05 July 2009

Pieces from everyday of my life

This should be another boring post that happens in some days! wth! :(

I discovered Spot the Difference game in Facebook.com. I am now so addicted to it, I play everyday because 1 account only limit to 1 play a day, meaning if I "Gameover" I have to wait until tomorrow for another play *sigh*

The game goes like this. You have to spot 5 differences in both pictures shown, so you compare the pictures on your left to the right.

My score for today!

Still so low.


I started to develop hatefulness in my work. It is getting very bad. The feeling of dying going to work every single morning without a miss! DAMN IT! I really don't find the passion to go on, but I am just a few months away of Freedom, I should just stay on.

What if I really walk off in one of these days? What do I do? I effing hate this feeling, roads of no signs & guide. The wrongs never be right, the rights never be right! WTF! I am losing my pride, my dignity everyday except Sundays!

Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is a working day! Anyone wanna offer me a better job by seeing the youths are the assets of the country & one day some how & some way we yield together for greater outcome & understand all of us are human with feelings & temper?


On Friday night, I had a crossroads after work of 30 minutes, 24km off from the city to a peace & quiet destination. To add on the specialty & uniqueness, Spectacular view of the city, cooling and definitely the fresh air that makes the difference.


I got introduced to zedge.net for new themes/wallpaper/video/games. Another website to kill time.


I finally extracted 273 photos out of the the thousand photos taken from Chicago & Korea, I am going to develop them soon. Buy an album & put them together for a lifetime remembrance.


Ohh...and I posted up my second hand clothes for sale online in some re-sell blogshop. Hopefully someone will buy them & help me to clear my closet as I bought a ton of new clothes from oversea.

And I took some time to clear my closet & study table today! :))


God gonna be mad with me.

Because I miss the service today. I was too sleep. Sorry God!


It's a week of MJ's hot news. Everyone is talking about it.

And I am not into him as that time I am still very young. I don't know much either.

People every where searching for this CD's, listening to his songs & reading daily news only about the moon walker. What an idol he was before?

Rest in peace The King of Pop


My mood is getting worst because we are nearer to tomorrow. Back to the same old routine again. Getting up early, see people's faces, get nonsense of comments, reached home late, dinner, shower & sleep. The end of the day. What a life!?!?!

~~ Happy week ahead to all of us!!! ~~

I'll be back for more blissful post. Don't worry I'll get better.I took an hour to write this post and attached the pictures.


Alvin Lim said...

Simplest solution - change job girl ;)

sooclara said...

alvin : got other solution boh?

Bong said...

no need to change job... after changing same routine also... have to change lifestyle...

sooclara said...

Bong : i have the same thinking like u..

Sherry said...

miss him so badly read paper today about his chef and nearly cried..