12 July 2009

Oh its Sunday

Another week just end! Which means tomorrow is Monday Blues (again)! you know how much I hated Monday & work :( *sigh

Work never gets fun when I am doing what I did not like to do. C'mon quick, December! NO! I mean if it comes to December, of course closer to another New Year but but, I am not prepare yet to welcome 2010 just yet. Okay, fine. I just hope work can end very soon. Whatever!

I realized, I forget to blog after all the bitsy pitsy things get done :( Anyway, I wanted to blog about food I consumed during my Chicago Trip, so stay tune! I still remembered every bit very clear in my mind. Anyhow, I could not blog much because every one has to wake up early tomorrow *sigh*

Today is just like those days, I am upset neither want to blog much.

I hate this feeling! Get away from me. I need a life. Go get a life if you didn't have one.

Sorry for being emo!

Try to smile.. :)) :))

Trying very hard :) :) :))))))))))))))))))))))))

And some random photos to fill this post :-

While waiting for mum changing.

The trend of taking photo nowadays~ Places I miss much (xoxo)

Look Cindrella carriage. It costs a pain in pocket to ride one. 10 minutes for $30? Don't remember.

I tried to post more photos but the blogger.com kept denying my upload images. Haizz...can't be patient already. very soweee...

Will blog properly tomorrow. I promise.

With Love to Chicago -ladylike

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Alvin Lim said...

APPLE !! I saw Apple !!! Garrrr. Start saving money for 1