

Locate the nearest outlet to you and prepare your order here.

# 6 Riva Restaurant

Oyster! Sekalian yang amat suka osyter ini boleh membunuh! Terlalu sedap. For me, I don't really know how to eat oyster so can't comment much. Like my dad, oyster fan! So he knows very well. The price for per piece is $6

The only fine dining restaurant I had in my entire trip. Its costly though but at least one try like my dad said. We travel all the way, passing through the Pacific Ocean, why not experience once in our lifetime? Right?

# 5 Applebee’s

I ate this in Milwaukee. Yay! Fabulous. The interior design are quite similar with TGIFriday. Many frames filled the wall and the cosy feel. When I was going through the menu, I could not decide what to eat because I wanted to try every single dish. OH MY GOODNESS!

Really luring! Applebees [dot] com. The melting cheese…ArGh! Americans really love the meat to be overcooked with black spots. They find them to be very yummy, but for health conscious please do inform waiter upon placing your order.

I actually ordered a drink - ??? but when I tasted it, I find it to be awful. No worries! You can change without charges!!! WITHOUT ok. This is USA!! :))))))) They replaced in with Sparkling Kiwi. Very GOOD!

# 4 Boston Market

Surprisingly, this is the only place that serve small portion in Chicago! In Malaysia, we find it to be normal, hello, but not in America, this could not even filled ¼ of their stomach. Here is one of the place that I found my love for best beef brisket. *slurp* Talking about the gravy, ah man! I always believed gravy makes very much difference once it is added. Even if you had a tight budget in food spending, with $5 you could have a number of favourites to choose from.

Read more at bostonmarket dot com.

It is a chain restaurant, so you could locate them in other states than in Chicago.
Here is the particular place that I had dined in.

Boston Market #152

Lake Cook & Waukegan S/SWC
160 C South Waukegan Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

# 3 Stoney River Legendary Steak House

Never taste mashed sweet potatoes! I've got that....very sweet indeed. No sugar added. It is original sweeeetttt like me. ;P

OH MYYYY!!! Rib eye?! Lamb rib? This is the place to the American steak serving. If you don’t get to eat anything of that, your holiday is not complete! And service is absolutely not a factor.

Also, these bun are the most amazing I've ever tasted! It is complimentary, even when you asked to refill 23872964 times also free!

Extracted from the internet “Steak and seafood dominate the menu of this inviting steakhouse, with a wood and stone interior and fireplace that set a comfortable, elegant tone. The restaurant features more than 40 wines by the glass.” (And it is true. You know what? Apparently, the reviews & pictures you see online is exactly what you will experience when you are physically there!)

Address as below:-
20504 N. Rand Rd.

Deer Park, IL 60010-7234

# 2 : Apparently no number two. Read down.

# 1 Portbelly Sandwiches

& Chicago Chinatown, Dim Sum.

These are two different cuisines and both stands for Top 1. I could not tell which one is better because both appealed to be the greatest :) Really not convincing when I looked at the food captions & menu. But once my tongue attacked them, I totally felt the “Wow” effect!

Portbelly's Oreo Smoothie! Tremble down the chair I sat.

I really find them to be easy as for chain restaurants; they publish the exact menu you will see when you arrived at the restaurant. The on-going promotions and what is new in the menu can be retrieved online. See how interesting is that.

Small meal in Target! But really filling! Can't even finish the salad. $6 per packet. Gotta have that take away! I love that MILK!!! yum yum!!

Well, I almost listed out the good ones with link some more. Easier for you to plan your gourmet trails in Chicago.

17 July 2009

F* Thieves!!

I am so enthusiastic to blog about Chicago again. But you know, all the IDIOTS just make me no mood & FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!! You will be caught one day!

I don't know what is happening everyday here in our country, countless break in houses cases everyday. I spoke to a policeman & he told me around the district there is about minimum 5 cases a day. See, 5 cases! HOW CAN IT BE HAPPENING IN OUR PEACEFUL COUNTRY!

I still remembered, how my handphone got snatched in 2006! Opposite Sunway Pyramid bus stop where I was waiting for a bus to Midvalley. Really scary although without knife and other harming tools. But it just get the FREAK out of me.

Today, another case that really got me frightened. My nerves are all tight & my blood has reach the boiling point. My friend's home was broke in 3days ago! :( I spend like an hour plus in the Police Station to get the reports done.


Lost a Gold necklace/ gold pendant / gold & jade ring / nike slippers / badminton bag.

