17 July 2009

F* Thieves!!

I am so enthusiastic to blog about Chicago again. But you know, all the IDIOTS just make me no mood & FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!! You will be caught one day!

I don't know what is happening everyday here in our country, countless break in houses cases everyday. I spoke to a policeman & he told me around the district there is about minimum 5 cases a day. See, 5 cases! HOW CAN IT BE HAPPENING IN OUR PEACEFUL COUNTRY!

I still remembered, how my handphone got snatched in 2006! Opposite Sunway Pyramid bus stop where I was waiting for a bus to Midvalley. Really scary although without knife and other harming tools. But it just get the FREAK out of me.

Today, another case that really got me frightened. My nerves are all tight & my blood has reach the boiling point. My friend's home was broke in 3days ago! :( I spend like an hour plus in the Police Station to get the reports done.


Lost a Gold necklace/ gold pendant / gold & jade ring / nike slippers / badminton bag.

The house was ransack! F* you THIEVES! you are not going to live happily! For God knows your wicked ones!

Pictures taken from the crime scene:-

This means we are living in FEAR! According to Human rights, citizens shall not live in FEAR! Police please do something about this. Even it is not my Home, but I could feel the pain of the others & how afraid of them being at home & also out of home.

All we need is peace!

Do not store any valuable things at home. Thieves are very clever now. While cleaning up the mess, they found the theft even open the photo frame one by one and thought they(owner) would have hide their gold necklace there. And also the theft went through each pockets of the clothes & pants one by one! That's how they got the ring & pendant. Too smart!

I get so hysterically everytime I hear a little sound on each door of my house. SHITZ!

Time to go out. I am afraid to be alone at home. Adios! Take care everyone!


Alvin Lim said...

Unfortunately, our police is not doing much. Some of my friends went to report on robberies, thefts, etc...and the police told them it's pretty normal and could even describe the thieves to my friends. :|

Mei-Wah said...

OMG! that's terrible, i mean the searched through photo frame (!!!) and each and every pockets of pants! they are totally terrible...

sooclara said...

alvin : this is malaysia!

mei wah : VERY HORRIBLE!! :o

Sista said...

knnccb pkm them thieves.