The house was ransack! F* you THIEVES! you are not going to live happily! For God knows your wicked ones!

Pictures taken from the crime scene:-

This means we are living in FEAR! According to Human rights, citizens shall not live in FEAR! Police please do something about this. Even it is not my Home, but I could feel the pain of the others & how afraid of them being at home & also out of home.

All we need is peace!

Do not store any valuable things at home. Thieves are very clever now. While cleaning up the mess, they found the theft even open the photo frame one by one and thought they(owner) would have hide their gold necklace there. And also the theft went through each pockets of the clothes & pants one by one! That's how they got the ring & pendant. Too smart!

I get so hysterically everytime I hear a little sound on each door of my house. SHITZ!

Time to go out. I am afraid to be alone at home. Adios! Take care everyone!

12 July 2009

Oh its Sunday

Another week just end! Which means tomorrow is Monday Blues (again)! you know how much I hated Monday & work :( *sigh

Work never gets fun when I am doing what I did not like to do. C'mon quick, December! NO! I mean if it comes to December, of course closer to another New Year but but, I am not prepare yet to welcome 2010 just yet. Okay, fine. I just hope work can end very soon. Whatever!

I realized, I forget to blog after all the bitsy pitsy things get done :( Anyway, I wanted to blog about food I consumed during my Chicago Trip, so stay tune! I still remembered every bit very clear in my mind. Anyhow, I could not blog much because every one has to wake up early tomorrow *sigh*

Today is just like those days, I am upset neither want to blog much.

I hate this feeling! Get away from me. I need a life. Go get a life if you didn't have one.

Sorry for being emo!

Try to smile.. :)) :))

Trying very hard :) :) :))))))))))))))))))))))))

And some random photos to fill this post :-

While waiting for mum changing.

The trend of taking photo nowadays~ Places I miss much (xoxo)

Look Cindrella carriage. It costs a pain in pocket to ride one. 10 minutes for $30? Don't remember.

I tried to post more photos but the blogger.com kept denying my upload images. Haizz...can't be patient already. very soweee...

Will blog properly tomorrow. I promise.

With Love to Chicago -ladylike

05 July 2009

Pieces from everyday of my life

This should be another boring post that happens in some days! wth! :(

I discovered Spot the Difference game in Facebook.com. I am now so addicted to it, I play everyday because 1 account only limit to 1 play a day, meaning if I "Gameover" I have to wait until tomorrow for another play *sigh*

The game goes like this. You have to spot 5 differences in both pictures shown, so you compare the pictures on your left to the right.

My score for today!

Still so low.


I started to develop hatefulness in my work. It is getting very bad. The feeling of dying going to work every single morning without a miss! DAMN IT! I really don't find the passion to go on, but I am just a few months away of Freedom, I should just stay on.

What if I really walk off in one of these days? What do I do? I effing hate this feeling, roads of no signs & guide. The wrongs never be right, the rights never be right! WTF! I am losing my pride, my dignity everyday except Sundays!

Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is a working day! Anyone wanna offer me a better job by seeing the youths are the assets of the country & one day some how & some way we yield together for greater outcome & understand all of us are human with feelings & temper?


On Friday night, I had a crossroads after work of 30 minutes, 24km off from the city to a peace & quiet destination. To add on the specialty & uniqueness, Spectacular view of the city, cooling and definitely the fresh air that makes the difference.


I got introduced to zedge.net for new themes/wallpaper/video/games. Another website to kill time.


I finally extracted 273 photos out of the the thousand photos taken from Chicago & Korea, I am going to develop them soon. Buy an album & put them together for a lifetime remembrance.


Ohh...and I posted up my second hand clothes for sale online in some re-sell blogshop. Hopefully someone will buy them & help me to clear my closet as I bought a ton of new clothes from oversea.

And I took some time to clear my closet & study table today! :))


God gonna be mad with me.

Because I miss the service today. I was too sleep. Sorry God!


It's a week of MJ's hot news. Everyone is talking about it.

And I am not into him as that time I am still very young. I don't know much either.

People every where searching for this CD's, listening to his songs & reading daily news only about the moon walker. What an idol he was before?

Rest in peace The King of Pop


My mood is getting worst because we are nearer to tomorrow. Back to the same old routine again. Getting up early, see people's faces, get nonsense of comments, reached home late, dinner, shower & sleep. The end of the day. What a life!?!?!

~~ Happy week ahead to all of us!!! ~~

I'll be back for more blissful post. Don't worry I'll get better.I took an hour to write this post and attached the pictures.